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  1. So your 6 years old? Everything makes sense now
  2. @jasil, @Mods_are_tyrants - I’ve found you a ‘friend’
  3. Ok, understood - your uncle sells hot dogs in London in that case why is it unsuccessful?
  4. He’s just lonely He helped his Uncle to start selling hot dogs in Asia apparently, but it’s not going well, not much demand for hot dogs
  5. Didn’t think hot dogs were a popular food in Asia
  6. Awesome, another troll thread It has been scientifically proven that Sunday’s are the loneliest days for trolls
  7. The way you’ve written above makes no sense and it isnt clear the point your making (as already pointed out by others) XRP isn’t used to source liquidity it is the liquidity ”implies an illiquid system’ - which system are you referring to? The pre state before XRP usage or post with XRP as the liquidity?
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