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  1. Eric has already said he considers BTC a 2/10 risk factor, while XRP is closer to 10/10. He likes XRPs chances, but thinks BTC is a safer bet right this minute
  2. A lot of people on Reddit subs are saying alt season is here. It’s definitely pumping, but some are equating it to late 2017 already. If it’s already 2017 equivalent I dunno what I’ve been waiting for. I couldn’t think of anything worse than one more month of pumping then a crash and bear market for 3 years. Surely this is more late 2016 / early 2017?
  3. @Eric123 any thoughts on Ethereums movement and potential price goal by the end of bull run?
  4. I don’t think you read my comment at all. What I said was it’s often been spoken about as though the axe will fall tomorrow. But at this stage there’s no evidence to imply this doomsday scenario will occur.
  5. This tether controversy was being spoken about 3 years ago as though it was a bomb waiting to go off then. It’s potentially a problem, but I don’t think it’s damocles sword hanging over the world of crypto.
  6. I know how to use words real good and my edumacation was real expensive like
  7. I’ve just checked back in after a couple of months and good to see things are moving well. I needed a break from crypto during the down turn in August. Onwards and upwards
  8. woah. Right-o. I use to chat with Ed a bit and I based my comment on someone who had said they’d been told by him. I wasn’t intentionally trying to shoot in the dark.
  9. From what I’ve heard dr Ed left because he needed to cash out and move money else where
  10. Just bought back in a small position. Interested to see which way it goes.
  11. Haha I think I’m picking up what you’re putting down.
  12. Such a definitive comment for a username that sounds undecided 😉
  13. Pretty solid jump on BTC above $10K. Some big buys being made, then straight down again.
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