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  1. Here we are, October 26th, 2018 and the price of XRP is down to 45 cents (all of crypto has fallen heavily this yer, some altcoins have lost as 95% of there ATH). With that said, the market has been quite resilient for the last couple of months and XRP bounced from 28 cents to 80 cents, finally settling at around 45 cents for weeks now. Now, i'm not a believer in the $589 hype, but just as someone else pointed out to you, XRP increased more than 30,000% in 2017, most of which you can squeeze down into a two month chunk of time, with zero help from banks or institutional investors (it was pure hype and speculation). If xRapid takes off, combined with other use cases that are being worked on, the sky is the limit. Add to that the possibility of XRP overtaking Bitcoin as a store of value - who knows where we go from here. The SEC could just as easily determine XRP to be a security and drive the price back down to one cent (this outcome is sounding less and less likely).
  2. For sure. If you own a business, it is completely up to the owner of the business which product you showcase, and which you don't. Typically, you go for the products that offer the best returns.
  3. Those rules were written by coinbasae/GDAX, they can be changed/updated anytime, by coinbase/GDAX.
  4. SBI has already stated (and tweeted) that they are all in on XRP. In fact, the CEO of SBI tweeted exactly that,
  5. It is in the USA! Also don’t forget about the 900 million XRP transfer that was spotted on Ripples ledger a few days ago. That is a 600 million dollar XRP transfer. Who was it. What was it for.
  6. AirBnB is totally a household name. Or at least, in the USA, AirBnB is a household name.
  7. Except, this 'news' was only shared among the XRP community. There was NO media write-up about this transaction (yet). So the price will not be effected until the news is leaked to the rest of the crypto community. The XRP community is already invested!
  8. @JoelKatz - Can you enlighten us as to your thoughts regarding this 900 million XRP transaction? It is the talk of the town at the moment.
  9. HELL no! If it is Amazon, or anything close to an 'Amazon', the current price will not come close to the price after the news. Not even Bitcoin can boast an Amazon. A deal with Amazon would be a shift in crypto. XRP would become a household name, and we all know what happens when a crypto becomes a household name!
  10. Here is the live stream: https://ripple.com/insights/ask-anything-brad/
  11. either way, David Schwartz said 'household names', so no matter what, it WILL BE a big deal.
  12. Your videos are great for the info you provide, but your technical analysis lack skills (not being mean, but you really dont have the skills to be analyzing charts).
  13. David is obviously kidding, because he knows that there is no way in hell XRP can ever get to $100. His last maximum speculation was $20 per coin. $100 per coin multiplied by 38 billion. Do the math.
  14. People need to quit saying 'XRP wont be used'. Of course it will, given time. For one, it saves the bank an additional 30% (above and beyond the 30% saved by using Ripple), but more importantly, it eliminates the need for banks to keep nostro/vostro accounts in every country that they wish to do business (banks need money in other countries so that accounts can be debited/credited when customers send money. With XRP, banks no longer need that money, which amounts to billions of dollars in capital for larger banks, and millions of dollars for smaller banks). That money sits dormant, but now, with XRP, they can spend that money elsewhere. So why in the world would ANY bank choose NOT to use XRP. It makes no sense at all.
  15. Bought this from Amazon and will wear it with pride! Note: I paid real money for this shirt. I am not the manufacturer and have nothing to do with the people who make these shirts. I am showing my support for XRP, not the maker of these shirts.
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