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  1. My xrp is in my ledger blue. Do I open a toast wallet withour any xrp to receive my allvor? How to receive allvor on ledger blue?
  2. Is crypto 365 or ripple code trading bots scam or any good?
  3. Steal my private key and wallet? Btw, rippex has ceased operations so i cannot use the rippex wallet. Ripple China no longer accepts new accounts. Ripple fox does not require registration but the website has no links on how to open an account or use their wallet. My pc is on AVG Free Antivirus so I cannot be sure if it is 100% clean. I will install orbot for added security.
  4. If my pc is not clean, then what will happen to my xrp or ledger blue?
  5. I have all my ripple in ledger blue. Would it not be risky to transfer to gatehub, ripplefox or ripple china just to get some alv? I live in Singapore so I prefer to use an exchange nearer to my country as Singapore does not have a ripple exchange. Is allvor trustworthy and will getting allvor compromise the security of my wallet or ripple? If not, I would rather give allvor a miss and not do anything to my ripple in my ledger blue.
  6. How do you create trust line with ledger wallet or bifinex? Is allvor safe or trustworthy? I asked this in another thread but got no answer
  7. Indonesia ban cryptocurrency. China ban ICO. If China government or banks use xrp, then ripple will be international.
  8. China will not accept ripple especially not for its internal market. Chinese are using wechat and alipay for mobile and internet payments.
  9. Yes, I like to start a project for ripple like the pineapplefund. Any resources, links or ideas to begin with? Ripple wallet or ripple pay or blockchain?
  10. I am a volunteer for 15 years at the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped and my neighbourhood church. I like to be able to help the poor. I think I can do so through bitcoin donations ie, blockchain.
  11. I am thinking of setting up a charity website to ask for donations in bitcoin, ether and ripple. To help poor with food eg, rice, oil, eggs, etc. I will appreciate any help in setting up this website. Thanks.
  12. How do I ask for a few ripple from this account to donate to help many poor?
  13. Yes, I do hope that cryptocurrency will be more popular in Singapore.
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