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  1. media relations, public visibility
  2. I found the interview well prepared on both side and they talked about a lot of subjects. I really liked when they talk about total supply, new coins creation, and distribution certainty, important points imo. I think Miguel is saying at some point in the video "they hadn't had a real, like down and dirty markets person" (sorry if it's not the exact quote). At first I thought he was talking about a marketing person (English is not my native language so I'm not sure) but what Ripple really need too is a PR person / press contact.
  3. whatever, I liked the video.
  4. I think destination tag are only for deposit/whitdraw to/from gateways.
  5. You have to figure it's recorded from Google Hangouts or something like that.
  6. Lots of interesting stuff to read:
  7. by Ripple Admin Console, I think you are referring to Ripple Desktop Wallet? Rippex version is the most up-to-date I think, you can also try other versions:
  8. there is a weblink: Edit your post, and quote only some parts of the article.
  9. So let's say Vinnie is no longer with Ripple because of disagreements / a different vision for XRP, he shares his vision freely now, and give us a different point of view. I agree, we could use a Vitalik Buterin I guess, but his audience would still need to be defined: general public, crypto community, institutions or all of them. We could use better communication with the media and the group we wish to target, and stop wasting time on things we decided/saw doesn't work or cause troubles. About Vitalik it's also about the values he represents. Idk if they should go to "blockchain" conferences or other types of events in the domain they chose to be in but they can certainly do better at getting known. I agree, but I guess at some point not only individuals will be able to hold crypto (it's a grey area now?) + real world usage gives value I guess. Clearly not easy, XRP should demonstrate some serious advantages. They should choose who their main target is, what kind of advantages XRP has for the public/institutions or others. If their target is interested? What to do, why it's working or not working, apply radical changes if necessary. Agree I agree with transparency, to a certain point, I guess it's hard to find the proper mix. Maybe we can do both?
  10. did you left Ripple Vinnie? You use past tense on shoutbox and I don't see "Ripple Employee" on your profile anymore.
  11. No need for drama, it's nice to have an open conversation. Since XRP is a different kind of crypto why not target pensions fund, hedge fund (again random example and I have no financial knowlelge). And yes make radical changes to the protocol (but won't make a 20b mketcap as bitcoin yes ..) anyway I'moff to sleep
  12. More info? I agree with this, probably not on the conclusions, because when you say that I think institutions and making things compliant.
  13. I missed this, I agree !
  14. Again I don't see adoption by the general public alone.