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  1. Called it “ripple” throughout the entire article. Hopefully their TA skill is better than their research skill.
  2. As much as possible while being comfortable with your investment?
  3. I'm not disputing you, i'm just trying to confirm the facts of the situation before I form an opinion. How can you be 99% sure that this is David's wallet?
  5. They just aren't gonna listen. Let them work themselves into a frenzy. It's not worth fighting.
  6. I'm just a dumb sandwich, but just because a wallet says "activated" by @JoelKatz doesn't mean it's his actual wallet. I'm 99% sure This is his actual wallet. https://bithomp.com/explorer/r9fVvKgMMPkBHQ3n28sifxi22zKphwkf8u
  7. The forum members who were here when the price was .02 are most gone just like the current members will likely be gone if the price ever moons to be replaced by new people complaining about price and asking "when moon".
  8. By no means am I saying you couldn't hold to $50. Everyone is different and knows their own risk tolerance. I just laugh when people ask about $40-$50 while also freaking when the price goes from .60 to .30. Imagine what happens when it goes from $45 to $7.
  9. I always get a kick out of this thread when it's inevitably posted once a week. Does anyone have any IDEA the fortitude it would take someone who's holding now to hold all the way to $50/xrp? It would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tougher than holding through a brutal downswing. That's why experts say it's best to literally forget about your investment and come back in a few years.
  10. Gorgalosk

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay any insight or opinions on this old story would be appreciated since i believe you were there at the time. https://www.coindesk.com/fincen-fines-ripple-labs-700000-bank-secrecy-act
  11. Gorgalosk

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay Can you get me a date with Monica?
  12. That's fine. I'm in no rush. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  13. The other thing that people don’t realize or remember is that xrp was by and large NOT part of the last bull run. Xrp stayed between .27-.32 for MONTHS while every other crypto went parabolic. People here were losing their minds and ready to jump off buildings. Xrp’s gains came over the course of like 2 weeks while every other asset had been surging for an entire year at least. If that happens again, there will be some really ****** off people around here.
  14. Anyone still here most likely has hands of Iron, so the answers you'll get in this thread will be biased. That said, it's much easier to hold through a large downswing (provided you didn't invest more than you can afford to lose) than it is to hold through a crazy bull run where you're staring at life changing money if you sell. I hope people take some profits next run up. Any holders have certainly earned the right to splurge a little if they've kept faith without blinking so far.
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