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  1. @ripplenet Muchin says they will support “electronic payment systems IN DOLLARS.” Dillion’s quote missed the important part. This sounds very good for RL, and their software products, but sounds very bad for xRapid and XRP.
  2. Funny if it were not true. Unfortunately the price dips are a result of programmatic sales, timed with the release of “good news” all controlled by RL. Been happening since 2018.
  3. RL publicly gives (free) coins to potential developers. They then pump the news about the new partnership. Developers then slowly sell the coins with RL’s permission. The profits are then split between RL and the developer, when the developer pays “license fees” to RL. Developer is simply the term RL uses to describe money launderers. This scam is soon to end. Keep watching the headlines. Justice is coming.
  4. That is a pretty warped viewpoint. Banks can only get away with that which their governments allow. Do you actually believe that any government is going to allow it’s citizens to have full access to a monetary system that they cannot control and profit from?? Sorry, but any cost savings will first go to the bankers, because the bankers will have to give a share to the Govt. It is a fundamental fact of life. The more power you give your govt, the less prosperous you will be.
  5. Boy these RL folks have no shame when it comes to pumping truly meaningless news. Meanwhile they sell drop by drop. At least someone is making money from XRP. Seems the most transparent token available has the most clouds surrounding it’s actual usage. From off ledger moves to “accidental over selling” there is no way to track the utility usage. At least the local fan boys here, still love them. Can’t wait to see how much money pours into XRP once the “under banked victims” of the world have access. Oh wait, the under banked has no money.
  6. Putin... Makes more sense than Clinton, and has just as much admiration from the community.
  7. RL controls stability, and RL has no rules on dispersion and distribution, except those created (and selectively enforced) by RL. As long as that elephant exists no educated investor will ever jump deeply into XRP. It is too risky. (BTW market makers included)
  8. So MM’s will hold Peso’s to backfill the Mexican banks? 😅. You can divert the payment flow through as many middlemen and currencies as you choose, but in the end some one has to be willing to give actual $MEX to the counter party, because the end user can only spend $MEX in Mexico. The stumbling block is always settlement, because that is where the real wealth (or valuable asset Fiat) is required, and the worthless “note” is consumed.
  9. I have many times.... the obvious is the fact that xRapid requires money flow in both directions, but reality is, that wealth overwhelmingly flows from prosperous nations to non prosperous nations. There will never be enough Mexicans trading pesos for XRP to back fill the demand for USD going to MEX.
  10. @Caracappa made my point before I could even post it. You are already being dismissed as a person looking to spread “fear.” In typical adolescent behavior, they attack you before you even made your first topic oriented post. There is no room for objective facts on this forum I enjoy reading the pretzel logic that the local “experts” utilize evertime a lofty promise from XRP usage hits the reality wall, and falls flat. xRapid was a great example. It was hyped until released, then the reality hit (the XRP and xRapid models are fundamentally flawed) and the forum switched to excuse mode, then diversion mode. I believe Coil is now the latest hero on the horizon. This site believes “whales” are so desperate to buy XRP that they intentionally tank the price buy purchasing high and then selling low. At the same time they ignore the obvious reality that RL is the only whale in the sea. Most on this site cannot comprehend the significance of the escrow fund, not to mention that a “world reserve” has to be based on something valuable, and tangible. Not simply created from nothing. Welcome to the site, I am looking forward to reading your input on future posts.
  11. Only Mr. Garlinghouse himself can predict the price, since he controls the price.
  12. The price on December 31, will be whatever Mr Garlinghouse and RL want it to be. No speculation necessary, RL is the Fed Reserve of XRP.
  13. You believe what Govt studies and Hovt funded science tells you to beleive. I will believe the recorded history of the earth’s climate stored in growth rings of trees and polar ice. Climate has been wildly changing ever since the planet solidified. Fact is we are in the most stable climate period the earth has ever seen. Your smart children will thank those that resist the idiotic power grab from globalists. The dumb ones will forever be servants of the govt. Go enjoy your day driving your coal burning “EV” and pat yourself on the back. Sure there is 0 emissions from your car. Keep ignoring the power plant that is working overtime to charge it. I guess you are one of the “out of site, out of mind” progressives. After all how can you rationalize a climate treaty that does not even include earth’s largest polluting countries? Look at Great Britain: the intelligent Progressives voted to give up their own country’s sovereignty, and now the fools actually believe they can vote to get it back.
  14. You can have your models, I will stick with reality. The models in 1986 predicted that we would have 0 trees left on earth. They predicted global drought and mass starvation by 2020. Do a search for “Earth Day” on CBS television and watch the foolish celebrities with their fake tears pleading for us to stop “global warming” 15-20 years later the model predictions were so wrong, that the message had to be changed from global warming and greenhouse effect to “climate change” because your scientists had to save credibility. They had a 50/50 chance in the 80’s by choosing our death from either hotter or colder climate, they picked heat and lost. Then they got smart and realized using the word “change” assures they will never be so wrong again. Ever notice that your expert models never account for diminishing human populations, caused by a dying planet, which would inherently reduce emissions? Apparently your models require that the dolphins or some other planet hating form of life, will begin running the factories and perhaps whales will mine bitcoin. It is pretty arrogant to feel humans have the power to make earth uninhabitable, while at the same time continuing to pollute because we are thriving. I love green things, and green things love carbon. If we even had the ability to rid the atmosphere of carbon (or even change it by 20%) we would kill the oceans by suffocating the algae. However the suffering would only be temporary until the next volcanic eruption replenishes the carbon. 1 eruption equals 100years of bitcoin mining.
  15. That is because there is no science behind the “Sky is Falling” theory. Earth has experienced “climate change” for at least the last 1.5 billion years. The scare technique is being employed as a pure power grab; which has also been going on ever since the second human existed. Life evolves and always finds a way. Humans are optional, same as polar bears.
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