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  1. I do not see engineering as a profession. Heck even Mr. Schwartz, feels left out😿
  2. You should remember that you dove into a swimming pool full of adolescents. Most here are hyper idealistic, hate capitalism, and believe in global warming. They want a 1 world govt, using a 1 world currency. So unless you live in Great Britain, I doubt your govt will ever vote to give up it’s own sovereignty. RL thought they could become the federal reserve for the world’s wealth, while continuing to be a private company operating under local US laws. They quickly learned about an ugly reality that adults call “regulation” Banks cannot simply convert to a private ledger and expect to be able to secretly transfer wealth from one country to another without the consent of the governments. At the same time, RL had no idea that banks and FIs use “batch processing” for settlement, and have no interest in “instant” settlements, as their own SW would require a vast overhaul. So now RL is quietly moving from a cross boarder settlement solution to a cross border “payment” system. They have been selling their payment solutions to many banks while ambiguously claiming “adoption” If you actually read the last 2 years of announcements, there are very few headlines stating“...using XRP” and very many stating “...Using RL software” even the great xRapid is currency agnostic, so do not expect any XRP volume resulting from it’s use. Finally- as long as RL is tied up attempting to avoid losing the lawsuit, XRP has no path. No professional investor can touch it, without huge risk, and until the hammer falls, no US bank can legally purchase it, using their customer’s money. Again, with regards to xrp army, I believe you are learning, what is typically in a swimming pool, full of kids.
  3. Sorry but you are only allowed to continually repost positive news, so we can chew on it, and collectively regurgitate the same talking points over and over, then pat ourselves on the back, and send “hearts” to each other for being so far ahead of the curve. Your post does not fit into our safe space. After all didn’t RL just sign the 500th bank, with a name that no one has ever heard of? My gosh they are so far ahead of the curve. XRapid volume is approaching double digits!! Heck R3 and Stellar are using the exact same tech and have only managed to sign IBM and Swift. They obviously lack focus. I would rather talk about my avacado time machine...
  4. Ok you are correct that you can use it, but you may be mistaking a “currency exchange” happening instantly at the point of purchase, for a retailer “accepting XRP” In most cases the retailer sees local currency depositing into their accounts, not your XRP. Why is that?
  5. XPool=big foot. Does not exist, it is simply the left hand trying to distract you while the right hand robs you blind. I was being sarcastic when I mentioned it as “coming your way soon” sorry. Do not hold your breath. As long as RL employees are paid in USD. That tells you where their heads really are. Kind of like “Healthcare for All”. But in reality they are saying it is for everyone “except” for those in govt that impose it on the rest of us. Is that fact innocent irony or distractionary rhetoric, while they rob us blind?
  6. Yes, it is all about trust. The more a country’s government is trusted as secure and honest, then the more their currency will be valued “outside” the country’s borders. Inside the borders the local currency is always “priceless” because it is what the Govt requires for taxes. To your point about RL’s software being able to spread ownership or access. RL has 2 major contributions to society. 1. They developed a consensus algorithm that is faster and more “bullet” proof than anything humans have developed prior. 2. RL has devloped many SW offerings to use this new consensus method for all types of markets. Not simply financial. XRP is used as the “point of dispute” (requiring consensus) for xRapid only. IMPORTANT: RL did NOT invent a more secure way to protect data. Rather the XRP amounts are protected by the best encryption humans had 10years ago. I believe that 32 or even 64 character hashes will be crackable in my lifetime, considering the amazing ability humans have to invent based on profit potentials. If you do not believe in humans’ abilities to do good, how about human’s governments abilities to do evil? Trust me, if the tech does not already exist, people are working on it.
  7. Good job, you found the perfect medium for xrp. The more it gets used, the more it smells.
  8. You need to ask yourself; Why would anyone want to pay real money for XRP, other than speculation? Can you use it to pay for food or shelter as easily as your local fiat? Can you use it to pay for services or your other tax obligations in your local country? I bought my XRP before the big pump and dump of Dec 2017. I then began learning about international finances and RL’s plan for x-border. RL May have the best SW developers in the world, but they understood global exchanges and x-border transfers, less than I did. They thought XRP would eliminate Nostro/Vostro holdings. They thought XRP would free underproducing countries from the oppression caused by America’s successes. 🙄They actually believed that Govts would not mind a “private company” holding all of the world’s currency, and being able to dump the load based on their own terms. Since 2017 RL has hired financial professionals, and public speakers to help them with messaging, but unless all govt’s decide ( like Great Britain foolishly did) to give up our own sovereignty to a 1 world Govt and currency, XRP has no logical path for adoption, other than a modern age envelope for “messaging” about value transfer. The actual value transfer will always go through Govt hands, under Govt control. (not anonymous volunteer node operators) Imagine the power RL would have if XRP had worldwide value? The world’s ability to do business and hold wealth would all be safe guarded by whomever has the private key to the RL wallet. How many RL execs know the key? How is the key secured? How is the key to the escrow passed on if Mr. Garlinghouse or Schwartz suddenly retires or dies? I heard that the UN or IMF should hold the escrow funds. This is laughable... Let’s spread the secret key to 30 nations and trust no one will use it for personal gain! Imagine if XRP went to $100 (tiny fraction of what most members here feel it will be) That means $2000 per wallet! That is more than the GDP of some of the countries that RL is supposedly going to free from their oppressors! Sounds like an insider’s racket to me. XRP was pumped for 1 reason: to help RL fund their business plan, and be taken seriously by the world’s financial business leaders. This worked, and RL has sold XVia and xCurrent to many FIs, and they are enjoying great success as a “software company”, not a federal reserve. At least God dumped all of his oil and Gold in the beginning. It laid worthless for 99% of human’s existence, but eventually we found a way to make them valuable commodities. RL needs to do the same. If XRP has value, the world will discover this. But as long as they keep the lionshare locked up in their own wallet, why would any FI or investment firm, convert their own true wealth in the hopes that RL will not continue to cash out on them? Oh wait, I now hear xPool is coming to save the day.... xPool eats whales and poops profits!!! This time it is for real! Hang on we are about to launch 🚀 (oops is that Stellar?) Fianl thought: keep in mind that 60-80% of the volume you are tracking is fake. It is pure wash trades to help exchanges profit, by creating the impression that real people are trading these coins. Ever wonder why ALL crypto’s follow the exact same price swings, simultaneously? Ever see that pattern in the real world of commodities and stocks?
  9. I am sorry, I genuinely thought Mr. Garlinghouse worked for RIpple Labs? I had no idea he is just a chat room member like yourself. Every promise I quoted came directly from him. My mistake. Please go and buy the dips, while believing your own facts. As far as being a “victim” that is truly laughable, if you knew my position. Unfortunately, when I learned that the only way to profit from XRP was to cash out on folks who are desperately trying to become rich, I no longer wanted to play in this sandbox. This is not an investment, it is a ponzie scheme. Plenty of bags for everyone. BTW: I heard if you use the bag to cover your head, it is easier to keep it buried in the sand. Good luck to you.
  10. The answer is simple. Ripple sets a goal, announces it publicly, to pump their own coin. (Which they hold but do not “own”) When the promise becomes reality, they simply set a new goal. When the investors say “Hey you promised cheese, and all we got was stink” They say you are a FUDDER. It has been going on for years now. I loved when Mr. Garlinghouse announced they are signing so many banks that they cannot release the names individually, Rather they will announce them 100 at a time (bulk press releases). That was Feb 2018...Since that glorious promise there has not been 1 single bulk announcement. But the focus was quickly directed to the release of xRapid from beta testing. This happened in Nov 2018... Volume did not change.... we were then told patience was key, because thanks to xRapid The USD to Mex market was to explode with transactions, Later Forbes uncovered the truth that MoneyGram and WU made a combined total of 2 transfers, and then quietly tabled the product. Of course the RL news headline was slightly more positive: “MoneyGram and Western Union are “actively testing “ xRapid. Not exactly a lie, just what we call “Crypto Truth” or “Crypto Facts”. Remember this space is unregulated, so anything goes, and you invested in a San Francisco based operation. Not particularly the best area of the world for ethics and morals. That area of America is full of profiteers from capitalism, while publicly pushing for socialism. Hypocrites. Ues FI and banks are no longer needed for XRP, video games are the true future.
  11. Have you bookmarked the hundreds of times which you and the others, who are now spewing praise today; called Forbes a “worthless rag”, “non professional”, “dinosaur”, or a “Bitcoin shill?” Amazing how one’s integrity is easily traded these days, for a few kind words, from an internal source.
  12. Sorry but this is not the place to discuss problems with XRP. According to the overwhelming echo there are ZERO problems with XRP, EVER! RL’s Escrow holdings, no privacy, lack of liquidity in third world countries. Time clock rolling over in 60 years. These are not real problems. Ironically, we were told that banks will not adopt XRP until the price stabilizes. HMMM... Been at $.30 for almost a year, through good and bad news, price never changes, yet banks still are opting to pass? I guess I need to look up the definition of the word stable? No worries though, the future is always bright, as long as the moon is in sight. Keep looking to the stars, and ignore the dust gathering around your feet.
  13. What is the next big announcement that we are waiting for?
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