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  1. 1 hour ago, engine44 said:

    Has this technical issue been resolved?  Thanks.

    We don't know exactly what caused this bug.

    It looks like only ancient versions of ripple-lib have this bug, but more recent versions (starting with versions published way before this bug was reported on this forum) work ok.

    RL has added some code in ripple-lib which could catch such bugs in browsers.

    (this is the state from the last time I looked at this problem).

    The main problem with this bug is that some wallets (notably Jatchilli's wallet) still use ancient versions of ripple-lib.

  2. 7 minutes ago, RippedFuel said:

    Here is the account number but the transaction has already been cancelled and unfortunately I don't know the tx id.


    Will wait for a couple of days before trying again, I don't know if the server is under heavy load due to recent events or the shady exchange (bitfinex) took so long to send the money (30 XRP?) for unknown reasons.

    Thanks anyway, will keep you posted next time I try.

    Who canceled the transaction? Exchange? Some exchanges don't allow sending XRPs to non-activated accounts.


  3. Just now, CryptoJoe said:

    In the case that Ledger goes out of business and I'm unable to download their desktop Ripple wallet app am I just SOL? This seems like a huge issue.

    I'm not aware of any BIP39 wallet alternative that supports XRP. 

    Anybody know of one?

    If I remember correctly, there are some command line on github that can be used to sign transactions without having access to your Ledger. Just search this forum or post a new topic and maybe someone will post a link.


  4. Just now, Anton said:

    Why are you trolling me? Is this chat a troll chat or will anyone help me take out my xrp from ledger?


    Please create a new topic with clear description why you can't take your XRPs out of your Nano ledger S (and not from some other ledger) and maybe someone will be able to help you.

    And please also add steps that reproduce your error.


    Just now, Anton said:

    I mean just google little and see for your self. Its not just me saying it but your being really pathetic and trollish.. Help or **** and gtfo

    Please read the rules of this forum.



  5. 6 hours ago, Anton said:

    Why are u guys trolling me? i dont get it..

    I am telling you.. google xrp explorer and see for your self.


    Google search returns search results. How did you conclude from the search results that the XRP network is not working is beyond my comprehension.


    XRP network is not working.. Yet price is going up? and now i cant sell ? lol,,,


    Nothing in your post indicates that XRP network is not working.

    There is a plethora of possible reasons why you can't sell, but "nonfunctioning XRP network" currently probably isn't among them.


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