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  1. Panopticon. We would all be better off if this forum had fewer people like you who are too inept to recognise when somebody with an ounce of intelligence is actually asking pertinent questions and seeking legitimate and beneficial discourse. Stop hating on things which clearly your brain cannot compute and go sit in your hypothetical lambo.
  2. Xrp_almighty I can confirm I downloaded the original spreadsheet which was over a year ago.... Nothing malicious in it. I would assume this is the same...
  3. The above link is the best thing posted in this forum in over a year... Easily!! Thanks alot and keep this thread updated. Finally somebody talking sense rather than hopium, fud and drivel
  4. @Chewiecoin Great post for some much needed perspective. Watching intra-day or even intra-month price action is about as useful as watching and waiting for your dear old grandpa to die to collect your inheritance. Let's all chill and see where the price is in 1...2...3...or 5 years and then judge if we were all smart/lucky or mere hopeful fools. I know which group I think we are in
  5. My two cents.... Always known about crypto for years but thought of it as a dark web niche thing...Got into Ethereum on the advice of a friend back in may last year which prompted me to do due diligence research. Found this gem called XRP, recognised the immense value it could have and summarily invested everything i had around July time circa 0.14 euro price at the time. Been following ripple and xrp journey ever since and despite always thinking of it as a 5 year+ plan from the outset, I too was taken in by the crypto-land craziness of astronomical returns and get rich quick hype. So what did i do... i committed the ultimate sin... i took out a loan for £20,000 and bought more Xrp after the crash at around 1euro (not that smart in hindsight). But am i worried? No....Do i care that I'm paying 5k interest on the term of the loan and my investment worth is falling? No....and there is literally only 1 reason why, and it should be the same reason that you, @NEF should not worry. The fundamentals. Ripple is Succeeding on a global scale right before our very eyes, and it is only a matter of time until you see your investment pay off. So take comfort in that and don't sell now to kick yourself later. It's not a loss until you sell or the whole crypto world crashes and burns. So take a chill pill and be patient. And FYI - i'm not a rich person so the loan was a very big decision, but i'm still happy with it as I can afford to finance it and live my life. The way i see it - ripple will make me a multi-millionaire, i just tend to think it won't be any time soon. but hey.... whats the rush?
  6. It is so refreshing to read an intellectual discussion on xrp utility and price rather than 1000 posts stating "dream retirement figures" plucked out of thin air. I may not have enough background knowledge/training to participate but i can understand it. I particularly enjoyed downloading and using @Mpolnet spreadsheet, great work! Much appreciated!
  7. @Hodor Keep on smashing it Bro' always refreshing to read something concise and meaningful in zerpland.
  8. This is profound. Simple, yet profound. A great way to view the amazing potential of ILP and subsequently XRP.
  9. End of year, all stars aligning as far as practicable based on utility alone - $4 throw in a giant amount of speculation - $7-12
  10. @spiras Wording is always key. The guy cited their financial performance in positive terms as a way of skirting round a need to adopt blockchain, rather than saying yes we can be more efficient so we are going to adopt it. Nevertheless, in my analysis i did also temper this point with "in the near-term" as obviously they may change their stance but for the moment it doesn't look likely. And i would still stand by the other two points as well. I'd love XRP to be adopted as far and wide as possible and as quickly as possible, but i don't think W.U. has any near term plans to do so, and the main reasons why are the ones i highlighted.
  11. I took the time to read the actual transcript of the conversation between W.U. CEO and others, as linked from @Atomic1221 and i conclude that W.U. is not considering a move into ripple at this point in time whether that be xcurrent or xrapid. If you read carefully the CEO's words in a conversational style (not a reading style) it becomes easier to get the meaning behind what he is saying, and the three crucial points he makes are as follows(reworded): 1. We are performing really well without blockchain and our settlement is already good enough that we do not see a financial reason to move to blockchain in the near-term whether that be ripple or anything else. 2. Our regulatory compliance across 40,000 corridors is solid, and this is a crucial part to our business. With regulatory uncertainty abound in crypto, we are not willing to compromise this. 3. "currency is currency" and our business is to help people utilise their currencies as/when/how they need to. Until crypto actually works like a currency, we do not see the need to use them. I'm as bullish on XRP as anyone, but in the 3-5 year term minimum, so lets not add the usual fantastical speculation of "if's and when's and hopes/dreams" to this particular piece of news, lets keep this as objective as possible in this speculative discussion.
  12. Looks very interesting however, unless I am reading incorrectly, the forecast is always lagging the actual price movement? if so, by how much, and how useful is this really to predict neat-future price action?
  13. @CaligulazBaby I'm currently trying to figure out my next buy spot and I'm getting itchy trigger finger! Whilst I bought my initial investment long ago at 0.14euros I now want to increase the position and i'm kicking myself for not recognising the January Fall and selling when it was smart. I'm a long term hodler all the way but I recognise the value one can obtain by making some key trades along the way if possible. Where do you see the bottom of this current downtrend?
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