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  1. Capone, lol ok dude, hopefully I kept my xrp during armageddon back then and not listened to doomsday prophets and did well :D (not a financial advice I have no idea what the future will be)

    interesting theory, I'm glad Ripple decided to start lowering their sellings last month, what would be interesting is  to compare selling pressure compared to others cryptos with mining, I remember it was not that bad actually

  2. Just now, cryptoxrp said:

    And while we are writing/talking XRP has just lost another 6% relative to Bitcoin. In the past months XRP has lost nearly 40% of its value relative to Bitcoin. So what was the better investment? To put it boldly: Team Ripple better get its act together otherwise they are going to loose investor trust. That is what I would suggest is a 'call to action'.

    thanks tether (for now) until it falls apart


  3. 1 minute ago, XRPHold said:

    Any explanation??

    a bug probably, email them if you want, I'm bored to do it.


    15 minutes ago, XRP1904 said:

    they just found out it was a security ?

    for ppl still discussing this, Bittrex ceo (US Exchange listing XRP) already answered this https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/8o0bjh/bittrex_ceo_says_xrp_is_not_a_security/


    1 minute ago, FixnUrPowerline said:

    Never heard of it lol. Is it an exchange?

    It's a coin listing site by marketcap just like coinmarketcap.com

  4. Quote

    Beyond bitcoin and the buzz around blockchain, payments that wind their way across borders might get a boost from Santander and Ripple. The two firms have debuted One Pay FX, a mobile service, that settles international payments with speed and safety.  Ed Metzger, head of innovation at Santander UK, tells PYMNTS that the service has been years in the making




  5. 56 minutes ago, OzAlphaWolf said:

    Standard Chartered is an investor in Ripple.

    Standard Chartered is a member of the Global Payments Steering Group for Ripple.

    Standard Chartered is a customer of Ripple opening a corridor from Singapore to India with Axis Bank.

    Standard Chartered is working on a Ripple corridor with Mitsubishi Corporation linking Singapore and Thailand.

    Standard Chartered have openly stated they are expanding their Ripple Net corridors to 5 more country pairs in 2018.

    Standard Chartered is providing the banking infrastructure for this initiative between AlipayHK and GCash, which happens to be blockchain based and is about remittances (cross-border payments).


    But there's absolutely no chance whatsoever, not even allowed to speculate because it's delusional, as bad as fud for anyone to dare to suggest that Ripple is underlying this. :rolleyes:


    In January the Ant Financial deal to take over Moneygram was blocked by the US govt. 

    6 months later they have a commercially viable blockchain solution. Amazing! How is it that people believe in miracles like that yet think it's not possible for Ripple to be involved? This solution happens to rival Ripple tech, happens to be aimed at the same pain points, happens to be aimed at one of the demographics Ripple are trying to help, happens to involve banking 'infrastructure' provided by a major Ripple investor, partner and customer, but again, it absolutely cannot possibly be Ripple involved.

    Well...I guess it's possible that Ripple isn't involved. Sure. That's possible. I would give that at least a 5% probability based on all the aforementioned facts.


    53 minutes ago, XRPwinning said:

    And then the most obvious piece of the puzzle nobody is mentioning?

    Gcash is an American Express product


    pretty sure Amex was a publicly announced partnership by ripple recently? On insights even. On my phone too much work to dig


    wow good detective work guys!

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