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  1. For those people who really want to remind oneself about HODLing is that currently most crypto currencies are run by sentiments purely, so there are lot of sentiment analysis being used to buy/sell accordingly. But the part I am excited about is when the utility usage kicks in full flow, which I don't know when it is- but for us zerpers, it has already slowly started. Once the kick of the utility usage dominates the sentiments, that's when these kind of days will not come anymore. So understand right now whats going on. This is actually one hell of a unique chance to buy some zerps. I don't know how many of you really understand this. The zerpening is gonna happen. It's inevitable. Cause of the utility. It's just like what Warren Buffet says, "stock market is a device for transferring money from the inpatient to the patient."
  2. We are still taking sometime to accumulate well meaning Investors of xrp to start Hodling more. Might happen across this year. My gut feel is that there will be a lot of fluctuations this year, ultimately all for the good!
  3. By the way. For anyone trying to sell and buy during dips here is a cool bot signal that I follow. Check it out. Use the signals as you feel appropriate for you. Get free Ripple price signals ! ? Subscribe - t.me/xrp_signal ?? Free for use #ripple / #xrp / #blockchain / @RippleTradeBot
  4. Check the graph for a continuous steep. Sell some x zerps @ b$ and wait until it goes and bit low... buy x+y zerps for b$. If every Ripple is important, so is every drop of it. Small drops make a ripple! and.... HODoooooL
  5. So the one which we had recently was actually a similar one. Ain’t it 3$ to 1.0x$ sorts?
  6. I feel we need some more lows.. it’s a way we can get the HODL investor community stronger. Becomes more of people who are value investors and really are in because of what xrp is bringing on the table.
  7. I would really like to know the next low ..how much it’s going to be frankly. So I can sell and buy more. I’m like so addicted to that process. Ain’t joking. Me want some lows. Nyum nyum ..zerp!!
  8. 'Seems' is a very volatile thing for now. It is going to be a bit bezerk for some more long hours i'd guess.
  9. Resharing for the ones who have not seen this. Pretty cool as per today's trend.
  10. We are all in for the long run..expect more dips. Ain't gonna affect me. My avg rate was around 2$.. even it goes to .05$ I have locked in the HoDL on my zerps. Don't let that graph play around with your mind. Been there done that. Be patient through this tumultuous times.
  11. And so far. That has been right. I sold and a bought an additional 10% with that.
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