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  1. Ive read gold stocks have gone up since this Iran stuff has been going down this last few days. Is bitcoin acting in a similar way as a result?
  2. @Molten not a bad idea. I’ve had the same thoughts recently too. I think the journey to the price I’m hoping for will be a lot longer regularly checking. I just worry I might miss the rocket and have it crash before I check back in.
  3. @baobeiiiii Walmart initially got some price movement, what’s really really gotten investors excited is the Chinese government officially support vechain. It’s being used to track exports between China and the EU. Countless other brands major brands are on boarded or in the process. Potentially vaccine tracking. there are literally too many deals to list that validate vechains ecosystem. It’s way bigger than Walmart
  4. @Molten @Tinyaccount if it’s any cold comfort from my first visit to the XRP Reddit yesterday users were commenting in the daily thread how they’ve ignored googo. It’s odd though - on reddit googo comes off as some XRP zealot. Not so snipey.
  5. I’m so red that right now there’s almost no difference being at .21 and 0. I bought at such the wrong the time and had zero subsequent fiat to DCA. I believe in XRP in the long run, but any potential profit I’ll make at this point will be a nice surprise, as opposed to an expectation.
  6. On a side note as time goes on I do feel like there is more merit to the idea we are still on a draw down in price from going from 0.006 to nearly $4. Might be unpopular, but when you look at where it started being at .21 is still quite a few multiples.
  7. Theres a difference between chaos theory which weather is based on than market sentiment. The influence a mood can have on a market can completely change the direction. If you’re willing to accept bull runs which up until this point have been based on market sentiment. You need to accept that price will also bottom out based on sentiment. You can scream into the window, but it won’t change its direction.
  8. It’s amazing. Literally on Friday though I thought VET had run out of puff, then boom! Edit: meant to quote @ManBearPig, not myself. Not that egotistical.
  9. Eeek thanks for the heads up. I will check with an a crypto accountant (surely they’re a thing now?). I had assumed the tax event only occurred once exchanged back to fiat.
  10. @jMusic haha I am in no danger of turning a profit with XRP. The price will need to be nearly $2 before I even break even. Ironically I would have a more substantial stack if I sold at current prices. Used the tax write off / refund to then buy back a more substantial pile of XRP. My main tax plan if say VET rockets to $1 in the next 3 months (extreme example I know) and I was not confident in it holding that price, I’d move it to tether and hold that for 12 months rather than cash out. In Australia if you cash out within 12 months you have to pay 30% tax on profits. 12 months or more you only have to pay 15%
  11. I tend to keep away from trading for two reasons, I think I’d lose more often than getting it right. And also tax reasons. I get a 50% discount on the tax owed if I’ve owned an asset for more than 12 months. My original thinking was the second half of this year was when we’d get out of the trough of sorrow and actually start appreciating again. I think I may have been more ambitious if I knew the timeline would be extending well into 2020.
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