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  1. Yeah looks like Ben is the first speaker which is not streaming. So the first stream we will see will be in the next hour or so. Interested to see AirBNB!
  2. Let's hope someone will be attending and keeping the community updated. I agree that they should stream it as well like Apple an Google IO. But I'm sure they wanted to keep it exclusive for those in live attendance. Either way, we should get the updates. Enjoy the conference!
  3. Hi All, Not sure if this has been posted. Saw on twitter the schedule has keynote spreakers not streamed. Do we know anyone that will be attending that could keep the community updated with details and specifics? Was hoping the community would be able to see the keynote speaker. But understand that Ripples dished out $$ and would give those attending priority. Appreciate your help. Hope everyone is excited. Time has come! #xrpthestandard
  4. DAWN is definitely coming and staying! See you all at the parity party
  5. Elite23

    SF Bay Area meet-up

    @mhayes maybe we should set milestones meet up, possibly the big Parity Party
  6. Thanks @Hodor. I think we are all excited, but currently, Bitcoin and Litecoin are the only available wallets. Enterprise users may see the option to create a Ripple Wallet , but please let us know if you hear anything. I see lots of wallets being created once available for general users
  7. Signed..and also put it up on Twitter!
  8. Thanks @Luschka . With SBI releasing some exciting news we should see what the majority thinks xrp will hit parity I know many are waiting for the big Parity party. Enjoy the ride.
  9. @Moriarty, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they have plans to make announcements/marketing shortly after Aug. 1st. Although, Ripple always seems to like to stay behind the scenes. But something like this could definitely start a momentum with just a statement.
  10. Autumn in Japan starts Saturday September 23. Hopefully, they can get started earlier But good to see we have a timeline. Let's bring the holidays early for all for everyone that have been patient for this time to come
  11. Is there a go live date for SBI? Most of us believe it's in July, but just wondering if anyone has a date. July should see some big momentum Let the holidays come earlier for us all
  12. Hopefully, we will see some of the buying from Banks in July after SBI goes live. It totally makes sense that Banks buy XRP in the billions, if they expect prices to climb, and I'm sure Banks want the prices to climb based on this scenario. Bingo is right. I'm very interested to see once the banks start purchasing in the billions, if we will get a stable climb or vertical hike and eventually remain a stable climb. Either or, I can live with either of those options Is everyone ready for July???
  13. No worries. Someone sent me the info. I'll make sure to update if there are any changes. Hope we get a big Wow!
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