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  1. Take your concerns to the OP. This thread and linked article are directly about Govt proceedings with respect to future control and regulations of crypto. I recommended contacting senators, and civilly participating in the process. You recommend "take it somewhere else" You make my point about Americans. Writing a letter is hard, while clicking online pet videos is fun.
  2. Hopefully Americans will see that it is the progressives who are the enemy of freedom and equal opportunity in the USA. Americans need to watch the hearings instead of blindly swallowing the adolescent version of "News" fed to them by celebrity entertainers each evening. Sad to see the majority of hodlrs' will not pen a letter to their Senator in defense of crypto. Instead they endlessly post on social media their faith in crypto, and blind support for the same oppressors that are working overtime to outlaw their holdings. Keep on adoring your progressives, as they incrementally goose step their way towards total control of Americans, while cloaked as planet savers and fairness police, by the television media. History is about to become the present once again.
  3. I agree that it is unlikely that anyone on this site is responsible for the hack. However you are wrong to state the this site had nothing to do with Ripple Labs INC. I found this site in 2017, by searching for "Ripple" At that time this site's header was "XRP CHAT - The largest unofficial Ripple Forum" You can easily see this using the "way back machine" This site has always used Ripple as it's foundation. Mr. David Schwartz, as well as Mr. Brad Garlinghouse were regular posters, along with Tiffany Hayden and other Ripple Lab employees. I suspect @Hodor and a few others were also paid RL employees. The vast majority of posts revolved around RL's business announcements and partner signings. There was no distinction between Ripple Labs and XRP. In fact, they had the same logo, until the fake logo contest, which coincidentally happened just before the lawsuit was leveled. (CMC listed the token as "Ripple" using RL's logo, with no complaints from Ripple Labs) RL benefited from the ambiguity, and walked a very thin line. The judgement will tell us if Ripple Labs was successful in their 2 sided deployment. Also to be clear, I knew when I purchased XRP that I was NOT investing in Ripple Labs. (in fact I searched them out first, only to find they were a private company) When I learned about the escrow and how obscenely large it was, I stopped buying XRP. The amount of pre-mined XRP held by RL, was staggering compared to any other pre-mined project. I began posting about my concerns regarding the structure of this project. One of my earliest posts regarding the escrow was to @Hodor that went without response. This lack of response sealed the deal for me that XRP was not a real project, rather it was simply a fund raising mechanism for RL. I would like your opinion on what the "RP" stands for in "XRP" ? Please do not say "rapid payments" that was my posted suggestion over 1.5 years ago. Long before you joined this forum.
  4. You make the common mistake of reading "conservative" and thinking "republican" Progressives ride Elephants as well as Donkey's. I am well beyond any party loyalty. I suggest others start looking beyond their party flags as well. Try voting based on actions and not mascots. Progressives are dangerous people when given power. History & present day societies are full of examples of their wrath. When one is blinded by the beam of their own light, they feel they can do no wrong, and will never see the negative results of their mistakes.
  5. I do not remember a criminal trial where Mr. Gensler was found guilty of anything that is claimed in the OP. I realize that trials are no longer necessary, thanks to the tsunami of progressiveness that has swallowed America. But do not forget that when you elect progressives to run your life, logic and due process become victims. Citizens become subjects. America has entered the phase of socialism where corruption can no longer be stopped, so there is no need to hide it. If you watched any of the Senate hearings you will clearly see who is coming for your crypto. It is the progressives. They are terrified of losing the power they enjoy through controlling USD. Progressives will not allow the threat of crypto to live much longer. I see conservatives embracing the new tech, but thanks to clever marketing by media, and the indoctrination of the current American generation, most on this site happily identify with those same folks who will deliver their own demise. Congrats on completing the fundamental transformation of America - Although 4 years delayed: You win.
  6. Ok but what if Ripple Labs internal communications show that they knew they were doing something wrong? There is a reason the Govt chose to prosecute RL instead of Stellar or any of the other “premined” projects. RL spent a lot of time publicly pushing their company and XRP. There was no distinction between the two until just before the lawsuit, at which point out of desperation they held a contest to create a new logo for XRP and attempt to distance themselves from the token. This was an admission of guilt or at least fear. This chat site has thousands of posts from “investors” who expected the price to increase everytime Joel Katz, Tiffany Hayden, XRPTrump, Hodor or any of the other fake personalities posted news of agreements between banks and RL. That fact alone shows that many folks believed the price of XRP should follow RL’s business success. The only question is how orchestrated was the deception. The communications will probably answer this. To this day people on this site still refer to their XRP as an “investment” while simultaneously looking to RL as the most likely source to make their investment appreciate in value. I bet you purchased XRP expecting RL’s business plans to make it valuable, I know I did. Yes we are in unchartered waters, with this ruling having the potential to set a new standard for crypto in the US. For that reason, IMO the SEC did not randomly pick RL for this case. RL’s decision to hold and use the escrow made it a no brainer for the SEC. If RL loses it will be due to their own greed.
  7. Good luck with that: The FBI lying to the FISA courts, as well as paying foreign citizens and governments to interfere with an election was not a problem. The FBI signing papers agreeing to destroy evidence, without reviewing it, while publicly stating that they have “received the evidence” in order to provide cover, was not a problem. In fact what happened when the President of the United States smelled corruption and took action to limit its spread by firing the man in charge? His own party appointed a special counsel, designed to cripple the man while in office. Yet this was not a problem. Americans have no idea how corrupt the US politicians and media have become. They are on 1 side and American citizens are on the other. Unfortunately 1/2 of American citizens feel that the problem is the other 1/2. The other 1/2 blames the first half. This in-fighting is exactly what the govt wants: They need US citizens to hate each other while only trusting “their side” of Govt and media. (Divide and conquer) Meanwhile Repubs and Dems work together to take your freedom and destroy your ability to earn and hold wealth. They are called progressives, and they know exactly where they are moving the country. I have serious doubt that anything the SEC did will even get a headline in the US media, much less criminal charges. At best there will be a hearing, an apology, and promises to fix the system so this type of insider profiteering “cannot ever happen again” American govt needs to be purged. Anyone who votes for an incumbent is a fool.
  8. Witnesses provide 1 type of evidence, however they are not the sole type. US constitution states that the charged have the right to face their accuser. There are no constitutional requirements for witnesses. Imagine this: Text from BG to DS: “Why’s the price of XRP so low today. RL needs cash to fund my trip to Asia.” DS: “Because XRP is useless, but fear not; I will go on Twitter (as XRP_Trump) and announce some new partnerships using ambiguous language. You can start selling a few minutes later, when our fan boys start buying. BTW I love the new tailored suit, it matches your Lambo.” Judge: “Guilty”
  9. ? You need to understand that RL can lose this case based solely on their own internal communications. The SEC may not have the need to call any witnesses. They simply present the evidence that RL is forced to provide.
  10. Not sure I understand your logic: Wouldn’t RL’s inter-company communications fulfill that burden if the comms expose that RL knew they were lying about the potential of XRP and simply using it to fund their Software company? Obviously the SEC is compelling RL to supply communications because they will be used as “proof” Note that I am only pointing out that this case is not over- I have no idea what RL’s inside comms will show, I hope it is a pile of nothing. However chances are that the Govt has already read all of the comms which they are asking to be produced, and they already know it will provide the burden. Having the judge issue an order is simply a formality to make the evidence public. US citizens have no privacy thanks to the co-op of big tech / Govt / and a general population that foolishly believes “If you are not doing anything wrong why worry about Govt spying”. Well because Govt gets to redefine the word “wrong” everyday.
  11. I agree, but I can see number of ways RL activities could still be deemed illegal. Take your last sentence shown above: Change the letters “SECs” with “RLs” It all still applies. The SEC’s case is weak, hopefully RLs communications do not strengthen it.
  12. Let's not forget 2 trivial points: 1) Ripple Labs is also under order to produce all "intercompany communications" Typically an American judge will at least pretend to review evidence from both sides before ruling. 2) This case is not about corruption at the SEC. It's about the actions of Ripple Labs. Even if the SEC emails show criminal activity at the SEC, the only option for the judge is to refer it to the current administration who will certainly investigate and prosecute; right? One crime does not forgive another. (2 wrongs do not make a right)
  13. “Unnamed sources” The article is a complete plant, deflecting the spotlight while protecting the corruption. Thanks for being an accomplice, willingly spreading fake news. You may officially consider yourself “Useful.”
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