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  1. Okay I’m Not gonna get into a whole thing about this, but as someone who’s married to an attorney, has two others in the family and works with them on a daily basis my experience is different. All good though.
  2. This is actually inaccurate. Public sector law jobs are INSANELY competitive. Partly because there is a student loan forgiveness program for lawyers who work in the public sector and make a certain number of timely loan payments.
  3. Wait are you telling me a guy named “magic **** cannon” and anonymous person who makes their predictions in the form of MS Painted cartoon bears don’t actually know how to accurately predict price movements of a completely new and unregulated market? Color me shocked?!
  4. I honestly don’t know. My wife’s an attorney but doesn’t deal with stuff like this at all so it’s pure conjecture on my part. My personal opinion is the SEC isn’t scared of corruption being revealed, just their general incompetence that makes them look dumb and completely arbitrary in their enforcement. Your guess in Gensler is as good as mine. He’s the chairman of the SEC so I’m sure this is on his radar, we just don’t know exactly how high on his radar it is. It’s an important job obviously and he has a lot to deal with. I don’t know if he’s exactly staying awake in bed thinking about the Ripple case. We’d love to think that, but the reality is that our discourse here is in a big bubble so it’s hard for us to adjust that line of thinking and try and guess GG’s priorities.
  5. I assume this kind of tactic/request is standard for the SEC. They have essentially infinite time and resources so why not use that leverage and try to bleed their opposition for the most money possible so that they feel it in their pockets? Ripple Chris and Brad have some great lawyers, but the flip side of that is that they are EXPENSIVE. This might be irritating Chris and Brad because of how much money it’s costing them, but Ripple the company keep fight the stall a lot longer than most that the SEC usually brings suit against. just my two cents. I’m not a lawyer nor do I know anything about how these things work.
  6. Just bought $1k of ETH. Hope I didn't just try and catch a falling knife.
  7. @JASCoder isn’t that author the guy who’s flat out insane? He’s am aids/hiv denier, thinks cancer is caused by a nutritional deficiency, and is a 9/11 truther. Not sure if he’s in he type of person who should be recommended here.
  8. Sure SEC, the documents pertaining to BTC and ETH don’t exist. That’s why you spent the last two pre trial meetings specifically fighting the fact that you had to disclose them. If they didn’t exist why didn’t you just say that two months ago when ripple made the request in the first place? GTFO with this BS lol.
  9. i don't know how anyone can be sure of anything. This stuff is really complicated with a lot at stake. The judge has a lot of research to consider. This is far from a home run.
  10. Adjustable was the wrong word. Xrp is infinitely divisible. Fun fact: a drop was originally going to be called a “Jed” after he who must not be named.
  11. I’m as pro xrp as anyone else, but two things to note: Of you bought BTC basically any time in its existence and have held for more than like 6 months, you are up. The same can definitely not be said for xrp. I’ve brought this up before, but as an American, the fact that I can actually REALIZE my gains with btc is not inconsequential. Currently there is ONE exchange that will let me trade xrp. If that goes away, it doesn’t matter how high xrp goes because I can’t sell it. I’m not saying your numbers are incorrect. I’m not saying BTC is awesome and xrp sucks. I’m just saying everyone should try and look at the total context of everything.
  12. As an American, lately my thoughts aren’t to WHEN I’ll cash out, but HOW. Would really suck to have finally gotten to where I need to be and then uphold goes down or takes some insane cut of the withdrawal.
  13. We were .26 cents six months ago. We see a few red candles after a massive explosion and people are already calling bear market? I can’t even. Some of you folks are just incorrigible.
  14. When Oprah does a segment on crypto and how to buy it, it’s time to sell. That’s my metric.
  15. Don’t all these NFTs run on ethereum? NBA topshot is pretty cool. Why the ethereum hate?
  16. Please tell me what context that statement can be used in that doesn’t Make Brad either a liar, intentionally manipulative, or stupid. It has to be one of those three. There are literally no other answers.
  17. Is it gaining value vs USD as well? If not, wouldn’t it just be a result of xrp losing value overall rather than flr gaining?
  18. He did not receive a founder's allocation but still sells the xrp he owns (along with other cryptos). Source: https://www.quora.com/Is-really-true-that-David-Schwartz-sold-all-his-xrp-coins-in-recent-days-If-yes-why
  19. I also find it interesting that for some reason David Schwartz is immune to this criticism. He also confirmed he had been selling off xrp as part of he and his wife's "derisking" plan.
  20. Can someone explain what this? https://ripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Ripple-Wells-Submission-Summary.pdf Some kind of internal summary of their defense?
  21. Generally speaking, no. Although I see enough red with my XRP investment so if i can avoid it with BTC it would be a nice change.
  22. Anyone have a lower end target for BTC? I have some dry powder that I'm waiting to deploy. Any chance at 30k in the next few days?
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