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  1. If a private investor wants to buy 10M of XRP on the open market and later sell it, he can. Again, big investors who buy from Ripple or founders cannot do that (they can only sell small amounts at a time with strict limits).
  2. Never said otherwise, there are whales both buying and selling and probably trying to manipulate the price in their best interest, the thing is big investors who buy from Ripple or founders cannot do what they want and their sales are restricted.
  3. it's a good use case to provide liquidty, decrease spread and so on but you don't even need "new" money for that.
  4. Well it's potentially scary (even for old members) watching a wallet send millions of XRP to exchanges and the different threads / articles I saw was saying that it was a "whale" selling when obviously it's not. Even then it would not matter as long as there are sales restrictions (and we know there are). I don''t think market makers have a big impact on price, they do what they do, provide liquidity, take advantage of buy / sell sides between platforms.
  5. So everybody here and on Reddit thought there is some whale selling after someone tracked the wallets. But if you track some more, he sends XRP to different exchanges and then receive again tons of XRP on new wallets, not something someone selling XRP would do, so not sure, maybe it's a market maker or something like that. One of the wallets sending to exchanges: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rskcAQhZie8mB39FHuJuk1ZmBaF6RYZYNV and one of the wallets receiving XRP again: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rQJteJeKc3v7Vf3JZyYMaS9KMSAhmRzxDD Notice how the bitstamp.net, user: 16251624 is the same.
  6. edit: well actually if btc would moon it would be even better for the whole ecosystem
  7. Cuallix CFO on xRapid use

    what's the big deal if it's him or not we know cuallix use xrp anyway, why they would be ashamed about it
  8. Ripple and XRP

    a lot more, but we don't have the names. anyway yeah just searching moneygram + ripple, XRP is mentionned everywhere. At some point you'll have 100 majors corps using xrp and ppl who still don't want to see the reality will keep saying the same ********
  9. XRP Price

    can't talk for everyone but I just hodl look ethereum -17% and it was ath yesterday
  10. Need help activating my acc! :(

    idk if it still works like it used to but I know you could send btc to the hosted wallet without having the ripple wallet activated, but then you need to activate your ripple wallet to convert your btc.
  11. is it supposed to be coinbase? idk why people make all that noise about Coinbase, better list XRP on Nasdaq
  12. you could add some description Really great news
  13. Question for old school ripple holders

    you probably have trust lines you need to remove them first (each trust line cost 5 xrp)
  14. I'm sure someone is going to come and ask "does it use xrp" "does it use xrp" and even if you prove him he won't believe you or say ripple is different from xrp lol very good news btw
  15. Ripple: "The fundamental value of XRP"

    I would love that, and I wish we would decouplate from this bitcoin madness who might drive the whole cryptos down. I'm scared to hold any cryprocurrency because of that, I wouldn't mind a somewhat / somehow guaranteed price or at least guaranteed stability, I would put more money in XRP actually. But right now, bots maybe control the price up but when bitcoin go down, all alts (not just xrp) go down even more.