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  1. Received a response from Support, just an informative auto-reply: Anyway, almost an hour after that I received my ETH. So 20 is still in my wallet, needed as a reserve, but I was able to transfer the rest to another Exchange platform.
  2. Haven't received my ETH at GateHub by the way, waiting since yesterday 17:00. Hopefully I have more luck tonight or tomorrow morning, fingers crossed.
  3. Made an account at coinhouse as well. Seems pretty good. Have bought some ECA in no-time. So maybe that's a good alternative for now Has a lot more currencies as well.
  4. Read the story of @wzrdjzm ? Because my Ethereum was also successfully sent to my Ether wallet at Gatehub, but it was also transfered directly after an hour or so. Guess it makes sense if you read @wzrdjzm's story, the part of the "sort of Gatehub Hot Holding Wallet". The wallet still contains a very small amount of ETH (about a half USD), but I suppose that's the fee or something. I received a reminder every few hours, to set a trustline so they can process my deposit. So I suppose it will be fine. Ow, and you have to send XRP to the wallet directly, probably the best and fastest way to activate your wallet. After it's activated, you are able to set a trustline. I do agree some articles, including the GateHub's support pages, seem to be incomplete. Took me a while to figure out how it's actually possible to activate my wallet. Didn't even know you had to activate it, not to mention by depositing 20 XRP.
  5. Thanks for your comprehensive answer! I took a shot, and transfered 20 XRP to my wallet on GateHub, in seconds it was received and my wallet activated ! Now I have set the trustline for ETH, but I guess I have to wait a few hours (perhaps just check my wallet tomorrow again), because it took a couple of hours between my 3rd and 4th reminder to "set the trustline". So I guess it will also take a few hours till the system tries to add the ETH to my wallet again.
  6. One question left: guess the best idea to receive my other part of "lost" Ethereum, which is still stuck at GateHub (probably because my wallet is disabled, I cannot set a Trust line), is to send 20 XRP to GateHub??? I think it's a bit tricky, cause it's about 100 Euros and I don't know IF the Wallet will be actually enabled and I'm able to set a Trust line after sending 20 XRP. And if it's possible to get my 20 XRP back or it's just lost (I know you need 20 XRP to activate a wallet but I don't know if it's possible to withdraw those 20 XRP again and not use the Wallet again). Any thoughts?
  7. Want to thank you all for your help and suggestions so far! BitSane updated my balance so I was able to transfer half of my "lost" Ethereum again! I transfered all of it to Bitstamp. There I was able to convert it to Bitcoin and then to Ripple (couldn't convert it directly from ETH to XRP) in a matter of seconds!!! Awesome! Finally got some XRP in my pocket
  8. Ah, I am able to login on systems where I logged in recently. Like the incognito window on my notebook. But I'm not able to login incognito, on my pc (cause this is the first time probably), I get the same error then. Guess they have trouble with some system which handles the request for sending those activation mails or something. Perhaps you should be able to login on a system on which you have logged in recently?
  9. What message do you get? Does the login screen even pop up? Perhaps you can provide a screenshot?
  10. Sure? Tried incognito as well? I can sign in, but I had trouble in my current chrome browser somehow (got a lot of AngularJS errors within my console), even after deleting all history (and thus cookies, local storage etc.). But in a chrome incognito window I am able to login.
  11. Thanks for your message! Unfortunately Bittrex doesn't accept new accounts at the moment, so I will stick with just Bitstamp at the moment. Will try Bittrex later
  12. Yes, but still I thought it is kind of risky they keep the private keys stored, don't you think? My sister bought Ethereum for example, but that company just showed her wallet address and private key once and she had to store the private key safely. Which is, in my opinion, more secure. Anyways, I did want to use GateHub to actually be the owner of my own coins. I tried your ShapeShift suggestion already, so I guess I have to wait till they can answer my ticket, where my money went. And waiting for a response of GateHub, guess there is no other way, or buy new Ethereum. I will think about it this weekend. I will keep RobinBaas 's suggestion to use Bitstamp in my mind. I will try that definitely.
  13. I will try, but half of my Ethereum is probably in my wallet owned by Bitsane (which I cannot access through their website, because it shows a balance of 0), or somewhere on its way to GateHub. And the rest of my Ethereum I just sent to GateHub, but they cannot add it to my wallet because I do not have any trust lines. So I guess I have to wait for their responses to get my Ethereum back, or buy new ones....
  14. Well, I did receive an e-mail from Bitstamp with the message "Your verification request has been confirmed.". So at least I got one verified account... Kraken disabled their verification methods, indeed. Still pending verification at BitSane.
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