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  1. Good job of selectively editing my post to help make your point. In 2018, the term Banker’s coin was the kiss of death, especially for crypto coin that promises to bypass the greedy bankers to help redistribute wealth to unproductive nations. My how times have changed. I guess we will simply have to wait and see if a coin that cannot buy a single item in any country, can also be highly valued by the citizens of every country. What is the new target date for mass adoption??? Are we looking to 3-5 or 5-10 years from now? Seems this date moves faster than ILP’s consensus method.
  2. You are describing a coin that only works behind the scenes and has no street value. A couple of years ago this was called a “banker’s coin” RL intensely fought against this image for XRP. Today we now claim it is the only path for success? It can’t be a world base currency, with absolute liquidity, and at the same time not be worth a gallon of milk, in any country. If banks and FI’s are the only ones using it, simply for ledger services, and balance sheets, XRP will have 0 value on the exchanges.
  3. If I had a dime for everyone that has said they are leaving but at the same time repeatedly choosing politicians that campaign on destroying the American way of life, I would be richer than Mr Garlinghouse, and Mr. Schwartz combined. If your type had conviction in your beliefs the US would go back to being the best place on earth. (Oh wait the US is still the best place on earth, which is why none of you ever actually leave! It is not irony that we are the only society that needs walls to keep the rest of the world out because they are too desperate to use our open doors) Yes the US taxes capital gains at a rate up to 20% In France the AVERAGE income tax is 45% !! Gains are taxed at a higher rate. Go enjoy the utopia they have created.
  4. That post wins today’s C.R.U.D.🎗 award. Congrats!
  5. FUD is the new yellow journalism. Ironic how some feel the CIA engages in FUD when one party is in control, and then lap it up when told the Russia stole the election. FUD is defined by the receiver, we all hear the same “I’m long on BTC” from Mr. Garlinghouse, to some it is justified and raises hope, to others it simply raises eyebrows. I see FUD’s opposite on this site. “CRUD”... Calming Reassurance using Deception”
  6. I guess the obvious question would be: If micro trans are indeed a “Whole other thing” then why not use the tons of XRP they already own for both types of transfers? Seems odd that a bank that holds the magic key for real time settlement, (domestic and cross border; macro or micro) refuses to use it; instead opting for a completely different tech, from a competitor, with whom they hold no allegiance. Sounds like having a tool box full of hammers, but instead choosing to use a rock to get the job done. Hammer works better than rock, regardless of the size of the nail.
  7. A no-deal Brexit will definitely Impact XRP... A fair deal Brexit will definitely impact XRP. Death to Brexit will definitely impact XRP The US lawsuit will definitely impact XRP The US SEC rulings will definitely impact XRP Trump’s behaviors will definitely impact XRP Mass adoption will definitely impact XRP But hopefully RL approves a price increase for XRP.
  8. If RL held a 1 day sale, available to existing active wallets only; how many would you buy for $.001/XRP? $.01/XRP? $.1/XRP? Proceeds could go to RL or anyone RL chooses... that is not important. I know I would double my holdings (at least) Even at the highest sale price I listed. Im sure it would move at least a billion XRP and activate a ton of new wallets
  9. Well I doubt the US is even close to a recession, based solely on the fact that our “news” is constantly pushing for one. (Russia, Racist, Recession...repeat) 2 things for sure: The sky is not falling, and 2nd, if we have a recession, I doubt crypto would ever be considered a safe haven for cash. Recession will raise the price of gold, but only RL can raise the price of XRP.
  10. Whether they actually “vote” or not is irrelevant. RL will continue to control price regardless of utility, demand, or any other free market variables. It is known as centralization. Same as the FED Reserve controls the amount of USD in the market. RL controls the amount of XRP. The CMC excuse is empty because 1. It was only offered AFTER being caught over selling. #2 Why would RL use CMC to determine volume? That would be similar to Zuckerberg using Google to determine the number of active FaceBook users. No retail investor will risk their client’s money until RL releases control of supply. 2 years is very optimistic, that golden goose is too precious to set free.
  11. Interesting article, however it would be a “useful” article if they actually specified the borders they crossed. I read the article a few times, and it is just as likely they are sending money between. Spain and France, as it would be that they sent it from the US to the Sudan. Looks like Cherry picking to me, and the article indicates all of this happened a year ago. Why are they not using it today? By using XRP to facilitate cross-border payments, the company was able to cut down the costs for international B2B payments and bing down transaction speed to just a few seconds. Ignoring the lack of proof readers and the word ”bing” the statement is cleverly worded in the past tense, yet ambiguous enough that most people read the word “is” instead of “was” Reminds me of the hype around Western Union (or MG?) testing XRP, then a year later finding out they only did 2 transactions and quietly walked away. What we in the biz refer to as writing with a wand instead of a pen. Unfortunately today’s “journalists” were never taught the difference.
  12. When was the last time you heard Mr Garlinghouse or Mr. Schwartz claim that xRapid would end nostro/vostro? Yes xRapid works where there is already vast liquidity, but nations that already have fast liquidity do not have an issue settling payments. It is the third world countries that need to ramp up. I personally am still having trouble finding an exchange that trades xrp/pesos. Do you have one?
  13. If it is not a problem then why the harsh ***** language?
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