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  1. you wont hold your keys- it is not your crypto you will be "earning" interest on. If there's a "hack" its gone. If there's a market crash and you feel the need to sell before further losses, what's the promise of the Uphold site being active during this time for you to move your funds? Seems like you're introducing multiple levels of risk for a 2% return....
  2. some people will believe anything if it lines up with their hopes or view of the world ?
  3. it's going back down when BTC goes back down. Don't FOMO buy. Before you bash I'm a supporter of XRP since late July 2017. Edit: BTC will be visiting the $2,800 - $3,500 range sooner than you think. Market enforcement is finally gaining some teeth
  4. They're still bleeding out R3 in court with legal extensions of the proceedings. This SHOULD force a more agreeable settlement for Ripple if they decide to take Option B (Option A is fight it all and counter for damages)
  5. FSS = Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan . Eugene Sullivan is reportedly on an advisory board to one of Tether's banks.... Questions to ask: Why is the "report" addressed to no one? Why is it signed by no one? Why do they claim Attorney - Client Priv. and then...disclose something which should be protected by att/cl priv? It still isn't an audit..... it's a "hey look at this account, does it say 2 billion + ? OK, thanks!!" We've seen this before with Tether..
  6. BTC to $3,500 - $5,500 range for the foreseeable future. Pre-USDT injection prices.
  7. Recent fee "plunge" coincided with decreased network traffic compared to the BTC ATH. I think there is a stronger correlation there than you give credence to.. Still costs more to settle a transaction.
  8. Question: Could #TeamRipple chose to distribute some of their XRP holdings (let's say 800,000XRP/8,000 nodes = 100 XRP) to individuals running Validator Nodes for the sake of improving liquidity? My thoughts are that it would be a mutually beneficial exchange . The node operators get to keep the XRP gifted to them in appreciation for their involvement with a terrific project, and for Ripple: It would further incentivize node creation Would assist Ripple's distribution/decentralization efforts Benefit ILP goals Bonus Question: What would be considered a "critical mass" for the total # of nodes Ripple needs to reach their optimum distribution goals?
  9. Can someone who is smarter (probably better looking too) pin a thread in which we can all track new XRP accounts which receive large deposits (say over 2 million), Have transfers from KNOWN Ripple Labs Wallets, OR begin to have a volume of transfers over "X" amount on a routine basis? If not that's cool too - I'll just go eat some more unhealthy food
  10. @strikerjax I agree and posted similar about 2 hours ago in another topic.
  11. https://coinflashapp.com/googlebot.html?coin=Ripple
  12. It's a challenge (and thus a learning opportunity) It familiarizes you with many of the moving parts Ripple has on the ILP (wanna work for Ripple when they are worth a few Trillion dollars? Might as well start here) It helps continue the trend towards a very decentralized digital asset.
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