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  1. The price of XRP will be whatever Mr. Garlinghouse and company says it will be. It’s kind of like asking “If I drop a bowling ball off off a building, which way will it fall?” You can certainly come up with thousands of possible scenarios, like a passing humming bird, thermal vents, or even an atmospheric pressure disturbance, that may indeed modify the path of the ball, but reality is none of it matters because gravity is the overwhelming force on the ball. At this point Ripple Labs controls all of the gravity, meaning they own the price movements as well. ODL, IOV, and other mechanisms do not add up to a pig’s fart, against a bowling ball, when trying to move the price, from RL’s chosen path.
  2. Don’t spoil the fun. Besides your logic would eliminate Bus lanes, and HOV and Transponder Paid express lanes. Roads are not solely for the common good, in fact they are only for the good of those who use them. Your logic sounds like you are saying that it is bad bc it favors those with cash. This is seriously flawed. If there is no benefit from wealth then there is also no incentive. Now to be clear, I do not actually believe in the viability of the OP’s proposed system, but I do like pointing out how I would “capitalize the opportunity” (Note Capitalize is NOT a bad word either)
  3. I like the idea as well. I wonder if I could earn a living by becoming a professional commuter. All I would have to do is drive at the speed limit, and watch the drops, fall like rain, into my wallet.
  4. I remember reading basically that same article in Dec 2017 except it was titled “2018; the year of crypto” I was surprised to see it refreshed and recycled in Dec of 2018 with the title changed to “2019; the year of Crypto” Now It is back again, With a new title, however the only surprise this time is that folks still believe. I see XRP is now holding below $.20 Anyone buying? RL still has close to 50BILLION free tokens to unload and Mr. Garlinghouse needs a new Lambo, seems he grew tired of his red one. XRP has shown that massive centralization is not a bad thing, at least for some.
  5. How can having my email address compromise my emails? I never gave Gatehub my email server’s password. In fact, even though I registered at Gatehub, I never used the site. I used another exchange when purchasing.
  6. I received a warning from my credit monitoring service (Experian) They provide what they call a “dark web scan” (sounds impressive but it’s not) About 2 weeks ago I was notified that my email address was found on a known “dark web site” associated with illegal activities. The offending site’s name was “Gatehub.net” According to Experian Gatehub.net is the dark site, and not the victim.
  7. Keeping it simple: How does the "community" protect it's currency without the benefit of armies? How does a "community" build trust without security?
  8. I did not realize that the USD was worthless as a bridge currency. The word TRUST will always be part of currency exchange. The most trusted currency naturally becomes the bridge, speed is secondary. When it comes to bridges, “getting there” is always more important than “getting there sooner” I believe you only view “worthless” from a holder’s perspective, and forget the viewpoint of the powerful.
  9. Perhaps a separate topic, but when I read some of the headlines over the past year, along with seeing the hiring/transfer of RL employee(s) to the US Govt, it makes my conspiracy side entertain the thoughts that the plan is to peg XRP to the USD. Far fetched and yes it has some obstacles (escrow ownership) but the only real reason I can see that the US govt would not partner with (read confiscate) XRP is that there is a fixed overall supply. You cannot create more XRP. Govts need to be able print more money in order to purchase more rights from their citizens through endless spending with no results. I do not have the ability to check the tech myself, but it would be nice to hear from those who know. Yes/No.: “XRP Max Supply is permanently fixed, and cannot be increased through rule changes.” Re stated: “XRP total supply can only decrease, and never increase”
  10. @Hodor This is your last chance: Are you absolutely sure that you are not Tiffany Hayden? 😄 🙏 (many times over)
  11. Eventually the true value and utility of XRP will become evident to all. XRP definitely has it’s place in the business model of RL, and has already exceeded all of their expectations. Unfortunately though, the expectations and perceived utility of XRP, outside of RL, is very different (thanks to a major dis-information campaign XRP Trump/ Tiff Hayden) but no worries because the outsiders’ opinions are also irrelevant to RL. As long as enough of us believe in the fairy tale, and continue to buy the dips, RL will be fine. We will have a front row seat, watching them sail off into the sunset. (Or is it rocket off to the moonrise?) 🚀
  12. Well then you must return your award. Sorry but I do not have one for the most ambiguous and well disguised sarcastic post. Note that I do stand behind what I said but will redirect it to those who actually believe NDA’s are the reason no “partners” ever mention RL.
  13. The most transparent financial payment system the world has ever seen, has been unleashed with a goal of ending poverty by eliminating insiders, and monopolistic advantages. Yet it is all propped up by adoring fans who somehow see NDAs as the path to openness and fair trade? Can you explain why every other company watches it’s stock sky rocket simply by adding the word “crypto” to their name, yet you believe that every one of RL’s partners finds more profit in hiding the fact they are associated with a crypto company? Also can you explain how a NDA is effective in protecting a partner’s identity, when everyone (including yourself) already knows the partners names? After all, you are claiming they cannot be mentioned due to NDA?? Perhaps the NDA is signed after the RL press release?? The NDA excuse is pure C.R.U.D (look it up) But you did earned today’s CRUD award...💩
  14. Are you kidding? Each one of these major partnerships was hyped to the stars, then RL secretly cashed out tons of XRP, along with xCoil and the other “seeded” partners. Heck In the last 6 months RL and friends have profited more than any other US company in my memory. It has been nothing short of a historical time period, for us insiders and you say “nothing” happened??? !! What are you a simple Hodlr?? If so then yes.... nothing happened. BTW the new target date for a return on your investment (if you are a hodlr) has moved to 2025. Take another 6 years off, but keep buying the dips.
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