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  1. @regjoe789 (nice first post) Thanks for your sincere concern with our investment - so glad to have all these people looking out for our cash. but evidently, when you are over the target, you take a lot of flak ;]
  2. Likely works with Trezor, too... I like the fact that the metal cover can still swing closed with this connector in place...almost like it was designed to work this way from the get ;] Yep...Nanos not back in stock 'till March..unless you are willing to pay 200-300 on ebay or amazon..
  3. Hi All First post, lurking a long time... Thanks for all the encouragement since hopping into XRP awhile back - really liking the community and info on this board. Figured I'd add something useful to anyone with a Nano Ledger S. I've never liked the fragile nature of the micro USB port on it - worried I'll break it one day, so I decided to try a magnetic USB connector retrofit... and it works great so far. (**I have no connection to this co, BTW - just wanted to pay something forward for all the great posters here) if you have the Nano, you just need the usb kit - much cheaper than buying it already modded ;] Minty Nano Thanks again!
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