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  1. Use your Crypto to buy Amazon gift cards buy groceries avoid the whole fiat scenario? As far as record keeping.. I mean big exchanges like Coinbase, GDAX, maybe Kraken? But Shapeshift, Changlley? Heck.. my records say I bought BCH at $19k and sold at $10k.. it's a loss man. What's your IRS record say? Oh right. You don't have one but I do. Still the wild west until these exchanges all have to follow by the same rules. And the guy cashing out to Fiat for $1000 every so often is not going to be the target like the person cashing out millions which would gather attention. Think RIAA times folks. Download 1 song? Or get the regular Joe who had 5000 plus songs illegally downloaded to set an example? I keep the best records I can given the crappy tech of tracking it. Buy BCH sent to GDAX, send to Shapeshift, convert to XRP, back to Toast. Really? Good luck with that.
  2. What I guess I mean given I'm so new to this.. Is that a method to stop payment or anything to that matter is a good thing gateways or otherwise. Being traceable and such. I didn't see whatever the report was getting at to be a negative in my mind.
  3. Interesting I guess ... good to read everything on both sides. Most of it focused on the "divorce" of key party players. That's not really news. Every major corp had that. FB went thru it and came out ahead. People disagreeing on the future is normal. Moving forward.. I think XRP has a place in this nutty world of crypto that hasn't truly matured. No one coin will solve it all. If you want 100% privacy, Bitcoin sure isn't it. That means there's room for other forms of "currency" or things to exchange. If you want compliance and hope Banks and other reputable institutions will adopt.. you best have things like a freeze in place and be regulatory compliant. That's a good thing. I doubt any Bank will use any decentralized crypto that can't be traced or locked. Goes against the AML that is place on all major operating banks in the United States. XRP has this going for them. Joe and Jane Crypto may hate it but a Bank won't. Fees matter.. I like the concept of Bitcoin but quit using it as it's stupid to pay somebody $20 P2P for drinks and another $20 in network fees because the system is loaded. It's clearly not a peer to peer system. I don't know what it is exactly. XRP has lot of options really. It could be a currency. You and I could agree dinner was 100 XRP. Move from P2P. Banks can use it. Decent report. It didn't change my mind but I guess owning XRP myself I'm already biased to think there's something here that is only getting better month by month.
  4. I use them. Moved all my buys of XRP from Kraken to it. FAST as hell. Do I trust them? I trust the community. And I don't trust them any less than half these jenky exchanges.
  5. Damn it you mean I have to report all my proceeds from this weekends garage sale too?
  6. @ML933 I got Tier 3 and thought "Oh boy now I can do wire transfers!" A few errors.. hmmm.. opened a ticket. Escalated the ticket. They said their needed a copy of my SSN card. Nope. Bailed I have a Tier 3 account and do not use them.
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