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  1. https://www.bitstamp.net/article/important-usd-bank-account-change-august-4/ UPDATE: USD deposits are currently unavailable and should be available again early next week. If you deposit USD before that, the transfer will be returned, which may result in additional banking costs. Withdrawals should work normally, however a short delay may occur. Deposits and withdrawals of all other currencies are being processed normally. Dear customers, as part of an ongoing effort to optimize our internal processes, Bitstamp will switch to a different payment service provider for USD deposits and withdrawals. The switch will take place on August 4, 2018. Minor delays are possible while we implement the changes to our platform. Because of this switch, Bitstamp’s bank account details for USD deposits and withdrawals will change. Please carefully check you are using the right bank account information before making any USD deposits at Bitstamp. All USD deposits sent to our old bank account after August 3 will be automatically returned,which may incur extra fees from your bank. All of this only applies to USD deposits and withdrawals. All other services will continue working with no change whatsoever. All other currency transfers will still use the same bank account and deposit information as before. The updated bank account information for USD transfers will be provided on our deposit page. We will also let you know via email and post a news update once this process is complete. We ask for your patience if you run into any delays. Thank you for your continued support. Best, The Bitstamp Team
  2. “A number of prominent people,even Steve Wozniak, has said that he sees a world where Bitcoin is the primary currency. I think that’s absurd. I don’t think that any major economy will allow that to happen. By the way, it doesn’t make sense.” Full story here: https://news.bitcoin.com/ripple-ceo-bitcoin-controlled-by-chinese-absurd-to-think-it-could-be-primary-world-currency/
  3. Never retreat, never surrender. Never give up! For The Glory! For The Lambo!
  4. Stock trading app Robinhood has beat its rival E-trade when it comes to users, doubling the number of accounts in the past year. The start-up now has 4 million brokerage accounts on its platform. On Thursday it announced a $363 million funding round, valuing the company at $5.6 billion, which is quadruple its valuation from about a year ago. New investors included Sequoia, Google's venture capital fund Capital G, and Iconiq. DST Global, led this Series D round and had facilitated the $110 million round last year, when Robinhood had 2 million users. One of Robinhood's biggest competitors, E-Trade Financial, which also has a mobile app, had 3.7 million brokerage accounts at the end of March, with an annualized new account growth rate of 6.6 percent, according to the company's most recent 10-Q filing.... Full story here : https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/10/trading-app-robinhood-surpasses-e-trade-in-user-numbers.html
  5. Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On a-Jupiter and Mars...
  6. Crypto pie too big now to ignore and everyone wants to get a piece as quickly as possible. It's only beginning.
  7. A survey by Thomson Reuters shows that one in five financial institutions is planning to start cryptocurrency trading within the next 12 months. The survey included large banks, hedge funds and asset managers. This will probably mean a huge flood of fresh money will vie for the limited number of digital cryptocurrencies. Full story here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-crypto-currencies-survey/one-in-five-financial-institutions-consider-cryptocurrency-trading-survey-says-idUSKBN1HV0S4
  8. Everywhere banks=money laundering. Money laundering just impossible without banks.?
  9. Do you remember Nathaniel Popper? Here we go, again. Price goes UP and new FUD hit the fan. We are not banking, scam coin anymore, but we are most popular crypto. " Former Obama CFTC head Gary Gensler told The New York Times, “I would be surprised if 10 years from now this isn’t somewhere in the financial system in a meaningful way. But so much of the stuff that is being promoted now will not be around.” The ‘this’ he’s speaking of is cryptocurrencies, and as part of his appointment to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mr. Gensler is weighing in on the phenomenon’s future with regard to regulation. In particular, he’s focusing upon two of the most popular cryptos, ether and ripple, as potentially very susceptible to future designation as securities. Should that happen, many experts believe it would herald the decline of both. Securities regulation imposes a host of legal burdens upon registrants, and costs to comply are often prohibitive and burdensome. " Full story here: https://news.bitcoin.com/ether-ripple-doomed-as-securities-according-to-regulation-expert/
  10. No. For each currency bank/banks use different bank corespondent. And that decision will depend on the loyality of corespondent bank.
  11. Due to bank’s regulations. Unfortunately for most banks crypto=money laundering/etc=dark side. They just don’t want to risk banking license.
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