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  1. This post revisits the same issue from 2 years ago. It is another XRP paradox, similar to the escrow. However this paradox only concerns holders, as it seems they are between a ROCK: (XRP adoption requires a stable price in order to be utilized and become valuable) and a HARD place: (Holders believe that XRP utility and adoption will skyrocket the price approx 5-10X so they can dump their bags) If nothing else, folks on this site should hope for XRP around $1.00 US, because at that point I am happily out.
  2. You need to read my post again (slowly) I am not complaining about the lack of details... I am complaining about how the LACK OF DETAILS is portrayed on this site as magical proof that XRP is working and everything RL is wonderful. The experts on this site take this complete lack of detail and try to fly to the moon with it. You then foolishly step up, without comprehension of my post, and take your own spectacular flying leap, defending the principles of private business reporting, and RL’s integrity, without any cause to do so.😂 Just another “expert” re-enforcing my point that comprehension is secondary to emotions on this site. Thanks 🙏
  3. You are correct: this latest report is “normal business” news and I am simply pointing out how “normal business news” is treated like the “best business report ever published” by the experts on this site. You appear very emotionally attached to your investment and would do well to step back and assess it from an objective viewpoint. Of course hiding in a “safe space” built from mute buttons, and full of re-enforcing echoes could be considered an investment strategy as well. Good luck with that.
  4. I believe this thread should go down in the archives as the wackiest hopium fueled trip ever experienced by the masses. Typically joining the trip is more fun than watching those on the trip, but not in this case. This report states“Who” and “what” they did, but not “why”, “where” or “when” and not even “how” much. That is a big RED flag, and does not meet the minimum standard of “reporting” facts. Rather it is simply a diving board, built from cleverly ambiguous wording, for others to spring from. Keeping it real: Anytime any company buys back it’s own assets, that is known as a “bad” thing. It is unsustainable, and a temporary measure to buy some time, in a desperate situation. Regardless of the reasoning for their actions, or the amounts, it re-enforces the notion that RL is securely in the driver seat when it comes to the market price of XRP, and they have no intentions of letting go of that power.
  5. $15 Million?? quite an expensive way to create fake news about your product. I bet Tiffany Hayden feels a bit under appreciated today, after reading this article.
  6. So I no longer need to hire a click farm to get rewarded? They can simply open my page and leave it open forever? I can also add tons of useless info on each post, simply to keep you on my page longer. YES these are silly examples of abuse, but wow "reading time" is so arbitrary and disconnected from "how good" any page actually is. Some of the worst articles take the longest to read. I had hoped that Coil allowed the content creator to get paid directly by the content consumer, per the terms of the content creator. Why require some unknown and uncheckable "arbitrator of funds" to decide how much everyone is paid. This, like all centralization is ripe for corruption/favoritism. Content creators should be charged by Coil when they post, kind of like buying your spot at the public market. The rest is up to the consumer.
  7. “Everyone can use them” Yet they overwhelmingly choose not to? Worse yet, they are willing to spend their $$ to pursue building their own, and avoid using yours... 🚩🚩 I believe the single adjective missing from your post would be the word “better” Building anything is easy, building something “better” is hard. Better matters, not how big or how many were built.
  8. If you claim to have built the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable plane that humans have ever seen, and it has the ability to instantly transfer huge loads of cargo, but none of the major shippers will put any of their valuable products inside of your plane, that should be a yellow flag. If then you take a year and completely redesign your plane to carry thousands of smaller loads instead of a huge single load, and yet the only interest customers have in your business is to possibly hire some of your engineers, in order to build their own planes. Well that would be about as big of a RED flag as one can wave. Of course on this site this ‘news’ will be more proof that RL is winning, and the redesigned but still empty planes, are simply part of the big plan...
  9. An “official” is a neutral party that rules objectively. Ripple Labs is anything but neutral so a better word to describe their position is “controller” They are the centralized controller of all things XRP. They can easily shutdown the entire system tomorrow if they choose. They can arbitrarily exchange mass amounts of XRP off the charts in private side deals, picking winners and making losers. That is the opposite of an official.
  10. Your charts may be accurate, but you must also remember that the escrow funds were not "released" or "dumped" onto the exchanges or open markets. Back in 2018 and 2019 RL was doing a lot of (if not all) OTC transfers from their escrow. This means that the release had no impact on the public supply. This double pricing (public exchange price vs insider price) is precisely why the escrow is the problem. Serious investors would not trust their own mothers with that kind of power, much less a gang of Bernie bros from San Francisco.
  11. You don’t buy my argument because it hit too close too home...My guess is that you also do not buy XRP anymore either; do you? BTW: It is the duty of every citizen to protect themselves, and their children; ESPECIALLY from any citizen claiming it is their duty to “HELP” them when no help was asked. For it is precisely those citizens (like yourself) that are truly the most dangerous, because they are blinded by their own light.
  12. How simple and coherent is “SUPPLY AND DEMAND?” There is an obvious oversupply of XRP, and virtually no demand. Couple this with the fact that RL has no interest in releasing it’s control of XRP to a free market and you get a worthless token. This is a very logical and very simple (at least to most) point of view, yet you ignore it. Why don’t you post a “coherent and logical” rebuttal to the escrow problem, rather than continually dodging the point and instead posting that your “feelings are hurt”😢
  13. WHY?? To keep others from making the same mistake. You and others constantly provide positively biased reports and opinions to help convince others to hold or purchase XRP, solely because you want the value of your personal stash to INCREASE. Others (like myself) provide alternative viewpoints, to help keep it real, despite the fact that it may DECREASE THE VALUE OF MY OWN STASH!! It’s called the opposite of greed...and it feels good! Cheers!
  14. Excuse me but I said “insiders” I never said RL execs. Solely blaming RL execs is a reflection of your own bias or inner beliefs..Those pulling the strings of deceit are much higher up than RL execs. Back to the real point: RL execs are 100% responsible for the escrow mess because of their complete lack of economic aptitude and simple greed. This is the single biggest reason XRP is not successful. Of course you have no comment on the fundamental flaws of the system, that I pointed out, rather you post a baseless defense of your heroes, like a good fanboy.
  15. The 2017 pump was solely due to an insiders coordinated pump and dump scheme. This chat site was a huge accomplice in that plot. The pump worked because no one buying in, knew anything about the fine details of XRP and it’s direct and unbreakable ties to Ripple Labs. This is no longer a secret, the cat is out of the bag, and the hole left behind is too big to hold any air (hot or cold) much less value. RL’s power hunger fueled by it’s founders’ greed will forever prevent any institutional investments or partnerships. They cannot sell masses of tokens while simultaneously holding billions of free ones. It has been a long time since I had any formal economics education, and yes today’s youth believes in a completely different definition of value, work and wealth; where “everything should be FREE” but their progressive beliefs are simply indoctrinated fantasies. The old economic principles still rule the day. Until RL’s escrow is exhausted, XRP price will not go up. Looking at the present situation it should only take another 28years. After all, it is Mr Garlinghouse and Schwartz’s retirement fund that we are talking about.
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