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  1. You're assuming SEC regulates cryptocurrencies. It doesn't AFAIK. Lockup is equivalent to the statement "we will sell at most X shares every month". I doubt this is illegal. Public disclosures of internal (insider) trading sound very similar to this.
  2. Even market makers/connectors don't necessarily need to be exposed to the XRP price volatility because they can - at least in theory - reduce their risks to XRP by entering the opposite long/short position and/or use financial derivatives (e.g. options).
  3. Locked to prevent spamming. There are many options to activate your Ripple account.
  4. Bitso news is three or four months old.
  5. ILP payment volume will be reflected in XRP payment transactions on RCL and not in trade volume (my understanding, which may not be accurate).
  6. GateHub can find this in theory. But the problem is that GateHub is in EU. In EU is it illegal to reveal this information to you (without e.g. a court order, etc.).
  7. Besides the IP address, they *maybe* log other info such as browser type & version, cookies, etc. But nothing more personal. If you suspect somebody, you can check if he/she uses this IP address. For example, email headers often (but not always) contain IP address of the sender.
  8. I would also consider changing your passwords from a "safe" computer. I think - but I'm not 100% sure - that GateHub only sends "new device" emails after someone provides the correct password (first they ask for username + password and if the password is correct, then they check if it is the "new device"; if password is not correct, they don't send "new device" emails).
  9. Yes, GateHub sends "new device" emails. Although sometimes they send such emails even if you log in from the same device.
  10. RL is capable of "upgrading" XRP. In fact, they're constantly introducing new features to RCL (e.g. autobridging, payment channels, etc.)
  11. I'll have to find it, because it has disappeared from my feed. But this article wasn't just about crypto wallets but also about some other "real" wallets (which access the bank via API or maybe use web scraping, I didn't understand exactly because they were also talking about Tide). A safe wallet that supports major Ripple features (including multisign, regular keys, Ed25519 signatures, trading, etc.) is a big technical challenge. For example, if you plan to develop closed source solution, you will maybe have to develop some low-level cryptographic primitives from the scratch. However, this is extremely time-consuming, especially if you want to certify your solution. Just take a look at RippleTrade source code. RippleTrade doesn't support any of the more advanced features (multisign...). But basic COCOMO model (on openhub.net) shows that it costs around $1,000,000 to develop it (assuming that developers cost around $200k per year which is a reasonable estimate for the western world). Advanced features will probably cost you a multiple of this number.
  12. Another point which is very important: if your wallet is closed source, people won't trust it. Therefore you need to open source it, but this further limits your choice of viable business models.
  13. There were several ideas about the development of wallets. But the main problem is that it is hard to monetize wallet by itself unless you also run related services, e.g. a gateway. Many crypto wallets (not just Ripple) have ceased to exist because of the lack of funds. I read a post on LinkedIn one or two days ago how "wallet providers" will die soon. I'll try to find it.
  14. Yes, I know how this procedure should work in theory. But I was having issues, e.g. with the parameter csrfKey. Where can I get its value? I think one *maybe* needs to execute some javascript before you can build correct URL. Btw, does the source code of this chat contain some kind of support for API keys? It looks like this forum has a special RESTful API that uses special API keys. But I can't find any documentation.
  15. GateHub has bank accounts in Slovenia AFAIK, not Russia. Did you send money to the correct account?