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  1. According to their fb & twitter, they moved the AMA to 2:30 PT
  2. Wow...Sarbhai is sharp. I'm glad he's out there talking about xrp.
  3. Funny...now that they have U.S. & Canadian based competitors emerging.
  4. The secret to keeping this forum useful is to have a big "ignore" list. I ignore most fudsters, especially the new ones with a few posts; however, I have also ignored many bronze, gold and silver contributors who mostly just type words on their keyboard. Find the members with knowledge and bookmark them, and begin your daily or weekly search on this board with them.
  5. I saw a guy who was trying to put his wheel chair in his trunk, so I helped him. Then I came home and bought more XRP.
  6. Michael Novogratz was a very successful hedge fund manager; he was the first noteworthy Wall Street exec to leave Wall Street years ago and enter the crypto space. He dealt with "what is bitcoin?" and "what the heck are you doing?" from all his contemporaries on Wall Street. Everyone thought he was crazy at the time, but he's been a good ambassador for this space to the institutional investors. I assure you, most institutional investors talked to him personally before they made a move. However, he is heavy bitcoin and personally involved with Ethereum - he's definitely on that side of the tracks. He shorted XRP in the December run up. He's pretty much an Eth pumper now.
  7. Ha ha! I'm glad the camera man scans the crowd...I love the looks on the faces of the people in the audience when they hear about XRP for the first time and what it can do for their business. Exactly how I look at a juicy steak at dinner time.
  8. @loso, way to go! Also, you took a long shot on your first post with a mostly one-minded crowd. bravo. ignore the fudsters here who don't see the totallity of where xrp is heading... "...the characteristics of XRP and the XRP Ledger – superior speed, scalability and stability — make it perfect for entrepreneurs looking to solve problems across identity, trade finance, gaming and virtual goods, provenance, real estate, insurance, digital media and many other industries. Xpring’s entrepreneurs and companies will leverage XRP for use cases like these, among others." https://ripple.com/insights/welcome-to-xpring/ - this isn't even the end goal for xrp, just the next step. I agree, XRP is not a currency, but we can't deny this is one of the many streams in which XRP will flow.
  9. "Yo! what is going on everyone in the crypto space?" - I love hearing that and I don't know why.
  10. Someone we don't normally hear from? How about someone on the board of directors: Takashi, Gene, Anja, Ben, Ken, Zoe or Susan
  11. The only purpose for Coinbase is for me to laugh at their twitter feed.
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