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  1. https://www.it-finanzmagazin.de/commerzbank-integriert-blockchain-plattform-corda-in-sap-prozesse-71024/ Älterer Artikel aber interessant. Corda ist wahrscheinlich in SAP Hana integriert. Vielleicht können companies internationale Transfers mit xrp in der Zukunft durchführe
  2. https://www.btc-echo.de/continental-siemens-und-commerzbank-testen-blockchain-im-geldmarkt/amp/
  3. hmm, https://www.bloxolid.com/arg3ntum_en/ -> eine Art "stabile Münze" an der stellaren Blockchain
  4. Hi guys, I hope this has not been posted yet, I didn´t find a topic here... could these be transactions to potenciell xrapid customers? https://www.kryptovergleich.org/ripple-xrp-im-wert-von-beinahe-1-milliarde-usd-von-walen-verschoben/ Now Whale Alert has discovered the trail of some notable ripple XRP whales. Ripple coins worth $ 989,999,892 were moved over a period of just over an hour. The total was spread over five transactions. The first transaction covered $ 200 million Ripple XRP worth over $ 69 million. The coins were sent from the Ripple Escrow Wallet to the Ripple OTC Distribution Wallet. The receiver wallet is obviously the ripple wallet for over-the-counter trading. Forty-five minutes later, another $ 40 million Ripple XRP (worth $ 14 million) was transferred from the Ripple OTC Distribution Wallet to an unknown wallet. Only 3 minutes later, a third transaction was executed on more than 850 million Ripple XRP. These ripple XRPs had a value of over $ 296 million. Ripple Labs holds the largest amount of coins These coins were also sent by the Ripple OTC Distribution Wallet to an unknown wallet. This was followed, 4 minutes later, by a fourth transaction of nearly $ 750 million Ripple XRP worth $ 261 million, also from the Ripple OTC Distribution Wallet to an unknown wallet. Another big transaction followed 2 minutes later. It has transferred nearly $ 1 billion worth of Ripple XRP worth over $ 348 million, this time from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. Most of the transactions appear to have been executed by the company Ripple Labs itself. Ripple Labs holds 60 percent of the existing total of Ripple XRP. Most of these coins are in Ripples Trust Wallet.
  5. https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-sap-and-atb-financial-collaboration-results-in-20-seconds-transactions/
  6. I can not longer hear the word "crypto expert". And btw. how many cryptocurrencies are more centralized than xrp? I think about cardano, iota, and many more, even bitcoin.... Can't hear discussions like these any more. Boring FUD ****.... I think many "important crypto exoerts" who are Investor in some sh..Coins are afraid of the ripplepower
  7. Hi guys, here some good news in bad times: https://www.kryptovergleich.org/ripple-manager-wird-in-ausschuss-der-us-notenbank-berufen/ german article, most important part translated via google: "Ryan Zagone is the head of Ripple Business Development Research Research. Now ripple announced on its website that the US Federal Reserve has called Zagone to a new post. This involves a position in the Steering Committee of the Working Group on Faster Payments. The Steering Committee consists of 16 people representing the numerous participants of the working group." "The US Federal Reserve created this working group in 2015. The group focuses on targeting and creating a catalog of requirements for faster payment systems. To do this, she suggests solutions and tests their ability to achieve the goals. So you want to stimulate the payment industry to introduce faster payment systems. The basic idea of the working group is to persuade the various stakeholders to act together. Thus, a US payment system is to be realized by 2020, which is faster, widely available, suitable for everyone, safe and efficient." Here the link from the ripple website: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-labs-elected-to-fed-steering-committee-for-faster-payments/
  8. Thanks guys. I'm from Germany and was a little bit concern about their new cooperations. This centralized s**tcoin is too much hyped in our countray
  9. Hi guys, interesting article about COIL and others how they use (or plan to use) CODIUS https://medium.com/coil/codius-smart-contracts-made-from-containers-b3b16c3e3890
  10. Hi guys, I'm a little bit concerned about the IOTA news... Do you think they really can compete with our XRP? 1. https://coincierge.de/2018/iota-kooperiert-mit-norwegens-groesster-finanzgruppe/ "Strategic partnerships are the key to establishing ide blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. At the IOTA Foundation, the promotion of native Tangle technology is in the foreground. This technology has caught the attention of DNB ASA in Norway. They are the largest financial services group in the country and a major player in the Nordic financial ecosystem." 2. https://themerkle.com/what-is-iotas-qubic/ "What is IOTA's Qubic? There is a lot of excitement around the IOTA project. That should come as no surprise given that native Tangle technology differs from traditional blockchains. It now appears that the team is raising the bar with the introduction of Qubic. It is said that it is another technology that will "change the world," although very little is known about it today. HOW DOES QUBIC WORK? Most of the details about Qubic are still mysterious, though the project will be revealed in the coming days. Superficially, Qubic will change the way companies interact with and use intelligent contracts, which sounds promising. Like most other "mature" ecosystems, IOTA will provide intelligent contract functions. Competition is a good thing in this regard, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all blockchains. UNDER THE HOOD While Qubic focuses heavily on smart contracts, most people are interested in the features they can benefit from. It appears that Qubic offers an oracle system capable of combining USD-EUR conversions with a smart contract. The exchange rates are taken from Bloomberg.com and allow the introduction of new trading instruments associated with IOTA. One potential outcome is that Qubic will pave the way to trading options related to IOTA. Speculation on an asset can lead to more volatility, although IOTA developers would like to see some price stability after the appearance of things. Securing cryptocurrency is somewhat popular, but market volatility makes it rather difficult to do so effectively. Qubic could provide a workable solution in this regard, assuming that the technology will work in the end. In addition, Qubic seems to offer the existing IOTA trading platforms a way to leverage decentralized margin trading. This particular improvement is achieved by using the IOTA to provide tangles with a trustless and low fee infrastructure. Anyone who wants to switch to and from USD and EUR with IOTA could face a very interesting future"
  11. https://www.kryptovergleich.org/wird-ripple-als-erste-kryptowaehrung-england-offiziell-akzeptiert/ here some google-translated issues in this article (originally in german): Ryan Zagone is the head of Regulatory Relations at Ripple. Zagone recently posted an article on the ripple website. In it he described the dialogue between Ripple and the regulators and politicians in the British Parliament. Zagone wrote: "So far, most conversations have always said," Blockchain is good, cryptocurrencies are bad. " Now it seems that Members have been working deeper and deeper into the technology. The opinion therefore seems to change. Today's talks are more focused on the application of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in the real world. " Zagone continued: "It is clear today that cryptocurrencies are tools. Whether they are good or bad depends entirely on how they are used. Think of a hammer. You can use it when building a house or as a weapon. To prevent the latter case, there are laws and penalties. Whether a hammer is "good" or "bad" depends only on its use. The same applies to cryptocurrencies. The technology has great potential and many positive uses. Ripple's work, which aims to efficiently link crypto and fiat currencies, is an example of this. " Zagone closed his report by writing: "For this kind of innovation to grow and flourish, you need balanced regulations. We are optimistic and assume that the overall discussion will develop. Hopefully, many will realize that an impartial approach to cryptocurrency regulation is the best approach. This would create a new era of global trade and financial inclusion. At the same time, it would ensure the safety of the market and protect consumers. " There seems to be a basic consensus between Ripple and the UK cryptocurrency working group. This is the common view that regulation must protect customers and at the same time enable innovation. This means that regulators should focus on controlling security and data. However, the free choices offered by the blockchain should not be compromised. Innovation can be encouraged - if regulation allows it.
  12. Hi, I think ripple is much more Mainstream atm. And you know all the spreaded fud...When stellar will get as much attention in the Mainstream like ripple, the critical questions will come as they did with ripple. Then Jed needs to explain A LOT
  13. I like the stellar fans.... I would not trust Jed any word. I think stellar will disapear like 1000 other altcoins. The foundation is fake (Proofed in some topics here). I would be afraid holding stellar. Btw: What do they plan with their own 80 mrd lumen? Maybe they get the great idea to locke it in escrow in the future
  14. Hi guys, yesterday I decided to send 10% of my xrps when I reach my finencial goal. I want to spend it for people who are drug addicted and want to quit, because I had drug problems for 10 years in the past Do you have similar plans with your xrps? Thx and nice weekend
  15. IOTA has to proof that their tangle works. Up to now it works like a blockchain with centralized validators. it is not proven that the tangle can infinitely scale, as they claim. For this, a huge amount of transactions would have to be handled via the network. This is not the case right now. Also the encryption algorithm is in criticism and a lot of bugs have already been found. And David Sonbesto should take a communication course.
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