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  1. Problem is, who's to say that the government won't implement something in the code of xrp that starts with say: Mr. Plank is a suspected terrorist, so we'll freeze all his accounts so he can't conduct terrorism anymore. Taking that a step further: Mr. Beer loves drinking beer but it's really bad for him and his doctor recommended he stop, so we'll prevent him from using his xrp at a beer store. To finally something like: Candidate A is a political opponent of those in power, we'll freeze/hack his account and take away his purchasing power and come up with some excuse. I know I'm being
  2. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/fedcoin-could-be-coming-soon-would-it-really-challenge-bitcoin/ Watch "Doug Casey - Final Warning for America - The FEDCOIN" on YouTube The YouTube video is pretty long, but is a great listen on us economics and the possibility of FEDcoin. Basically, fedcoin would probably be the worst thing to happen to personal privacy and freedom because now, your every purchase is tracked and possibly controlled. As much as I love xrp and ripple, I hope they don't go down this path. I'm not keen on enslaving the rest of the world to make a buck.
  3. Excuse me if this is a dumb question, but I'm having difficulty grasping the difference between payments and liquidity. For example, if I sent money to someone in Japan because I wanted to pay for something, that would require the payments solution, i.e. use xCurrent? If that's the case, then how is that different from the liquidity solution? Doesn't my sending a payment require my usd be converted to yen? Isn't that what the liquidity is all about? I don't see the difference here! Someone plz explain like I'm 5!! Thx!
  4. This is an old video (dated 12/16/18) I just came across on YouTube, but it seems interesting. Could this news have been the catalyst for xrp' s dramatic rise?
  5. Do you know something we don't? The scammer title is a pretty serious one to throw around.
  6. Sorry bad title. I'm super new to this site and this app I'm using.
  7. For those of you who believe xrp will reach $50+, how do you get your numbers? So I did a quick search and found this. Approximately 1.25 quadrillion is transferred every year through swift. Let's assume that ripple completely replaces swift, so now ripple is worth 1.25 quadrillion. Divide that by 100 billion ripple and you get 12.5. Shouldn't that be the price of ripple? Am I calculating this wrong?
  8. Hey guys, I'm wondering how I would go about setting up a SECURE ripple wallet. I know that I can go to bithomp and create a wallet there, but it just seems kind of shady because it's not from the official ripple homepage - in other words, how do I know that the address and key generated by bithomp isn't some previously made up wallet, which the developers or whomever is behind bithomp can take back anytime they want? I currently have a wallet but I'm having some very serious doubts about the safety and security of it. Thank you all for helping this newbie out!
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