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  1. WOW Your understanding of science and the “world around us” is definitely on it’s own level. In fact you should publish your results, because you happen to be the first medical expert to claim that common masks can be used to “prevent” people from becoming infected. Every other scientist and medical “expert” (including Dr. Fauci) have always maintained that masks are ONLY useful to prevent (or minimize) the already infected from “spreading” the virus. The worlds top researchers all agree that masks limit saliva and mucus from being expelled from the infected. This is the only scientific r
  2. Now the standard is "Partially effective" Well then you have to accept that they are partially harmful as well. Electra-static forces !! Perhaps they exist and have an effect in a laboratory or some useless thought experiment. However once a mask is put on a person's face, the humidity will INSTANTLY discharge all electrostatic forces. Ever get shocked pulling clothes out of a washing machine??? How about pulling them out of a dryer? I read a fantastic book in my youth that covers everything, anyone needs to know about CV-19. It was from the great award winning author - Mother Goos
  3. So you are suggesting that mentally strong adults freely submit their rights to a tyrannical govt's scientifically baseless, wishes in order to prevent the tyrannical govt from passing new laws??? Somehow you feel that surrendering before battle is victory? Reality is that everyone has the right to protect themselves, as they see fit, but no one has the responsibility or duty to protect anyone else. We choose to extend our protections because of our morals, and empathy, which are both human traits, but not equally distributed. CV19 size averages 150-200 uM - the smallest average hole
  4. ☝️☝️☝️This is what happens to you when you spend all day in an echo chamber.
  5. Very well said and thoughtful post. You are correct that XRP /RL is simply a fan supported, hollow celebrity, that plays a handsome doctor on TV, and is continually frustrated as to why they cannot get published in the New England Journal of medicine. How to fix XRP: Been posted many times. 1) burn or dump the escrow. There can be no trust until RL releases its control of XRP OR start marketing themselves as a centralized solution. 2) Switch to proof of work, or proof of stake . Relying on “anonymous volunteer” ledger validators is truly an idealistic method and is to simplist
  6. I’m pretty sure that RL has bought at least half of the members on this forum. We all like to say “Keep buying the dips” but Mr Garlinghouse says “Keep the dips buying”
  7. I read an article that put forward the theory that crypto was invented to create a method for exchanging and selling child porn. The crypto coin is simply a diversionary token to facilitate the delivery of the “message fields” When I see the same corrupt players making news in the crypto space it begins concern me. Clinton, Epstein, and Gates. Why does RL insist on swimming in the swamp with some of the most despicable names on the planet? Shame how money and power makes the actions of evil predators disappear. What’s next: RL partnering with Jared from Subway?
  8. People with ignore lists typically have a lower IQ than conspiracists.
  9. In my experience automation, sometimes does less to remove jobs, and more to transform jobs. We are a long way from "set it and forget it" when it comes to industrial processes. Replacing a button pusher, always increases the need for a technician. Also, constant progress requires competing developers, testers, and innovators. Society will adapt to the changing needs of an evolving workplace. One thing for sure, food will never be free to the masses, so in general, people must produce in order to consume, and people must consume in order to survive.
  10. You stated that you muted me, but less than 2 weeks later, here you are posting a reply? Thank you for making my point about the hypocrisy that thrives here among “experts” 😂🤣😂 Please go back to your safe space, where everyone thinks the same, yet feel they are progressive. (One day, if you are lucky enough to get outside of your echo chamber you may understand why mute buttons are simply a “tool used by the fools” because they fear any new knowledge, especially knowledge that originates from true diversity)
  11. Nobody is asking for user names or any personal data to be shared. PUBLIC KEYS ARE MEANT TO BE PUBLIC😲 As far as your second paragraph, DUH, Lets refresh our positions here: I am the one who does NOT TRUST or believe in the tech enough to ever post my public keys. This means that I am the one being CONSISTENT in my actions and my posts. This is known as the opposite of a hypocrite. On the other hand, it is yourself that hypocritically believes public keys are secure enough for the world to use, but not quite secure enough for your own stash. The only other rational for hiding
  12. How is it that “experts” here believe that XRP can function as a decentralized, transparent currency for the world’s Governments and FI’s, yet they also insist on hiding their own public (transparent 🙄) key like it is a combination to a their personal vault? Truth is, most of the “experts” on this site are professional pump and dumpers, and have been milking innocent folks through this site for years. You keep pumping the project with pure hype, while secretly having ZERO faith in the security of the tech. You also have absolutely no use for transparency. The remainder of “experts” are si
  13. Perhaps this is true but is Microsoft “signing a bank a week?” 🙄 Seriously though, now you can all see the difference between a company that is actually making a usable product while simultaneously keeping it a secret because it is a valuable offering. Versus a company constantly sprouting success, while simultaneously producing nothing worthwhile. Successful professionals have no use for hype when they have something that works. They use secrecy and protective measures until the product is ready for prime time, and then they shine the spot light on it. At that point those blin
  14. Click the “search” icon in XRP Chat and type the letters V O L I T I L E. (With no spaces) go to your favorite search engine and type “Brad Garlinghouse stable”. Go back to Feb 2018 and watch susperstar Brad ( I believe you would refer to him as “dreamy”) on TV and how often he talked down the price spike and stated they want XRP to be stable so professionals can trust it. The words and interviews are out there but you will not understand them because you do not accept any information that goes against your inner voice. BTW a 1cent change in XRP price equates to a $1,000 l
  15. No I said "XRP adoption requires a stable price in order to be utilized and become valuable" There is no "can't" or "won't" or any price predictions within that sentence. There is a world of difference between the word value and price Finally; a large FI or MM could still easily lose thousands of dollars in the "3 seconds it takes for XRP to settle" depending on Tx size )BTW: I also said you only listen to your inside voice, which you just proved again.)
  16. You can start by searching for Mr. Garlinghouse direct quotes. MMs are not going to cover the spreads on an excessively volatile coin. RL’s PUBLICLY STATED goal has always been a stable price for XRP, “because that will lead to adoption” XRP was never intended as an investment device. Otherwise it would look a lot like a security.🙄🙄 The whole purpose of inventing the escrow was to provide a means for price stability and confidence. (Although that was another rookie mistake by RL) Your post is completely without basis. Try actually listening to the words that Mr. Garlinghouse and crew us
  17. This post revisits the same issue from 2 years ago. It is another XRP paradox, similar to the escrow. However this paradox only concerns holders, as it seems they are between a ROCK: (XRP adoption requires a stable price in order to be utilized and become valuable) and a HARD place: (Holders believe that XRP utility and adoption will skyrocket the price approx 5-10X so they can dump their bags) If nothing else, folks on this site should hope for XRP around $1.00 US, because at that point I am happily out.
  18. You need to read my post again (slowly) I am not complaining about the lack of details... I am complaining about how the LACK OF DETAILS is portrayed on this site as magical proof that XRP is working and everything RL is wonderful. The experts on this site take this complete lack of detail and try to fly to the moon with it. You then foolishly step up, without comprehension of my post, and take your own spectacular flying leap, defending the principles of private business reporting, and RL’s integrity, without any cause to do so.😂 Just another “expert” re-enforcing my point that compreh
  19. You are correct: this latest report is “normal business” news and I am simply pointing out how “normal business news” is treated like the “best business report ever published” by the experts on this site. You appear very emotionally attached to your investment and would do well to step back and assess it from an objective viewpoint. Of course hiding in a “safe space” built from mute buttons, and full of re-enforcing echoes could be considered an investment strategy as well. Good luck with that.
  20. I believe this thread should go down in the archives as the wackiest hopium fueled trip ever experienced by the masses. Typically joining the trip is more fun than watching those on the trip, but not in this case. This report states“Who” and “what” they did, but not “why”, “where” or “when” and not even “how” much. That is a big RED flag, and does not meet the minimum standard of “reporting” facts. Rather it is simply a diving board, built from cleverly ambiguous wording, for others to spring from. Keeping it real: Anytime any company buys back it’s own assets, that is known as a “ba
  21. $15 Million?? quite an expensive way to create fake news about your product. I bet Tiffany Hayden feels a bit under appreciated today, after reading this article.
  22. So I no longer need to hire a click farm to get rewarded? They can simply open my page and leave it open forever? I can also add tons of useless info on each post, simply to keep you on my page longer. YES these are silly examples of abuse, but wow "reading time" is so arbitrary and disconnected from "how good" any page actually is. Some of the worst articles take the longest to read. I had hoped that Coil allowed the content creator to get paid directly by the content consumer, per the terms of the content creator. Why require some unknown and uncheckable "arbitrator of funds" to d
  23. “Everyone can use them” Yet they overwhelmingly choose not to? Worse yet, they are willing to spend their $$ to pursue building their own, and avoid using yours... 🚩🚩 I believe the single adjective missing from your post would be the word “better” Building anything is easy, building something “better” is hard. Better matters, not how big or how many were built.
  24. If you claim to have built the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable plane that humans have ever seen, and it has the ability to instantly transfer huge loads of cargo, but none of the major shippers will put any of their valuable products inside of your plane, that should be a yellow flag. If then you take a year and completely redesign your plane to carry thousands of smaller loads instead of a huge single load, and yet the only interest customers have in your business is to possibly hire some of your engineers, in order to build their own planes. Well that would be about as big of a RED
  25. An “official” is a neutral party that rules objectively. Ripple Labs is anything but neutral so a better word to describe their position is “controller” They are the centralized controller of all things XRP. They can easily shutdown the entire system tomorrow if they choose. They can arbitrarily exchange mass amounts of XRP off the charts in private side deals, picking winners and making losers. That is the opposite of an official.
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