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    ringer2 reacted to Staigera in XRP sales are "negligible amounts compared to our other funding" says CTO   
    If you want to belive people are being paid to post fud about xrp by all means be my guest.
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    ringer2 got a reaction from XRP_to_20dollars in The "HODL to $100 Club"   
    @jasil was more right than most gave him credit for. 
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    ringer2 reacted to Viggo in The "HODL to $100 Club"   
    Not far now gentlemen  !! $100 is within reach. Happy New Year. 
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    ringer2 reacted to Tinyaccount in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
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    ringer2 reacted to mrhat75 in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    Crypto is still too young and difficult for the average person. I could see it falling in the class of precious metals or gold (which has zero utility funny enough) if driven properly over the next 5-10 years.
    I'm no economic expert. I strongly disagree with the doom and gloom that people preach. I don't think that government debt and inflation are necessarily bad things...government debt is not like personal debt and the numbers are a paper dragon. Recessions are completely normal and don't mean the world is ending or that this financial system is ending.
    My experience in life has shown me that the answer is almost always in the middle. Therefore anything too alarmist or too extreme on either side is something that I don't take too seriously.
    Those are my .02 because so many people in crypto also love acting like the sky is falling.
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    ringer2 reacted to mrhat75 in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    If there is a financial crisis, no one will ever very trust the banks again....
    I think they will.
    Nobody will flock to crypto of all things when there is another recession (which happen and are all normal by the way)
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    ringer2 reacted to Xill in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    If tomrrow there is a financial crisis (and I think it's coming) people will buy gold silver and bitcoin.
    BTC is slow, in that case it will take i guess a week for 1 damn confirmation. also high fee's. there will be demand for a faster, low fee asset.
    XLM is a good choice. It fulfills the demand and also no one has 50b of it in escrows. In XRP case it is horrible. it will give the criminals at the IMF and FED access to do what they have been doing for years. Printing money. Inflating. The middle and poor class are the one who pay their criminal activites. If it keeps this way, We will never be able to buy a house. We will not be able to own a car. We will be slaves. because of their money printing and QE's
    if there is a financial crisis no one will ever trust the banks again. this is the purpose of crypto. XRP should burn their escrows. im not talking on the short term!
    escrows are a crime. stealing money no matter how you look at it.
    important one
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    ringer2 got a reaction from Caracappa in Haha where are the hodlers now   
    It’s definitely going lower. 
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    ringer2 reacted to aye-epp in Yes I’m Still Here   
    These hyper-specific examples of hindsight are hilarious to me. Pointing out Apple, after they have been wildly successful, does not indicate anything when predicting the future.
    How many other companies that were similar to Apple, failed? How many third co-founders had 10% that ended up not even able to buy gasoline for their old car?
    People love to glamorize the exceptions but fail to note that it's not anywhere close to a true representation of the entire landscape/risk.
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    ringer2 reacted to Sharkey in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    OK, here's my guess:  On January 23, 2021, XRP will be worth $2.27 USD or 0.00005031BTC.  
    Just kidding, no clue, really, but I'm not waiting around for "a miracle or for XRP to be used by 50% of the players in the cross border payments field."
    If you think you (or we) are holding "gold," then, great for you to believe this, I guess.  We can indulge in any number of fantasies about some future price, but we all know that it's nothing more than pure guessing at this point.  Adding another variable like a date ("What will XRP be worth on _____ ?") is even more speculative, IMHO.  
    So much will need to evolve further, and perhaps there will be some wild card factors we can't control or perhaps even fully imagine, with the impact of regulation certainly being one such factor.  In the words of JK that are so often quoted by the moonboys from that ancient reddit post, "It all depends how big you want to dream."  
    All anyone can do at this point is guess and/or dream.
    From the way things seem to be going currently, my very uneducated guess is that we won't see much upward price movement for at least another year or so, if then, although I acknowledge that this could change suddenly, especially if a number of world events were to occur in perfect harmony to catalyze adoption of crypto in general our XRP specifically.  But probably not likely...
    As is evident from the ghost town vibe on this site and others, it seems that most people have opted for a reasonable course of action and have decided to live their real lives rather than spending too much energy guessing at some vague and ethereal future price of an asset that most of the world doesn't even know about yet.  I think that's a good thing to consider.  
    So, wishing you a nice holiday season and a good 2020, with lots of real-life enjoyment and rewarding experiences!  
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    ringer2 reacted to mrhat75 in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Of course. I just think that some people have crazy delusions about what XRP really is. Galgitron does a nice job on THAT here: http://galgitron.net/Post/The-Bionic-XRP
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    ringer2 got a reaction from Viggo in Yes I’m Still Here   
    I’ve been in XRP for over two years. I was never one of the BGs or  permabears in here and caught a ton of flack for it. Now, I thought we’d be at least in the couple dollar range by now. But now I see this quite possibly going sub .10. I’m not getting out but I’m certainly not putting any new money in it. I’ve sold to rebuy as it drops because I still think there is a chance it turns bullish again but i‘m not holding my breath.  
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    ringer2 reacted to fatlever in Yes I’m Still Here   
    "It's not a loss until you sell!"  I swear to god people in crypto have the stupidest belief system and logic when it comes to investing and that is why it is really bad to listen to any advice on this here or any crypto boards.  Warren Buffet doesn't say, it's not a profit until I sell.  This belief that it's not a loss until you sell is usually a sign you're chasing sunk cost and are delusional that you really haven't lost anything yet.   A stocks value is a stocks value.  If I bought Amazon stock in 2006 for $45 and now it's worth $1,700, the value is $1,700.  You don't say it's not a gain until I sell.  If I bought MoneyGram stock in 2006 for $245 and now it's worth $2.50 the value is $2.45.  My $242.50 is gone! I don't say "it's not a loss until I sell."
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    ringer2 reacted to 7strings in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Fixed it for ya
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    ringer2 reacted to Malloy in Key XRP metrics (2018 - 2019):   
    volume up...price down...good for Bears...not so much for Bulls...
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    ringer2 reacted to Archbob in My timeline for XRP   
    No, it really doesn't and if they make an ESDR, it won't be XRP based. They already discussed this numerous times. It'll be backed by the digital fiats of various G-20 nations.
    The SDR is only used to bail out poor countries or help out 3rd world development, its not some kind of one world currency.
    The whole pre-allocation theory/everything is under NDA stuff is made up by desperate investors trying to justify why XRP is falling in price when the reason is pretty simple, there's just very little demand, like every other crypto.
    The same people who perpetrate these theories are the exact same ones that have basically gotten every prediction wrong and still point back to the failed phoenix economist cover whose prediction in 2018 was already a flop.
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    ringer2 reacted to KevClem in Moneygram ODL but highest fees?   
    Greed, stupidity or both.
    Just because they have reduced costs in the back end, doesn't mean they will pass these on to the consumer.
    It could also be the case that ODL isn't providing the level of savings Ripple would have everyone believe.
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    ringer2 got a reaction from dr_ed in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    This +1000
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    ringer2 reacted to Spekul8 in Good luck to you all   
    I am sorry I do not "live" on this forum...I have other businesses actually to run. 
    And why am I a jerk? Another guy comes here with the "buy now" and other brilliant "If I did not sell, I am not a loser"...You are not tired of the same nonsense for years and years that led many people here down the road of broke!? No Sir, not a jerk. I am the one trying to save people their hard-earned capital telling them not to average down and stop buying.  
    What is the alternative? Join the same old "$25 is coming?" sell hope?  It's 18 cents!!! 95% of the people would have been better off not touching this at all. 
    Everyone thinks that there is someone who knows more than others (FOMO), and in reality, everyone is just at a loss of how low this technology can sink to...and still sinking.  
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    ringer2 reacted to LAH in Be cautious with your buy orders   
    XRP at any price below .50 is a steal.
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    ringer2 reacted to aye-epp in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    You mean you didn't do research on other competitors before crowning XRP as "only crypto to be used in real world" ?
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    ringer2 reacted to dr_ed in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    You don't get out much, do you?            
    Look, I have lots of enthusiasm about the long term prospects for XRP, but there already are a number of coins with excellent use cases and a few are already demonstrating real world utility. So I have to disagree with that claim. Might have been true in 2017, but not now.
    A few thing worth remembering.
    XRP does not give you any equity in Ripple.
    Ripple success is key to XRP's short term prospects for success, but Ripple could succeed and XRP hodlrs are not necessarily guaranteed huge returns.
    I do expect excellent returns but there are many unknowns, and there is a time factor here that matters. 2020 needs to see XRP start to find a  value imho.
    And, for serious investors there is an opportunity loss with stranding capital in an asset that is making no return or a negative return.
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    ringer2 got a reaction from tony71 in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    Optimism has been taking body blows for some time. 
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    ringer2 got a reaction from Sponger101 in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    Well, that’s not entirely true. ETH and a few others are currently used. Even CSC will be used shortly. But 1) there is no guarantee that use will continue and 2) there is no guarantee usage does much to price.  
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    ringer2 got a reaction from dr_ed in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    Well, that’s not entirely true. ETH and a few others are currently used. Even CSC will be used shortly. But 1) there is no guarantee that use will continue and 2) there is no guarantee usage does much to price.  
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