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  1. This job ad is probably several years old.
  2. Please don't flood the forum with posts that are hard to decipher.
  3. But they had the same issue one year before and they had to resolve main questions back then.
  4. Banks currently use products that sometimes aren't capable of correctly calculating customer balances (they "lose" money in customer accounts)...
  5. Well, you had almost one year to do this. Almost all companies are capable of preparing maximally precise in accurate business accounts in such period (even if they're audited externally). Does this mean that until now you didn't know accurately and with maximum precision how your business accounts for fiscal year 2016 look like?
  6. I think the problem is that GateHub didn't submit their paperwork on time. It happened in the past, too:
  7. Generally speaking, you can't (at least not directly at the protocol level).
  8. These selected members also need to know what they're using, right?
  9. But globaliD section on your support site says literally nothing about how this globaliD authentication works....
  10. What certifications? There are almost no people with relevant deep commercial cryptocurrency experience and development of cryprocurrency systems is not so much different from development of other distributed systems. BTW, Hyperledger has an official certificate: https://www.edx.org/course/blockchain-business-introduction-linuxfoundationx-lfs171x
  11. I'm not sure how globaliD works, but this doesn't seem to provide any additional layer of security compared with using PIN (or fingerprint) protected phone + phone encryption + TOTP token... But I'm not sure what is GateHub even trying to achieve with this IMHO... EDIT: I somehow still think that multisign is the solution to these authentication problems and not some third-party authentication app (which just moves "security" issues from the GateHub login form on their web site to this app on a phone which can be potentially easily hacked):
  12. Yeah, but where do you have google auth installed? On the same device where you have also globaliD installed?
  13. I don't understand how this is significantly better than Google Authenticator (and TOTP one-time passwords). Basically, it looks like a single-factor authentication solution where your sole factor is possession of a physical device (probably mobile phone). What if someone steals this device?
  14. If you compare GateHub with bank account, then the answer is very likely yes - it is less safe to store currencies on GateHub than "storing" them in your bank account. Although you haven't explained what do you mean by "safe" (default risk, cybercrime risk, etc.)
  15. Somewhat related: Google now offers Advanced Protection program for your Google Account: https://landing.google.com/advancedprotection/
  16. https://www.welivesecurity.com/2017/10/23/fake-cryptocurrency-apps-google-harvesting-credentials/ Maybe this has to do something with the recent reports from people who claim their funds were stolen from GateHub?
  17. But who would fund such independent body?
  18. However, at the end of the day, everything gets mixed under one balance sheet item....
  19. https://www.crunchbase.com/funding_round/ripple-labs-series-unknown--4ca78391 Date: 29th Jun 2017, investors James Sowers and Blockchain capital
  20. Ok, if putting a ripple.txt on a web server is such a big issue, why don't Ripple require that when Ripple account claims it is associated with some domain, that: - this domain (text "domain.com") is signed with some private key and - that Ripple account also contains (e.g. domain validated) certificate for this domain Basically, each Ripple account would have three fields: - domain name (example.com), - signature - certificate (signed by some reasonable CA) Site operators could use the same private keys/certificates that they already use for TLS.
  21. What do you mean by "major sticking point for a lot of operators"?
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