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  1. "An account that has been deleted and re-created is no different than an account that has been created for the first time." This implies to me, that the account history is lost when it is deleted? The article also states that the change was introduced for numerous reasons, but reducing ledger size was one of them. I can see advantages to both keeping or losing the history. Bithomp tools show the address as "not activated" (r93Fr5Cmf6KAho1GfF9mvNKV97tZsCFKcB) Be nice to know if the history is lost. That would bring an anonymity feature to the system, for a 5xrp price. Of course with ledger backups, my guess would be that everything is still traceable.
  2. I’m pretty sure Hodor is posting under the name “Tiffany Hayden”. Maybe you have noticed; that the two of them are never seen together.
  3. Can’t help but see the irony in this. He has no problem using a site that actively suppresses conservative viewpoints, and free speech, but now he is “confused” as to why they are coming for him. It’s like the liberal Golden Rule: “If you aren’t doing something wrong then you have nothing to worry about” Well now he learned that the definition of “wrong” can and will change arbitrarily, based on the facist’s whims each day. Always makes me smile watching progressives as they eat their own.
  4. Source please??? And be prepared, for I can find a bunch of your replies to me stating the exact opposite. Secondly it is not simply who “owns” the escrow that is the issue... it is the fact that the escrow exists. No one, not even the superhero world bank or United Nations or your ideal New World Govt, can be trusted with such a resource of wealth. (Assuming XRP is adopted) How do you handle the private key?? Who profits from the “wealth out of thin air?” The escrow is the obstacle to adoption that can never go away, because it is pre-mined and you cannot put it back in the ground. I have always said “If RL loves XRP then dump it, and let the world find value in it, just like gold” It is adolescent to believe you can make something valuable, because of scarcity, but then hold a virtually infinite supply in your private safe.
  5. What unsold escrow issue?? How can you state that the escrow is now a problem regarding an IPO yet you claim repeatedly that the same escrow is not a problem re. the viability of XRP and RL’s entire global currency and decentralization plans???? It is the 100Billion lb elephant that has smelled up the room for well over 3 years, but it is only now that you say “the escrow needs to be dealt with....”. Is this your attempt at FUD? After all, thats what you call it when anyone else mentions the escrow. simply amazing.🙄
  6. Well thanks for the information, but shouldn’t you be directing your response to the OP? This clearly should have been posted in “Other Press” I only read the article, I didn’t post it. Secondly the statement that “Ripple Labs is heavily invested in XRP” made me laugh, so thanks for that. I am pretty sure that anyone who spent at least $100.00 of real money purchasing XRP is vastly more “heavily invested” than anyone at Ripple. 😂 More accurate would be to to say that they were heavily “gifted” in XRP. This better matches RL’s legal terminology. We do not want our members’ confusion regarding XRP and RL’s relationship, to be used as free ammunition for the other side, in court.
  7. More and more news about Ripple Labs expanding, while at the same time absolutely nothing to do with XRP. Seems odd that members of a site SOLELY devoted to XRP cannot find any news mentioning XRP. Worse yet, the article goes so far as to mention handling all types of currencies and even “Frequent flyer miles”🙄 but oddly XRP does not even get a nod? Brief history lesson; For the last 2 years RL has been spending a mountain of $US (also known as real money) on lawyers with 1 single goal: “Separating Ripple Labs from XRP” Seems RL is wasting their money. Let me state it using Mr. Garlinghouse’s own words “Ripple Labs is a Software company, we make money selling software, that is all” Pair this with fact that the vast majority of RL’s software does not even require or use XRP, and some might make a connection that RL no longer needs XRP. (Other than war chest funds) Thanks for the article but it belongs on the RL Chat Site. RL is an extremely successful and a popular company in the Fintech world, with a great and prosperous future. They have a revolutionary consensus method, and eventually the whole world may rely on it for all types of data and asset tracking, but let’s keep this site reserved for XRP.
  8. Yes neither side knows for sure & I believe that we will never know the truth. Perhaps Trump saved millions of US lives by following the advice of his team, when faced with the most dangerous threat humans have seen; or perhaps this was over hyped and Trump was caught in the middle, but still forced to listen to his team. The question I want answered is “was this a natural mutation or a man made virus” If man made, then I would have many other questions. If natural, then these lockdowns are serious violations of Americans civil rights. Govt can’t take away rights because of something natural “in the air” Americans first answer to their own individual God, and our politicians first answer to Americans. The concept that Govt is under our feet, not above our heads, made us unique as a society. But like I said in the first paragraph, we will probably never know,.
  9. After reviewing closer I agree with you. My Apology
  10. Hard to understand “YOUR POINT” when you keep referring to yourself as @SquaryBone but posting as @Dogowner5 How many XRP Chat accounts do you have? Hope you did not learn social media practices from Anthony Weiner.
  11. It always amazes me how many times the fan boys preach that XRP and RL are not the same thing. I constantly hear that XRP is not CENTRALIZED or even created by RL. Yet day after day I come to a chat site (misleadingly) named “XRP CHAT” and watch the boys with star filled eyes, get all wet over an article because it mentions a known bank and RL in the same paragraph. Lets assume for 1 minute that everything in the posted article is true and even pretend that the news is better than stated. What difference does it make??! The article never mentions BOA “using” XRP, only indirectly suggests that they “may” be using RL’s software. Post XRP news or rename this site to RL Chat. (please don’t tell me that using RL Software is the first step to using XRP. If that is the case there have been plenty of banks using RL SW since 2018 and none of them have moved to XRP for massive settlements— if the message is crawl walk run, our baby is about 2 years behind schedule, and needs to get up of it’s hands and knees and do something)
  12. Your question exposes the weakness in the current setup. The escrow. No one can put a value or peg an asset when 1 party owns the lion share. They can lower the price of XRP any day they choose. Secondly RL is nothing but a private company. It has no power to back up it’s currency (XRP) Yes the US enjoys a favorable position within the world trade markets, due to the $USD being the base, and many believe that is only because of choice and circumstance. I believe it is by power. Both economic and military. Regardless of your politics, humans trust (respect) power. RL will never be able to stand behind their currency. In Ripple reality the only thing between the bad guys and the keys to the world’s XRP reserves are a few good men at RL, protecting a 32 character string. Kind of scary.
  13. So what, did CV19 make him do it??? I know of at least 200,000 CV19 victims that did not lose their money, they are living happily ever after. Perhaps you heard of Tom Hanks?? Secondly who is going to waste time stealing XRP??? I could make more profit stealing cow manure. As with all viruses, most of us have already been exposed, and will never know it. We should all go to our doctors and pay for an antibody test. (Not a CV19 test) The results will surprise many.
  14. No, your oranges are not worth more, they are still $1.00 each.
  15. Yes you must use the Coinbase tag when sending XRP from your paper wallet to Coinbase. You do not need a tag when sending XRP from Coinbase (CB) to the paper wallet. The tag that CB provides is your custom ID within the CB generic wallet. Any XRP sent from any wallet or exchange must use the CB tag in order for you to get the funds in your account at CB. If you send funds to CB without using the tag, CB will still receive the funds but will not put them in your account. You will have to call CB to get your funds.
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