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  1. I'll report spam if it helps. I would apply as a mod, but I doubt they choose the first person who applies. I don't think it's useful to send an email, I'm sure they are perfectly aware of it, there is a thread here and on the official forum. Anyway, thanks Sukrim for keeping the forum clean.
  2. When you withdraw from Polo to Bitstamp, could be Polo taking a long time to process the transaction not Bitstamp or maybe Bitstamp verify some transactions manually, idk. Cryptos are complicated anyway.
  3. Hope they don't miss potentially great employees. On the spam front: Several new posts already, you are being trolled.
  4. you can configure it
  5. Well, there is a "post approval" option in phpBB but then again, someone must approve the posts.
  6. Honestly, they would update phpBB, customised theme and install Google Recaptcha 2.0 (probably not compatible with the version they're running as we speak) it would filter a lot of bot accounts... They had Google Recaptcha 1.0 back then, but it's been a long time since bots figured how to solve captcha on this one. Or they can have someone from Ripple / community to manually clean the forum on a daily basis. I understand it's maybe not their top priority but you cannot even find legit threads among all thoses spams.. Btw Google also has an even newer version under dev:
  7. Anyway, this thread was not about recruiting, but about forum spam. Nikb replied here about no call back recruiting with @KarmaCoverage, @Haydentiff:
  8. Sure, but Sukrim is saying exactly the same.
  9. Don't clean it, if they don't care about it for months ............ Looks like you're not the only one they didn't answer after applying (or maybe that's you who left the review):
  10. or if you don't want to re-install the whole forum / captcha thing, appoint someone who can manage spam on a daily basis (I can) Two pages of spam on the general forum, it looks bad.
  11. Come on Nik, David, Vinnie or Rome Can someone take care of this? I think Sukrim is bored too.
  12. @kanaas I think Gatehub offered 50XRP even if you don't complete the all KYC procedure, maybe they should only fund KYC wallets. @enej No problem, maybe auto fund wallets once people completed KYC, thanks for the fast answer.
  13. I know GateHub used to auto fund all new wallets, maybe Enej ran out of XRP or people tried to game the system, but they don't anymore now. That wouldn't be a problem if you could deposit btc or make a bank deposit but you can't: I mean, come on you want to deposit let's say $10,000 and you have to find a way to activate the wallet?
  14. Works again! Just talking about me, I changed my ISP recently so nothing unusual.
  15. Welcome, I wonder how people use Ripple in 2017, I think most of them use exchanges, some use Gatehub. You cannot activate a wallet except with XRP, but then it's not as hard as before, you have services like shapeshift now, but you still have to know it.