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  1. That just means your identity verification is pending, if you sent identity documents they need to verify them to let you deposit / withdraw USD or EUR. You can do pure crypto trading (excluding usd & eur) without sending those documents. If you have 50 XRP your wallet is already activated.
  2. Not sure which version you downloaded, Rippex version is pretty good. They have tutorials:
  3. I think they give an hosted wallet and need a destination tag, but I'm not sure. Anyway, don't keep big amount on an Android phone.
  4. If you did a wire transfer to Kraken and it has not been deposited to your account yet, contact their support. Gatehub offers a Ripple wallet (XRP not stored on Gatehub but directly on Ripple ledger) which needs 20 XRP to be activated, but yes it's dumb because they won't allow to use their service if you don't activate your wallet yourself. Btw this minimum amount is called "base reserve" and cannot be withdrawn or spent.
  5. I don't think he needs to do more research, I'm pretty sure people make several new accounts with 1 or 2 posts just for the purpose of spreading fud. Anyway, can't really say ethereum shine either today compared to ripple, all cryptos are correcting.
  7. but then on Kraken you can't convert your litecoin directly to XRP?
  8. Kraken (bank transfer) or Coinbase (credit card) to buy bitcoin & convert to XRP on any exchange website (Poloniex, Shapeshift, Bittrex..).
  10. No problem, I hope we do it correctly and our votes are counted.
  11. I also have this message, but I have no idea if I had it the first time I voted, I used google translator to translate it, it says: "Vote too often, please try again later"
  12. ok I think I have voted correctly. Here is a tutorial, you can edit your first post to add it: 1/ Download Wechat App on your phone (Android / iphone). 2/ Create a Wechat account. 3/ On your pc go to and scan QR code in the link from Wechat app. 4/ Click huobi account, click on your avatar image (top right corner of the screen) and then on Display History. 5/ Search for article dated 2017-07-05 named 【投票】火币网要上什么新币?听你的 ! 6/ Vote for Ripple. Vote guys
  13. Yes It's not easy as it look, I'm sure people will vote with proper tutorial. I downloaded Wechat app, scanned QR code on the page you linked, but not sure where to vote now. Do I need to create a Huobi account inside Wechat app?