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  1. Yes just send at least 20 XRP .
  2. See this thread:
  3. or perhaps this one at 4:45 PM Monday as someone on Reddit suggested: What do you think?
  4. Monday 1:30 PM - 2:10 PM Tuesday 11:40AM - 12:15 PM New York, Eastern Time Can't wait
  5. I think the distribution is mainly directed toward partners and institutional buyers with restrictions to what they can sell. Concerning Ripple, obviously they won't use 1B each month, but it's the maximum available for them during this period, so let's say they use 200M, the unused 800M will be added to the end of the escrow queue in the form of an additional month-long contract, starting the process all over.
  6. HomoLudens what wallet do you use? Try to import your secret key in Gatehub or Rippex
  7. Recovery key and secret key are two different things. - Recovery key helps you recover your Gatehub account, you have to save it when you create your Gatehub account. - Secret key allows direct access to your fund, you can find it in "Advanced" on wallet page. Never store those keys on your computer or anything connected to the internet, print the keys. and always use an up-to-date antivirus.
  8. Not related but I think you can't withdraw XRP from bittrex to a non-activated wallet, that's weird.
  9. @HomoLudens try to send a smaller amount, maybe you're trying to spend wallet reserve & trust lines.
  10. 20 XRP always have to stay on the wallet and you can't withdraw that amount. 5 XRP is the amount per trust line (for example if you connected a trust line for BTC or USD) but you can remove trust lines.
  11. Hi @Wizzy4g it depends, what wallet do you use? Gatehub? If you use Gatehub and you verified your phone number they probably activated your wallet, you just have to add a trust line for bitcoin and generate a deposit bitcoin address. See this topic:
  12. Are you sure you need a destination tag when sending to Shapeshift? What the exchange status on the Shapeshift transaction page. Contact them if you're worried.
  13. Did you try to import your secret key in another wallet like Gatehub? Do you copy paste your secret key correctly with no space at the beginning or at the end, or a wrong characters (0 or O) Are you sure you didn't type your password in capital letters? Without local wallet password and secret key, I'm not sure how to access your funds.
  14. You can import your secret key in any wallet: Gatehub, Rippex Desktop wallet or an hosted wallet and move your funds from there. Note that you won't be able to withdraw each wallet reserve (20 XRP) + 5 XRP per trust line.
  15. Are you selecting the correct file in "Selected account file" Do you remember your password correctly? Secret key start with a s...