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  1. Is galgitron an anti vaxxer? That’s a bummer if true.
  2. I’m not an economist, just some random shmuck on the internet. my opinion is the fed did a pretty good job over the last year preventing a full on depression, as I said above. Do i think United States’ economy’s is screwed up? Yes. Do I think the Fed is doing the best they can in an unprecedented situation? Also yes. For inflation to happen people actually need to be able to afford to buy things. People are struggling to put food on the table and stay out of debt these days, even before covid.
  3. We have slow growth and delfationary pressure...not inflation. This is combatted with ZIRP, quantitative easing, and fiscal stimulus. Yes it props up equity markets and kills everything else...but we are in some bad stuff and so far the Fed is succeeding in preventing a full on depression. It's because of this that Powell aint scared of inflation... he's scared of deflation. The idea is that while that money is out there it's being used to finance growth before being paid back. That's where inflation would come from. But a lot of the lending going on right now is just being used to pay off
  4. that would be an excellent thanksgiving indeed.
  5. I don't think he's necessarily incorrect fwiw. This forum is filled to the brim with XRP and Ripple fans. There's certainly valuable information and insight to be had here, but let's not kid ourselves and say this place isn't inherently biased. It can certainly be a research tool, but you need to be able to look at things from every angle and asking in a forum dedicated to fans of xrp is not going to accomplish that.
  6. Let me tell you a story about 2017 that might be applicable to you: Throughout 2017 BTC went on a face melting tear as everyone knows. People were making money hand over fist. Towards the end of the year, people starting pulling their money from BTC and putting it into alts hoping for an even bigger payday as it was now their turn to go parabolic. 2018 starts and the entire market tanks HARD. Anyone who did what I described above undoubtedly lost a TON of money. The issue, is that when they sold their BTC for a HUGE profit, they created a (very large) taxable event
  7. So was the halving actually legit? Like, did that make a difference?
  8. In the 2017 run it actually blew up over the weekend, so you never know.
  9. Imagine dying of thirst in the desert for three years and when you finally find water someone tells you not to get excited.
  10. I didn't hold all the way up and all the way down for anything less than yacht money.
  11. Girls girls. You're both pretty, no need to fight!
  12. Not only that, but i should point out that this has literally ALREADY happened 3 years ago. The difference is those holders had a cost basis of like .07 cents. Those people were losing there minds here in all of 2017 when xrp stayed flat while everything else exploded. I also agree with your point regarding xrp's price being appealing to new investors. Most would likely find owning 66k xrp more appealing than 1 btc for 20k. The other thing I'd like to mention is that it's infinitely easier to get your hands on xrp these days versus even 2017 (at least for US based people).
  13. So you're saying if it retraces to .25 we'll never see prices that low again?!
  14. Interesting. I appreciate the share as well as taking the time to source.
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