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  1. WOOHOO!! Haven’t seen FUD like this in 18 months. Further signs of the changing market!!
  2. I’ve been fortunate to meet Tiffany twice at public events. She’s a very sharp lady and knows what she is doing as far as developing her persona within the crypto world. She doesn’t deserve the hate she gets. I think a lot of the hate towards her is that she is easy on the eyes and a lot of people underestimate her.
  3. I’ll just say that Bob is already showing great patience with his students. 😉
  4. Thank you for putting this together Bob!! This is a very intriguing syllabus and I’m looking forward to the collaboration.
  5. Can you please change the herbdizzle twitter to: https://twitter.com/podcastXRP Thanks in advance! James
  6. Hello everyone. My name is James and I believe my background can be of some benefit to this endeavor. I'm a technology educator in both elementary and adult education in Ohio for the last 7 years. My teaching experience includes programming languages, web design and 3D architecture. Within the last 12 months I've been contributing to developing blockchain curriculums at both the University of Cincinnati and 3 local trade schools in the SW Ohio area. In my former life I was an attorney for 8 years practicing primarily in intellectual property and education law. I'm looking to transi
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