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  1. Crypto Exchanges Must 'Grow or Die' https://www.coindesk.com/cinnober-immature-crypto-exchanges-bitstamp/
  2. I still hope that things that cannot be quoted or discussed on reddit (quotes from a berkeley researcher and from a stern professor that was also heard on senate this week) can still be discussed here, even if I'm not longer here.
  3. whatever, close this thread, I like this place and don't want to be a pain.
  4. Some things are really wrong here, how do you know this is my account
  5. not only just good topics, you cannot discuss any sensitive issue
  6. Hi, I was banned (permaban) from https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/ by "nvok" moderator. My account was some years old, 0 warning, just a permanent ban simply for talking about the subject of security. Did anyone else get banned on this subbreddit and feel like it was unjustified?
  7. nobody knows here anyway, even lawyers and stuff I read on twitter don't know
  8. who knows.. not sure why they woke up to etherdelta after all this time
  9. can we stop with crap articles, this article quote an other article that quote an another crap article from september that we already discussed.
  10. yes probably, and then he re create one more
  11. your identical topic two hours ago was deleted https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/28651-i-expect-collaboration-of-ripple-and-r3/
  12. You should post those topics in "Alt-Coins and General Fintech" subforum, it's nice to speculate but you could also say it has Stellar/xlm all over it.
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