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  1. I couldn’t see “strength” either. Then I realized the title says strenght. Got me
  2. Less supply? XRP has always had a fixed supply from day 1. Ripple Labs has a structured escrow that allows dumping 1 billion XRP a month for the next 3 years. After that ends you can talk free market value and decentralization.
  3. I completely agree. The US is sinking into the same socialist swamp that currently traps all of Europe/Asia. The laughable irony is that Europeans will feel the pain of a dying America long before the Americans themselves. Brace youselves, for your dark history is about to repeat.
  4. Of course this has been going on for a long time. Progressives ride elephants as well as donkeys in America. It is not Dem VS Rep rather Progressives versus patriots. As far as how great it is in Europe; We can talk when US emigration to Europe out numbers the immigration from Europe. That is the only barometer that matters. No one in America is lining up to move to Europe’s utopia. (Case closed) Yes the liberals in US are fleeing the wastelands they created, but only going as far as Texas.
  5. The US knows it is in a war. Unfortunately the party in power, (progressive) is clearly fighting for the Chinese side. Destruction of the dollar is the best way to claim “capitalism has failed” Once this is declared by the elites, the US will join the socialist gloom and poverty that is considered “normal life” in Europe and Asia. It does not matter how savy you are as an investor. You can keep adding as many zeros (10X) to the right hand side of your account balance as you wish; but as long as the left hand side starts with a $, you will be poor, and living like the majority of European
  6. Just because Rome had a senate their central govt was not a republic. Their senate equals America’s House of Reps. Their central govt was always a monarchy operating with a majority-rules senate. Thanks for restating my point that the Democratic Party comes from the word democracy. This superficial assimilation is taken advantage of by America’s educators, media, and news feeds to convince folks that the 2 are somehow joined or related. However my bigger point is someone claiming to be a lawyer, sounds “less than credible” when they state that the USA is a democracy. Either he is ly
  7. In what world has democracy ever worked as a form of Govt? America is not and was never set up as a democracy. It is the educated ignorant such as yourself that make silly and outright false statements because they blindly believe what others tell them. Yes Americans are told they have a democracy, but that is only because it sounds like the word “democrat” to the ignorant voter. Look it up for yourself: America is the worlds first and only Representative Republic containing 50 States. No democracy there. Ask the ancient Romans or modern Greece how well a pure democratic process worked
  8. Uh investing to profit is one thing... pretending to “Admire” is the hypocritical part. I do not bother trying to fool myself or others that this project or another has validity or honor. In fact with XRP I have a clear history of the opposite. Yes RL is also here to profit... the question is Profit from whom? FI’s and Banks (as officially messaged) or the admiring investors? So far the personal profits for the RLs execs over the last 48-54months have been gained as follows: Banks and FIs: $0 INVESTORS: $650MILLION But that could turn around anytime now. Final note:
  9. ☝️☝️See above for the definition of hypocrisy. You “admire” the project but will not hesitate to dump on it when you see a profit. You literally say that you will directly sell against it’s success in order for you to gain personally. Well, apparently you and Mr. Garlinghouse think alike. At least Jed had the stones to say he hated the project... before he started selling against it. Couple Jed’s actions with the recent exposure of RL execs, and it’s obvious why he walked. To be clear: it is not the project you admire, rather I believe you only admire the potential to profit, f
  10. Sell out??? Aren’t we here to save the poor and all those that don’t have access to banking??? What about the underserved and spreading the fairness of a trust-less value system??? The belief in RL’s mission??? The honor of a goal bigger than yourself... In the words of the wisest woman in history “WHAT HAPPENED??” Mr. Garlinghouse and company have repeatedly said it is not about the price of XRP just the utility, and their honorable goal of equally distributing access to wealth. My Goodnesss; a man like that would never sell out... You need to follow his example and HODL Talk abo
  11. Last try: The point is that RL is the only entity that has the control to shut off XRP. Hence the system is centralized. Maybe it’s too simple of a concept for your elevated intellect. “Why or will” “should or could” or “can and may” DO NOT PLAY INTO THIS FACT. IT STANDS ALONE. BTC has no central focal point, nor do any of the other projects you mention outside of Stellar. Sure miners can stop mining but then they would lose the income from it. What is the benefit of setting up and maintaining a XRPL validator or node? “Gee I get to participate in the free flow of money” Of co
  12. Luckily validators have to do a lot of work to get that $47K. Otherwise anyone would do it. You go on believing that value or money comes for free. That belief only works when you invent your own money. Of course you still will need to spend years trying to convince others it is valuable. BTC is inherently valuable because it provides a service and rewards those that participate in facilitating the service. Work matters.
  13. You obviously are incapable of understanding the premise of the original statement. There is a difference between the words "can" and "will". Instead you keep debating a point that no one has tried to make. Obviously, RL does not want to hurt or kill their own project. However the whole point is IF THEY WANTED TO THEY COULD (no one is saying they want to, or plan to) Ripple Labs holds central power, through domination of the assets. This is a simple truth. Most of the other projects you mention have multiple foundations behind them, or are simply running on top of BTC. I have a simpl
  14. You lost track of the original point regarding control and the fact that RL "can" dump (and shut off the lights) if they choose. I was not stating that they were dumping or will one day. As far as your point quoted above: True unless you consider the possibility that RL was optimizing sales to maximize the long term price. (playing the long game) Or using other words. If RL choose to "sell in a way that doesn't impact the price." then they can tap this well until they exhaust all of their XRP. (or perhaps get sued by the SEC)
  15. Uh no one is purchasing from the escrow. Easily each month they can more than halve the price of XRP. Heck they can turn off the lights simply by announcing they were planning on dumping.
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