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  1. They sorted it out today, finally got the deposit after a week.
  2. Hi, I transferred 3.0998 ETH from Gatehub to my Bittrex account a week ago and its not showing up in Bittrex. In Gatehub it says its sent. TX Hash: A8EC323E1D01524296F4E7B9DCE382F813FDDA7D1419F4E79A34D1EA101CB2E4 You can see it here on Ripple Charts: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/A8EC323E1D01524296F4E7B9DCE382F813FDDA7D1419F4E79A34D1EA101CB2E4 It was a new Bittrex account and I ran 2 test transactions of 0.1 ETH each before I did the one for 3.0998 ETH, they both worked fine in about 10 mins. I also received a mystery deposit of 0.3993 ETH into my Bittrex acc
  3. I did a ETH payment from Gatehub to Bittrex 26 hours ago and still no sign on Bittrex. I hope it gets resolved, I connected support but no word back. I presume the problem is on the Gatehub side? TX Hash: A8EC323E1D01524296F4E7B9DCE382F813FDDA7D1419F4E79A34D1EA101CB2E4
  4. Bit stamp are up to something, while announcing a new landing page in a email this evening they also mentioned they have something to announce tomorrow. Coincidence? I think not! Full Text: Dear David, We hope you've had a good weekend! Ours has been busy spent putting the finishing touches to the next phase in our development, so we have a lot to tell you. First up, we will be launching a new landing page on Monday, so do not be alarmed! No, there is no need to adjust your monitor and, yes, we do hope you like the new look! We think it ties in well with our #followthel
  5. Hi, I hold just over 100,000 xrp that i purchased in about 3 years ago. i don't claim to know much about how all this works or where it is going, it was a leap of faith based on a tip when I had some spare cash. I see lots of posts about price predictions based on wishful thinking and others too technical for me to get my head around. Now we have hit 1ยข and things are getting serious. Its uncharted waters and nobody knows the future but I want to start thinking about my cash in point. Does anyone have an educated guess at what a realistic cash in price should be (please leave wishful
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