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  1. 1qtboye

    Total in escrow changed ?

    escrow is held for enterprises ie, banks or MM or otherpatnerships they make deals with. They will sell or give the xrp to them from the escrow.
  2. This news is fake news until uphold makes an official announcement.
  3. They have 12000 members. Nothing major exciting about that but progress is good.
  4. the first couple of words are the best " By the end of 2018, it was revealed".........................um, we are just in the year 2018 so how the hell is it by the END. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. Just sit back and wait, it sucks but it's better than watching paint dry i guess......................lol, some may actually watch paint dry at this point i must say hahahaha
  6. This is absolutely ridiculous, SBI clearly has no path or game plan in the near future since they want to go in house last minute on opening an exchange, well, at least we have an answer, and don't have to wait on the sidelines waiting daily for when they may go live. Maybe a year or two from now.
  7. 1qtboye

    Gain Capital Will Announce Derivates Ripple

    Thank you very much Sir
  8. 1qtboye

    Gain Capital Will Announce Derivates Ripple

    This is just some news from a random website, i have looked on the GAIN website and it does not mention this anywhere. Sorry but unless there is a credible source confirming this, its FAKE NEWS!!!!!
  9. I would take this with a grain of salt as they had mentioned in Jan that xrp would be added in Feb.
  10. Unfortunately there are zero stable crypto currencies. This does not exist at all with the top 10 coins. Sorry but with volatility so high this is debunked.
  11. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-06/watch-live-sec-cftc-talk-crypto-oversight-senate-banking-committee
  12. this is why i don't post sh!t, not only is it posted everywhere i am re posting when trying to take it down. FML
  13. sorry about that trying to take it down