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  1. How do you ensure atomicity of these transactions? Just by different people signing transactions in both ledgers?
  2. Yes, it is, but @papa 's video shows separate (specialized) SETI app (not the BOINC manager running the SETI tasks)
  3. Yes, except that you should be able to run relatively arbitrary tasks (not just one very specialized task). Probably more like a BOINC project. But we'll see how will this pan out because there is a massive oversupply of processing power (unreliable and with slow connections).
  4. I don't know how many interns they currently have but they often employ some interns, e.g. https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/#software-engineering-intern https://ripple.com/insights/meet-the-ripple-labs-summer-intern-class-of-2014/
  5. Why doesn't RL assign the task of cleaning the forum to one of their interns?
  6. Why do you need to set the header twice (in apache and in nginx)? Why is not enough that just nginx sets this header?
  7. Ed25519 won't necessarily help you in this case: Ed25519 uses one specific elliptic curve and the length of its keys is fixed (you cannot choose longer keys as you can with e.g. ECDSA or EdDSA in general). If ECDLP can be solved quickly (on relatively general curves), then maybe both ECDSA and Ed25519 can be considered broken (the same attack on ECDLP could break both Ed25519 and ECDSA). Regarding P=NP. If P=NP, this doesn't automatically imply that the current cryptography is practically broken. If someone finds the polynomial algorithm with the running time O(n^10000) for some NP-complete problem (e.g. SAT), then this algorithm is pretty much useless for all practical purposes. Integer factorization is not known to be a NP complete problem, but the cryptographic algorithms still rely on it.....
  8. I doubt that GateHub is selling XRPs. Other market participants do. Why should GateHub sell you an arbitrary amount of XRPs at some "current" price? (this is not Forex with brokers, etc.)
  9. Because of the low liquidity (you can't buy large amounts of XRPs at the price X because not enough sellers are prepared to sell you XRPs at the price X).
  10. There was a similar topic that covered digital signatures:
  11. Ripple recruiters are probably not special in this aspect. Other (fin)tech companies are doing this, too (Coinbase, etc.). On one side they're complaining about the lack of talented candidates. But on the other side, their recruiters often behave unprofessionally and disorganized. Recruiters of large A tier tech companies (Google, etc.) are often much more professional and organized.
  12. @Sukrim , what is your motivation for doing all this stuff?
  13. But is there any guarantee - that these two transactions will be included in the same closed ledger AND - that both transactions either succeed or fail. I would say that the answer is no. The first guarantee is probably possible if you use LastLedgerSequence with the index of the next ledger, but there is no guarantee that both transactions will succeed.
  14. Which algorithms are "ILP's core algorithms"?
  15. You have three very small (but complete) examples in the RippleAPI repository, for example: https://github.com/ripple/ripple-lib/blob/develop/docs/samples/balances.js