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  1. Paystring seems like a great concept: allowing you to send funds in a human readable form address between exchanges and wallets rather than relying on super long chain of characters prone to mistakes. Wish more people would talk about it and ask exchanges to support it. https://paystring.org/
  2. or a billboard on Time Square, or whatever, just have to get the community behind the idea and someone who stand up and run the project.
  3. Well, if you have a better idea, better than sittings on our asses being cooked by Gary.
  4. or pay for a cubesat mission, would make great coverage
  5. Not sure what to reply about the financial investment aspect, I've been in since 2013 so I've seen a lot, I agree with you whatever should happen will happen. About "there is not much we can do" => Sure there is not much we can do, except we can make noise. Make publicly heard that we are pissed about this, because currently barely any media have talked about this, not even to mention about the whole conflict of interest thing. Xrp holders should gatters order collectively a stone statue of Gensler and have it delivered in front of the SEC. (or something alike)
  6. We should as a community make a symbolic action that gets noticed by the media and get coverage, not sure what.
  7. I posted this yesterday: (please be polite if you post a comment)
  8. Also there should be a central place to collect all those documents and evidences to keep track of it, a wiki or something.
  9. The boring part being no one cares outside XRP community, journalists could not care less, not one doing investigations. No one eagger to sue ethereum foundation like there were constantly suing Ripple.
  10. Poloniex Exchange recently collected SGB (Songbird Network) tokens on the behalf of their customers for a total amount of: Songbird claim: 31.6M SGB (31,699,020.49378450722 SGB) https://bithomp.com/explorer/rwU8rAiE2eyEPz3sikfbHuqCuiAtdXqa2v https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/address/0xA910f92ACdAf488fa6eF02174fb86208Ad7722ba/transactions They have it in their own controlled wallet. Exchanges are not required to support airdrops but it is something not to participate in an airdrop and having the funds in their wallet collected on users' behalf (based on their holding) and keeping it for themselves. At the current price, it represents 6.2 million USD of SGB. Yet, the Poloniex Exchange platform has not announced plans to redistribute it to their customers, having collected the funds that rightfully come back to them, and keeping the fruition of it. You are concerned if you held a position in XRP on Poloniex at: 00:00 GMT on 12th December 2020. Please help us claim what is yours by contacting Poloniex at: https://support.poloniex.com/hc/en-us Ask them what is rightfully yours! Let's gather and have Poloniex distribute it, the XRP community should also consider all means possible to achieve this goal.
  11. If you self custody transactions cost is the same on the whole xrpl network. If you wanna hold you can create a paper wallet, if you lose secret key, you lose permanent access. You can buy an hardware wallet (ledger..) On mobile Xumm is great but it is only as secure as your phone and your other apps are.
  12. Ongoing and upcoming Research being funded & voted by token holders in the DAO: https://dao.vitadao.com/#/proposals Other potential application: https://vitadao.medium.com/a-new-financial-model-for-repurposing-off-patent-longevity-medicines-4483bdfc6773 If you want to deep dive: https://livelongerworld.substack.com/p/vitadao Check out their website: https://www.vitadao.com/ https://twitter.com/vita_dao Price Tracking: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/vitadao My friend baggy and I have been following this project, I would suggest people to take a look at it. They also have a great Discord channel.
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