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  1. The US Govt does do it. Just this year alone, they printed more money than the entire GDP. Secondly stating Ripple wont do it, implies that Ripple has the choice, and hence centralized. As for public disclosure of escrow sales, RL is entirely a privately owned company, under no obligation of providing any financial data, much less accurate data. Stating that RL “can” or “could” or “does” disclose this type of info, again admits to centralized control of the info. Not a winning argument from your side. In the eyes of the SEC, the 2015 ruling sealed the deal when it comes to centralizing power to RL. Ripple did not appeal the ruling, asking for third party stewardship of the escrow; rather they claimed victory, grabbed the power and the tokens, and started digging their own graves.
  2. Worthless propaganda, for the mindless to consume. Go earn a dollar, and then have it taken from you, so those that sit on their asses all day, can have the same wealth as you earned. Already been tried numerous times, always ends the same way. Look at the USSR, Musiliany’s Italy, Castro’s Cuba… The inadequate and immature always fall for the simplistic promise of equal wealth through forceful distribution. Then they realize over time that only poverty can be equally distributed, and the distributor’s always remain wealthy. Ever see a politician standing in an urban ghetto campaigning for equal wealth to their audience? Why do they never say “You and I will be equally wealthy” Rather they promise “better days through Govt dependence” to the audience, and then they drive off in their 10 vehicle caravan of limos to their luxury hotel, expecting to be served by those they oppress. This is why progressives in America insist that immigrants do not need to learn English. Keeping immigrant folks uneducated keeps themselves in power. After all would you hire a lawyer or a doctor, that you cannot even talk to? No but I bet you would not care if it is your house cleaner or gardener? It is pure evil, no different than the Virginia democrat leaders imprisoning Robert E. Lee for teaching black children how to read. (Yes Lee was an abolitionist, but Govts have to hide that reality in the name of progressiveness) I laugh to keep from crying when I see youngsters tear down statues erected by Democrat leaders, then hug the Democrat politician that is egging them on. Erasing history leads to these strange bed fellows.
  3. This is where we part ways… Wealth transfer by force is pure evil. You sound like a youngster that never learned the difference between the word “Have” and the word “Earned” You realize in order to equally distribute wealth, without merit to the receiver, implies that all the power is purely centralized. Hmmm… your utopia is about as oppressive as centralized power can be… The exact opposite of a trustless decentralized wealth system, where everyone EARNS their wealth based on productivity, innovation and contributions to humanity. Reality is if the whole world went to Bitcoin, or any other trustless wealth system, those that are poor will be poorer because Govts can no longer print money to feed them, at the expense of the earners. I would love to be paid every Friday in BTC. This way govts would have no way to devalue my earnings on Monday. I would like to know whom you have in mind that can own the power of deciding what is a fair amount of wealth for each human, and what happens to the excess wealth? The only one that I can imagine that has the ethics and ability to avoid the corruptive forces of power, would be Jesus. Unfortunately he is not available, and does not hold fond memories of his last visit.
  4. I appreciate your opinion, and do not entirely disagree with most of it, however the fact that there are thousand of nodes and validators spread around the world is meaningless to proving decentralization. Even if we ignore the fact that a very large portion of the validators are still RL owned, one needs to deal with the real elephant that you are standing beside. So I ask “Why keep ignoring the escrow?” Would you state that the USD is decentralized because there are tens of thousands of private banks, all validating ledger transactions through various methods and means? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. We all agree that the USD IS centralized because at any time the US govt can dump or burn more dollars, direcrly controlling the market price. Claiming RL is different because they “won’t do the bad things that govts do” is naive and ignores the corruption we already witnessed by Mr, G and team resulting from their centralized power. Secondly, when you say “all Mr Garlinghouse and team have to do is…” You are asking them to erase history, because their internal communications and social media posts have already betrayed them. Only Govts can erase history, which they routinely do through control of public schooling, and secret partnerships with the media giants. (Network news, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter etc…) They are all conspiring to keep you down, by tracking your movements, listening to your conversations, and paying folks money to stay home and not attempt financial independence. Eventually Govts ALWAYS turn on it’s “partners” and I will enjoy watching the fools that partnered with the govt become the next victims. RL greedily held all the cards, when it came to XRP. They got caught lying about the escrow distribution (thanks to some on this site) and eventually simply stopped sharing the details of the distributions. Cleverly dancing around elephants this large, will only make your shoes dirty, it will never change the fact that elephants are smelly, and need to be dealt with. I close with 2 questions that will help clarify: 1) Ask the majority of crypto enthusiasts “Who owns XRP?” Answer from 99.9% “Ripple” 2) Ask the same folks “Who owns Bitcoin?” Answer from 99.9% “I don’t know” the remaining 0.1% get it wrong. I find this very telling..and even if this is simple perception it is powerful.
  5. I would love to believe that Clayton leveled this case, on his way out the door, as an attempt to “burn the house down” through exposing corruption, but it would be such a long shot approach to dealing with the issue. I generously give it a 10% chance of being real. I’ll go 30% Clayton was just as deep in the swamp as the others, and dropped it as an attempt to claim innocence through whistle blowing. The old “when I found out about it…” defense ill put the remaining 60% (plus ill borrow another 15 against the other 2 theories) that corruption was rampant before this case, and will continue long after. The SEC was not blindsided or even surprised by RL motions during discovery. I sense no panic. But I hope Im wrong. However when I consider the fact that hodlr’s like myself, twitter fans, you-tubers, and xrparmy, all bought XRP expecting it to go up in price, makes me feel that we all are helping sell the SEC case. I am not against (in fact fully support) removing govts from the issuance of wealth, and having a truly decentralized trustless system, but the escrow prevents that with XRP, and that “elephant” keeps getting ignored. Cheers! 🍺🍻🍺. Like yourself I understand what the definition of attack means, and written words to an anonymous reader, can never rise to the level. You are free to unleash the fury. I can take it, after all this where I spend my down time.😀
  6. You must interpret the definition of Howey differently than myself, as well as the SEC. Good luck with that. 😉 (Also I should add that we disagree on the definition and relevance of “legal standard” as well)
  7. Viewing from a neutral perspective, the chances of settlement (in favor of Ripple Labs) is zero (almost zero) Yes the burden of proof is with the SEC but the bar for proof is low. Basically the SEC has to establish 2 points, to win their case, claiming XRP is a security: 1) XRP distribution is centralized, and RL controls the distribution. (Thats a no brainer, and why the wiser folks have been advocating for them to dump the escrow for many years now) 2) Prove that the entity that controls XRP distribution (RL) has made public statements claiming that the token has value and could appreciate over time, based on RL performance. The second standard is open ended and subjective, but there is a treasure chest of public statements/interviews and social media postings that will be used against RL execs. To this point: Mr. Garlinghouse and team believed that changing the logo for XRP would distance RL from the token… 🤔😟 (Also Im an old man, so please dont tell me XRP was a “gift” lest I pee my pants laughing) Finally the court order to compel RL to produce all “Slack” communications is huge, and will be the reason RL will look to settle without conditions. It takes a well disciplined person to run a successful business and avoid the lure of shining under a public spotlight simply for the ego boost. RL execs adored the spotlight and could not help but bask in it daily for 18 months. Remember how quickly Elon Musk had to step down from his position on the board of Tesla, simply for tweeting about the price of his company’s stock? He learned the difference between a twit and a tweet. Those believing that the SEC fears a trial are simply blinded by their love of the project and the celebrity presence of the leaders. Stating “Others did it also” or “The enforcing agency is corrupt” is not a legal defense, for one’s own actions. The law is written, and not subject to the conduct of the enforcers. RL will be judged on RL’s actions, compared to the laws that govern those actions. Even if Hinnman is prosecuted for insider trading or favoritism, it will have no legal bearing on whether or not RL’s actions fell inside the laws. They will forever be 2 separate cases. Keep in mimd that this all started in 2018, with the Ryan lawsuit, and has been well orchestrated since. They know very well what they are doing.
  8. Don’t be so sure. Most likely the prosecution already has everything that they are requesting. This ruling simply makes it legal for it to become evidence. This is one of those classic teachable moments for those that say “If I’m not doing anything wrong, why do I care that the Govt spies on me” Answer: Because the govt gets to redefine “wrong” every day.
  9. Yes all true, but it changes nothing with respect to US vs Ripple Labs. The outcome is predetermined, the politicians and insiders will reap great rewards. This case will go away without a headline, other than the press praising the SEC for protecting American citizens from the complicated and mysterious dangers of crypto. XRP can only survive if the govt decides it should. If allowed to survive, the most likely outcome will be confiscation of all XRP from Ripple Labs. Followed by making it illegal for US consumers to purchase or sell XRP. XRP will be pegged to USD, and the Fed will assume ownership. I believe that the most likely outcome is that some other project will be determined the “Golden” ticket and XRP will be publicly destroyed though disinformation via the media and persecution from the US Justice dept. Not speculation, simply watching history repeat.
  10. You obviously have not been paying attention to current events in the last 6-8 years. What amazes me is how Americans can ignore Solindra, GM and all the other quid pro quo payouts. You allow insider trading by congress folks prior to lockdowns, while ignoring the blatant murders of criminals that have damning info on politicians. You give a pass to the election interference conspiracy that occurred between multiple govts, even though it was all captured, recorded and testified to under oath. You watch politicians publicly destroy subpoena’d evidence, and then joke about it on the campaign trail, while the press giggles and applauds. You Americans are OK with the govt spying into your home and cars, and you elect a president that openly admitted (bragged) to holding up funding to foreign govts unless they fired prosecutors investigating his family. Ahh…. but now that Crypto is involved you somehow expect that the press and justice system will rise up and squash corruption.😄😆😄😆 One day you will learn that all govts always do the “Right” thing… that is what’s “right” for themselves. naive would be putting it nicely.
  11. I agree “Progressives” refers to republicans and democrats. Ever heard of McCain, Romney, McConnell, Bush…Collins, Mcaulsky…. I understand today’s reality very clearly. I am not fooled by party affiliation or media labels. Progressives come from both sides. They want to expand govt power. Most children are taught to picture an eagle with it’s wings spread out. One wing to the left and one to the right. This implies the wings are opposites, which is a lie. Instead people need to picture an eagle with its wings fully out, but also arched up, the tips curving back, touching above its head. This better shows how left and right are simply different paths to the same destination. Total Govt control. Citizens need to fear govt as their biggest threat. Instead citizens are taught to fear other citizens as a threat, while trusting Govt to make things right. I never stated left or right in my post, only progressives. Sorry for triggering you. False alarm.
  12. 😀 Although one has to envy their present day standard of living. Of course that will disappear soon enough, and then all humans will live like Europeans, and America’s immigration problem will be solved.
  13. The problem is that most Americans allow corruption, as long as they agree with the goal or outcome. Now that XRP folks are on the unpleasant side of corruption, and feeling the damage of unchecked govt power, you all suddenly expect transparency and justice? Sorry, but Americans have long ago traded equal justice for the simple doctrine of “fairness” and “equal outcomes” as decided by the media. Present day reality: When on trial, Govt will always win in the courts. Secondly, politicians will win big with crypto clarity, after they pass the laws. (Which will only happen AFTER they position themselves financially to reap the rewards of their legislation) There will be no fraud verdicts, much less any criminal prosecutions of SEC officials. This is the American way, brought to you by progressives, who constantly expand Govt power. Lets take bets on how long it will take before @HAL1000 posts a thread titled “What Happened??” on this forum.
  14. Going dark meant it will be shut down. As far as insider knowledge. I am far detached from anything related to finance, crypto, securities, law or govt. (some would add: from reality as well) Predicting the future, does not require magic, or insider connections, rather the future is seen by reviewing the past. Look at the actions of Ripple Labs (holding the escrow, chest pounding on social media, misleading ad campaigns, spending like millionaires) they were an easy target for govt to step on while following its path to acquiring more power. The nature of govt to expand as well as protect its own power, is ageless, and settled science. RL’s plan to subvert the Fed Reserve, and become the “base” currency of the world, would have been better off left under wraps, rather than spotlighted.
  15. You can tell how much they fear the Orange man. Wont be long before they will be telling Americans who is and is NOT allowed to run for office. Same as Russia and all the other communist countries. The Govt picks the candidates, the citizens vote…. Then the Govt tells them who won.
  16. Encouraging week of events, however we also have to realize where this theater is being played out. (US Court system) Perhaps if this were 25 Years ago there would be a ruling based on evidence, but those days are long gone thanks to Americans wanting activist judges. It will be a well orchestrated show, but do not look for a legal or even a logical outcome. Instead get your head-scratcher ready. In America you can only measure the corruption by counting the “suicided” Courts are useless. ”Let the bodies hit the floor”
  17. Oddly I feel we have the same viewpoint but I am not stating it well. The 1 difference: I believe that life was much harder in the past, not easier. Students actually failed out of school. Today schools and colleges cannot assign grades to tests, much less fail a student. Debtors went to jail, in fact criminals went to jail. Unemployment was not a thing and public assistance was frowned on, even though the currency was cheese. Today it is fully loaded debit cards, and openly bragged about. College, like the medical field has become a govt tool. There is very little benfit left in it, for the majority (but not all) of the users. Some of the wealthiest folks in my town, never went to college. Builders, landscapers, and realtors all have bigger homes than myself. Auto mechanics are very well paid as well. We have road crews that have better health plans than my own. My letter carrier never went to college, but enjoys a home. Rather than resent how easy you believe the past was, you have to make your own future by starting now. No generation was entitled to success, not now and certainly not the boomers. You are confusing the past generation’s ability to survive as “easy” Perhaps consider that it was in fact hard, but they were just that good at it. Trust me, plenty of wealth is available. Just have to earn it and more importantly, hold it. Good luck to you.
  18. Apology, i quoted the wrong text. My comment to you has been deleted and reposted to the proper quote. I like your response though, but just to clarify my point: when I said “govt funnels to the elite”, i was trying to distinguish the insiders (elites) from the honest wealthy folks like Gates and the others. (Although in a lot of cases the wealthy (Gates) want to also be with the govt elite… they are the fools because they will be the first to fall) Blaming the success of Boomers for the current condition is misplaced. Also waiting for the “old” generation to “hand it over” is a bigger mistake. This generation needs to earn it, same as all the priors. I am the child of Boomer, and I have found success. Am I rare? They gave us a great head-start that has since been squandered by those working harder to blame the past rather than address the present. Voting for govt that promises to equalize everything is this generation’s downfall.… Not what the boomers built. And yes, to the majority here I am an idiot. I am also fully independent and financially comfortable, thanks to my employment. I have no emotional stake in crypto, because my financial goals are not dependent on it’s success. This is entertainment.
  19. So Bill Hates , Jeff Bozos, Mark Suckerberg, G. Sourpuss, and W. Buffet (all intentionally spelled wrong) did nothing to innovate or make the world better? Instead, stupid Americans simply “funneled” all of their wealth to them for no reason? You exemplify the problem with the current generation. Clueless how wealth is created and earned by individuals who trusted themselves above all others. Today’s generation only trusts Govt. Yet ironically it is Govt that funnels all of the wealth from the earners to the elite. Look at any period in history, never changes- See “USA vs Ripple” for the latest example. Secondly young people love to blame the uber wealthy as the cause of all the worlds problems, while simultaneously chasing every shortcut in an attempt to join the 1%. This is know as a hypocrite. Why don’t you get a real job, or invent something useful, and work the next 35 years to build your own fortune, and hopefully my Great-grandchildren will take every penny from you, through Govt redistribution, in the name of “fairness” because in the end “You didn’t build that” I will share a lesson that was common sense in the past, yet a completely foreign idea to today. ”Being wealthy and independent has absolutely NOTHING to do with how much money you EARN. Rather it is completely dependent on how much money you SPEND.” Youth has been taught to spend more than they earn, and then blame others for economic inequalities. This creates dependence on Govt, while convincing the ignorant that it is always the successful people who deserve the blame. Good luck, but with your fiscal beliefs, you are doomed to poverty through dependency, while chasing the vapor trails of what was once a prosperous society.
  20. Less supply? XRP has always had a fixed supply from day 1. Ripple Labs has a structured escrow that allows dumping 1 billion XRP a month for the next 3 years. After that ends you can talk free market value and decentralization.
  21. I completely agree. The US is sinking into the same socialist swamp that currently traps all of Europe/Asia. The laughable irony is that Europeans will feel the pain of a dying America long before the Americans themselves. Brace youselves, for your dark history is about to repeat.
  22. Of course this has been going on for a long time. Progressives ride elephants as well as donkeys in America. It is not Dem VS Rep rather Progressives versus patriots. As far as how great it is in Europe; We can talk when US emigration to Europe out numbers the immigration from Europe. That is the only barometer that matters. No one in America is lining up to move to Europe’s utopia. (Case closed) Yes the liberals in US are fleeing the wastelands they created, but only going as far as Texas.
  23. The US knows it is in a war. Unfortunately the party in power, (progressive) is clearly fighting for the Chinese side. Destruction of the dollar is the best way to claim “capitalism has failed” Once this is declared by the elites, the US will join the socialist gloom and poverty that is considered “normal life” in Europe and Asia. It does not matter how savy you are as an investor. You can keep adding as many zeros (10X) to the right hand side of your account balance as you wish; but as long as the left hand side starts with a $, you will be poor, and living like the majority of Europeans in the end.
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