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    ringer2 reacted to XRPto50dollars in Ripple's employees dumping their stash?   
    conclusions shouldnt be formed at all during this stage. who are we to draw conclusions? many people still focus on daily candles as 'signs' of things to come; yet alone try to interpret what youre asking.
    people 'drew conclusions' during the Chinese new year fiasco last year, remember that? nothing came of it.
    what about the conclusions people drew when Ripple first released the 'unfolded blockchain logo' (below). people were transposing it onto world maps, saying it fits inside the middle east and that it was a 'clue' that Ripple was going to release fantastical news soon. it turned out to just be a box.

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    ringer2 reacted to Spekul8 in Ripple's employees dumping their stash?   
    If an employee of a company that worked there for years and saw his/her XRP go from 4 cents to $3.00 and crash back to 30 cents, he/she is just as concerned as anyone else.   They are humans, and they have no superpowers predicting the markets. If they sold, moved on, or just want to take some off the table, good for them, and they owe NO ONE an explanation including Joel. F ridiculous people ask him over Twitter for an explanation!
    The biggest risk to XRP is not the employees of  Ripple selling XRP, or Joel or Ripple advancement, but Bagholders who put in more than they can afford to lose/risk hanging their entire life on the delusion of prices that have no basis in real life.  Slowly the market will bleed them out with lower prices, move them to a different currency, or they will just have to pay the bills. Then, XRP will go up.  XRP is not there to make the masses rich, or this entire forum.  There will be no Vegas parties, only a few select individuals that had the stomach for this gut-wrenching game. 
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    ringer2 reacted to IAmATroll in Ripple's employees dumping their stash?   
    I'm good friends with JoelKatz.  He told me that he lost faith in XRP, so he moved some of his bag to Coinbase so that he can buy BTC.  Then he plans to transfer that BTC to Binance and buy some BCHSV before they delist it.  He is a huge supporter of Satoshi's vision.
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    ringer2 reacted to at3n in Make predicting a little more FUN!   
    It goes without saying that any new service that pops up like this should be analysed carefully to work out how likely it is to be a scam. As feedback to you @eXRPe, and a WARNING to everyone else, the following gives me concern about the site. If it's not a scam, then hopefully you can address these without any problem:
    1. As I posted on your other thread, there is no XRP/USD pair on Binance. There's USDT, TUSD and USDC. Your site makes regular reference to Binance, but only ever links to the home page, not to any particular chart. As it happens, there is a chart here: https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/ripple that gives a "Global" value for XRPUSD, but that's using a Tradingview chart, and is not a reference to a Binance pair. When the entire premise of your operation seems to be based on something that doesn't exist, this is extremely concerning!
    2. A lot of the wording of the attention-grabbing headlines, and the graphics on the site come across quite scammily, in my opinion. They're sensationalist, designed to get people to FOMO. Comes across as trying to entice gullible people in as quickly as possible.
    3. The "reviews": same sort of thing, all trying to convince the reader that XRP is about to take off, without any actual substance to them. And including the supposed employer along with the reviewer's name - does not seem like a thing that a legitimate business would do, as it suggests an endorsement by these companies(which you clearly don't have).
    4. The social media links at the bottom of the page just link back to the your own website, i.e. you don't seem to have a social media presence. But then why include the social media images at all? Answer: because it makes the page look more legit to people who aren't being so careful.
    5. The company name and registration number... This is the company that you claim to be: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10259277, which appears to be a dormant civil engineering company? Seems suspicious, but maybe there's an explanation?
    So, @eXRPe, there's my honest feedback: the content of the site makes it look like it's a scam.
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    ringer2 reacted to Gorgalosk in How much XRP to hold longterm?   
    As much as possible while being comfortable with your investment?
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    ringer2 reacted to Julian_Williams in Consolidation before Accumulation before Bull Run   
    He seems to be saying there will be a gradual build up that will take 2-3  years.  He also says you cannot predict ATH, but somehow he thinks he can predict where we are now.  Actually predicting timing is always luck although the patterns look obvious with hindsight. 
    He may be right. We may be in an equivalent to 2015.  It is a good probability amongst a range of probabilities.
    TA is a cold game of using old patterns to make prediction about the future.  Life is a series of events that makes the coolest predictive analysis unreliable.
    I think events are building in the system, especially in the XRP system.   My bets are that today's situation is not analogous with 2015/16 and that there are new catalysts that will set the markets on fire earlier than this guy predicts. But we are all second guessing the future.
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    ringer2 reacted to Plikk in What if we are still at $1 in May   
    Regulation is the opposite of manipulation. You guys are talking about manipulating the price of XRP to certain people’s agenda’s. I am getting a little fed up of this conspiracy talk without presenting solid facts, that is getting quite old imho. 
    Anyone can shout the price is manipulated  downwards or to be ‘stable’ and people will believe it because they are disgruntled and looking for a reason their money is ‘gone’.
    Sure, manipulation is around and in times it is clearly visible. But to claim a mysterious ‘they’ can control the price as much as they want is utter nonsense. There is no valid proof to back that up other than claiming all kinds of things and pointing towards the big bad old conspiracy theory, which is usually accompanied by coincidences disguised as facts. 
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    ringer2 got a reaction from Raekwon in If you honestly don’t believe that XRP’s price can go beyond $5-$10 what is your motivation for posting in here   
    1.  I’d be thrilled with any investment that gave me the 500-1500% returns that a $5-10’xrpmwohld give me. Why would a $5 XRP be a sign I don’t believe in XRP?
    2. I’ve stated on here I think XRP will reach $25-75 in 5 years.  That’s an AWESOME return. I’d take that every time. 
    3. Never said $100+ wasn’t possible, just unlikely. 
    4. My only comments on here that are viewed as negative continue to be over the issue of supply. I continue to make the argument that supply affects price, or relative price if you will, in every circumstance. 
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    ringer2 got a reaction from LetHerRip in 100k stuck since 2018   
    So I am free to take a $100!fron your wallet when you aren’t looking because I’m “trying to survive”? Don’t be ridiculous. 
    This isn’t even worth arguing with you over. 
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    ringer2 reacted to SaladFingers in Market needs to be cleansed of Chinese Scams   
    How is NEO a scam...?
    Surely Ethereum is too then... but only scams a fraction of the amount of people per second...
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    ringer2 got a reaction from tev in 100k stuck since 2018   
    So I am free to take a $100!fron your wallet when you aren’t looking because I’m “trying to survive”? Don’t be ridiculous. 
    This isn’t even worth arguing with you over. 
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    ringer2 reacted to Spekul8 in 100k stuck since 2018   
    Stop arguing with him. His friend pays nothing in electricity in la la land. 
    By the way, I have an alien friend who told me that he hooked up directly to the sun, and he produces 100 BTCs a day. He Says that the intergalactic council wants to raise the price of the sun so he is looking for alternatives in the black hole. 
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    ringer2 got a reaction from Plikk in 100k stuck since 2018   
    So I am free to take a $100!fron your wallet when you aren’t looking because I’m “trying to survive”? Don’t be ridiculous. 
    This isn’t even worth arguing with you over. 
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    ringer2 reacted to Eric123 in 100k stuck since 2018   
    I don't know anyone that is making money on mining unless they have upgraded all their equipment to the new 28 TH machines and even they haven't made their money back yet.  So you're plan was to invest with someone who is stealing tens of thousands of $ in electricity.  Why not just rob a bank then,  no investment and very high return and just about the same odds you'll end up in jail next to the guy with the AMG.
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    ringer2 reacted to xSODAx in VERY convincing TA showing XRP breaking ATH by September   
    Thois example shows how TA isn't working. Forget it....
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    ringer2 reacted to Xrylite in VERY convincing TA showing XRP breaking ATH by September   
    Humans try to find a pattern in everything.
    The problem is that the flow of crypto in 2015/2016 is entirely different form the flow today; it is independent and doesn't rely on the data from then. The expansiveness of news; the amount of tokens on the market; the growth and partnerships of Ripple; the barrier of entry to make purchases. It sounds great to find something to incite hope, but you can't just scale and size a chart until you find a pattern that matches now.
    I'm all-in long-term, so it's not that I'm trying to shoot down XRP. I just can't find comfort in predicting the future based on the patterns from years ago. If it were this simple, people would burn every bit of income they have to catch the next burst. However, not everyone can profit the same.
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    ringer2 reacted to mrhat75 in XRP Price Prediction: Unending Upsurge Could Land Coin on $0.6 by May 2019   
    That's quite a bit short of my $589 calculation. Maybe I should go make up a blog post too
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    ringer2 reacted to Elysium2030 in New Prediction Game for the 4 quarters of 2019, please write your prediction.   
    Five years? If that's enough.
    Don't forget that the cryptobubble burst at the beginning of 2018. Years, if not decades, will pass before the market recovers.
    For comparison: The Nasdaq 100 had around 4500-4700 points at the height of the American DotCom bubble, then everything burst and the index was not even 2500 points until the end of 2007 (when the financial crisis caused the next crash).
    15(!!!) years later, in 2015, the index was able to pass the 4500 point mark again.
    To believe that the crypto market will rise again within the year like 2017 is nothing but hope.
    The bubble was the big chance to make cash, it will take a very long time until XRP is again in the regions 2-3$, until then it is a matter of taking with a little play money the pumps and dumps.
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    ringer2 got a reaction from RJK in Earn free XLM   
    Take a few brief coinbase quizzes, make a few referrals and get up to $50 in XLM. The quizzes were easy. Did them in about 5 minutes. You don’t even have to watch the videos the quizzes are so easy.   
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    ringer2 reacted to jMusic in Final Leg Down   
    TA is far and away the best tool I know of for accurately predicting the past.
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    ringer2 reacted to Raekwon in Weiss rank XRP as No 1   
    I remember two years ago when everybody would call the Weiss ranking a joke and not credible as it was not favorable for XRP. And now that XRP is ranked #1 we finally want to spread their crypto ratings? Lol
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    ringer2 reacted to Tinyaccount in Weiss rank XRP as No 1   
    Unfortunately it would only bust FUD if they had some credibility.  
    Weiss blew their credibility multiple times with their whacky oscillating ratings based on seemingly nothing.  
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    ringer2 got a reaction from K41105 in Final Leg Down   
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    ringer2 reacted to 010101 in Any insight or speculation of what this could mean (xrp charts for mar 23, 2019)   
    My guess is XRP will not move up or down 10% for weeks if not months. 
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