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  1. Hello everyone. My name is James and I believe my background can be of some benefit to this endeavor. I'm a technology educator in both elementary and adult education in Ohio for the last 7 years. My teaching experience includes programming languages, web design and 3D architecture. Within the last 12 months I've been contributing to developing blockchain curriculums at both the University of Cincinnati and 3 local trade schools in the SW Ohio area. In my former life I was an attorney for 8 years practicing primarily in intellectual property and education law. I'm looking to transition my legal experience with my technology teaching to assist in blockchain solutions for elementary and secondary education. Personally knowing how outdated many technological resources are in the field of education; blockchain is a great opportunity and I'd like to find ways to assist in this effort. I've been studying smart contracts extensively and attempting to learn some of the new languages and would like to become a blockchain lawyer within the education field. My XRP contributions include: Twitter: @XRPodcast Podcast: anchor.fm/podcastxrp Many thanks to @BobWay for putting this group together and I look forward to working and interacting with our talented and diverse community here.
  2. I buy $100 worth every paycheck ever since last April. I also use any windfalls such as poker winnings 100% for XRP. I’ve got double the amount I originally was happy with and will keep buying until the next bull run whenever that is. Trying to make myself a millionaire off this investment and every month my sell price to get there drops a couple dollars.
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    Hi! I'm Bob

    You said exactly what was on my mind. To hear honest discussions from @JoelKatz about larger societal macro problems strengthens my belief in Ripple/XRP even more. It helps assuage any mental concerns about the escrow of XRP. The more I learn about the personal side of the Ripple highers up the more confident I am that it's custody is best in their hands at present.
  4. herbdizzle

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi @BobWay!! Thank you for the amazing thread and time to answer all these questions. I have a question for you a little unrelated to most of the topics in this thread. I'm curious on your career path that took you to Ripple. Currently I work in education teaching Technology from elementary to collegiate level covering all topics but since I discovered XRP, DLT & blockchain I have been looking to transition my career into this developing field in the next couple years. 1) What are some of the most in demand skills in blockchain/DLT that you see within the next 5 years? 2) How difficult would it be from the development side to learn new languages? 3) IYO, is 40 too old in this new field to be jumping in on the bottom rung? Thanks again for your time and sharing!!
  5. Ripple really is the leader in the DA/crypto world on establishing a traditional business infrastructure. There's no other company I'd trust in the leadership of than Ripple at this point. Thanks again for the great blog @Hodor !!
  6. That's a very positive statement as he's going on record that most of Ripple's established partners are either ready or near ready for XRapid live production. That tells me that the XRP rails are robust and that we could see the spike in XRP volume and price any day. I highly doubt we'll get some telegraphed publicly announced date.
  7. That several minute exchange should be clipped out and shown every time that a PoW protocol fanboy attacks XRP & Ripple over issues of centralization and transparency. Company leadership is very important and I'm very confident in BG.
  8. My main problem with Ripple is that they are largely silent on developments of signing up new partners, providing information on product trials, etc. I know that they are trying to keep a low profile as XRP still navigates regulation and hopefully legislative clarity. However, from a selfish point of view I'd like to see more aggressive PR as I think it'd drive up price.
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