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  1. When Oprah does a segment on crypto and how to buy it, it’s time to sell. That’s my metric.
  2. Don’t all these NFTs run on ethereum? NBA topshot is pretty cool. Why the ethereum hate?
  3. Please tell me what context that statement can be used in that doesn’t Make Brad either a liar, intentionally manipulative, or stupid. It has to be one of those three. There are literally no other answers.
  4. Is it gaining value vs USD as well? If not, wouldn’t it just be a result of xrp losing value overall rather than flr gaining?
  5. He did not receive a founder's allocation but still sells the xrp he owns (along with other cryptos). Source: https://www.quora.com/Is-really-true-that-David-Schwartz-sold-all-his-xrp-coins-in-recent-days-If-yes-why
  6. I also find it interesting that for some reason David Schwartz is immune to this criticism. He also confirmed he had been selling off xrp as part of he and his wife's "derisking" plan.
  7. Can someone explain what this? https://ripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Ripple-Wells-Submission-Summary.pdf Some kind of internal summary of their defense?
  8. Generally speaking, no. Although I see enough red with my XRP investment so if i can avoid it with BTC it would be a nice change.
  9. Anyone have a lower end target for BTC? I have some dry powder that I'm waiting to deploy. Any chance at 30k in the next few days?
  10. Not to put you on the spot, but please source this statement. It's WILDLY inaccurate and putting something so blatantly false is not helpful to discussion. Brad does not own 60% of the XRP supply.
  11. You misunderstand my point. The ledger is decentralized. The supply of XRP is not. This is what it seems Gensler is taking issue with.
  12. I love the asset! It’s not about that at all. It’s about being able to look at both sides of the argument so you can try and solve the issue. People (not saying you specifically) just blindly saying it’s not a security and giving no explanation is not helpful. In his speech Gensler clearly articulates why he views xrp as a security. That reason still holds true. That’s all I’m saying. If someone can explain to me how Gensler is wrong and ripple doesn’t sell millions of xrp every month to fund their operation im all ears. I hope we get a clear and amicable resolution just like
  13. And how to they pay their employees and fund their day to day operations? Do you see why this is not as easy as people think?
  14. In what way will xrp be more decentralized? Ripple holds 55 BILLION in escrow. That’s not going away unless the SEC and the courts make them burn it all.
  15. That argument would work except Ripple is still doing exactly the thing he says he takes issue with. Nobody wants this to be resolved more than me, but let’s be objective. He takes issue with the fact that ripple sells millions of xrp every month to enrich the company. Whether you agree or disagree with that strategy is irrelevant. They do it, he takes issue with it. Thus we have a problem unless they stop doing it.
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