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  1. We already know that BearableGuy was Brad Garlinghouse. My guess is Galgitron is being played by Mr. Schwartz. That would leave Tiffany Hayden starring as Hodor, in this tragedy of errors that we are watching unfold on our computer screens.
  2. Seriously??? You do not know about the escrow?? RL has the ability to crash the price of XRP each and any month they choose. Of course I have no evidence that they literally hold a vote, but regardless, they are the the Fed reserve of XRP. Just like the Fed, each month, solely at RL's discretion, a decision is made to circulate any amount they choose. They could also decide to burn it, or choose to hold it for another day. XRP Hodl'rs are 1 monthly dump away from $0.10, and a second monthly dump away from $0.001. It only gets scary when you realize they have well over 3 years of mont
  3. The price of XRP has always been controlled by Brad Garlinghouse (AKA BearableGuy) and crew. They vote on the price once a month, on the day before the escrow is released.
  4. That’s because you lack the wisdom from reading history. I will send you back to this post after the law suit settles and fanboys like yourself are walking around saying “What happened???”
  5. When @Hodor left Ripple Labs, they slashed their influencer budget, and we now have @solodeji Bots are little too pricey.
  6. Which tells me that precedence and written laws will be inconsequential, and the ruling will be which ever way the admin wants it. This will be a complete toss up. My money is that Ripple Labs will not do well, because the incoming administration's priorities will be on appeasing foreign powers. RL is a threat to that. As far as RL donating $$ to the dems: When a party eats their own, it is always easiest to start with those that eagerly show up for dinner. I believe the term is "collateral damage" if you remember Ambassador Stevens.
  7. Oxymoronic to say the least. Eventually everyone here that still believes that RL had any intention of serving the poor, or being transparent and a “fair” company needs to ride this to $0. Perhaps then you may learn how easy it is for predators prey on the empathy of their victims simply by preaching a message of “doing good” Many many folks have pointed out all of the warning signs, going back years, yet so many more were still easily controlled by a simplistic, and idealistic view of how the world works. (Reality is: RL stole their wealth DIRECTLY from poor people. Never served 1
  8. Exactly... absolutely no ties to RL here... move a long nothing to see...🙄
  9. BTW the company name is STILL officially Ripple Labs. (DYOR) Opencoin (creator of XRP- NON OPEN SOURCE) renamed themselves to Ripple Labs, and then basically “gifted” all of their tokens to themselves. Ripple is simply another nickname used to cloud the history/custody of XRP while still sucking in the fan boy worship (and of course your $$) by claiming “transparency and fairness” (these are irresistible words to all indoctrinated progressives) Now what is truly silly, would be trying to distance yourself from your asset by holding a “new logo contest” after being sued 😂🙄
  10. This sentence exposes a canyon of ignorance, or the peak of hypocrisy. Perhaps it is the shallowness of idealism, or worse yet, it is the hate filled words of a fully indoctrinated socialist. How is it that you have the ability to determine how much is "enough" for everyone else, while simultaneously feeling that you still deserve more? Please; since you are among the strongest pumpers on this site, and have been hiding your wallet, tell us at what price you feel that XRP would be too high, forcing you to stop selling because "you already have enough money for your lifestyle" -pathet
  11. i never saw Jed on television pushing a suitcase full of lies, or paying influencers like Tiffany Hayden, or bearable guy to pump their token. Mr. Garlinghose and Mr. Schwartz are named because of the excessive pumping they did on television and online during 2017-2019. Professionals never stoop to the level of battling anonymous trolls on twitter, rather it is always the scammers that preach the loudest. It is foolish to believe that a Biden admin will go easy on them. RL competes with China, and China controls Biden. However, feel free to keep dancing as the band will continue pla
  12. Big difference between running a specific validating node and owning the UNL. RL owns the UNL, that is where the power lays.
  13. OK so will you be the one “signing a bank a week” for your new tokens or are you simply looking to fork everyone even deeper? Considering that RL owns the UNL (another example of pure centralization while falsely claiming decentralization) there is a good chance that those currently running ODL validators will be named as Ripple Lab’s accomplices or co-defendants, due to them voluntarily aiding in the illegal transfer of securities. As for those agreeing to double down and thumb their noses at the SEC, by creating their own ponzi ring; I will watch as you will be more than forked. T
  14. Agree same as Tiffany Haden, who did get exposed in 2018.
  15. No doubt- In spring 2018 the SEC issued a stern warning that they were monitoring chat boards and twitter accounts with the specific purpose of prosecuting "pump and dump" networks. This was shortly after Mr. Garlinghouse completed his world TV tour. If you are in a private club on this site (or ever have been) be prepared for the curtain to be lifted.
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