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  1. lot of fudsters even on xrpchat I see nowadays It wouldn't be the first time they suck at communication, someone mentionned the Indian representative guy sucked during an interview recently. Imo, could be bad communication or maybe they want to say XRP is a neutral asset to fight the fud (its a company coin blablabla..) it's universal ! Anyway why would Ripple distant itself from its best tool seriously, and yeah just listen to Dilip. (edit: also don't forget value it represents)
  2. not about ripple, next time see alt-Coins and General Fintech subforum
  3. It always amazes me when people fail doing basic math and talk about a "large supply". Sure there are more XRP than BTC, but does an XRP worth $10,000 each?
  4. Ripple never had a "blockchain" but whatever it talks to people,or you can say DLT.
  5. Crédit Agricole is big, I wonder if BNP is working with Ripple I heard some rumors back then, very big too.
  6. namini

    Credit Agricole team up with Ripple

    Need Joelkatz here
  7. namini

    Credit Agricole team up with Ripple

    it's unrelated, xCurrent is not minutes imo.
  8. yes exactly what I was saying, the nem theft is unrelated to the ripple wallet discussed here who is a legit wallet probably owned by coincheck or some market makers. I think the fud started with the telegraph article (as usual).
  9. we're mixing things up on this topic, the nem stuff is unrelated to ripple or even the account we talk about who probably is sbi, a mm or coincheck themself.
  10. I seriously think Swift has some good connections, so no wonder we got trash like this.
  11. If a private investor wants to buy 10M of XRP on the open market and later sell it, he can. Again, big investors who buy from Ripple or founders cannot do that (they can only sell small amounts at a time with strict limits).
  12. Never said otherwise, there are whales both buying and selling and probably trying to manipulate the price in their best interest, the thing is big investors who buy from Ripple or founders cannot do what they want and their sales are restricted.