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  1. 13 hours ago, 3GO3D said:

    I'm with you on this one, XRP has outstripped BTC over the past week and is showing signs that the run isn't over. Plenty of trade over the wekend too when weekends are generally weak on buyers. People are searching for a " Safe haven " for their wealth, Gold & Silver have performed really well since the Covid nightmare arrived and the BTC has attracted new money. But the Big news is the rise in Crypto adoption as people lose faith in the Fiat Currencies. Due diligence now points to XRP eventually being the leader of the pack.

    Wait, you think people perceive XRP as a “safe haven”? 😵😂

  2. 4 hours ago, Dogowner5 said:

    I have never actively traded.  Bhodl.  But I’m tempted.  So I’ve started thinking about what I would do.  So say I’d set the stop just below the 20 hr using your chart there I would’ve sold once and probably been too slow to get back in and so made a loss.

    It seems like a perilous thing to me.  I know some of you make money but buggered if I can figure out how to follow you guys into those dangerous waters without being swamped.

    If you are not an experienced trader, forget it. You have been warned. 

  3. 2 hours ago, WarChest said:

    No idea what you mean. But I have done my calculations and that’s good enough for me.

    That’s good and I’m not recommending you don’t do what you planned. My point is that any future purchase of an investment must be made based solely on the predicted return on THAT purchase, not because it brings down the cost basis of past investments. 

  4. On 6/29/2020 at 3:57 PM, WarChest said:

    Firstly I still think that XRP will come good. My negative thoughts are mainly based on my stash not rising soon enough to warrant  hoddling. But I decided to hold until end of 2021, so That is what I will do. If the price falls even more, say to 10 cents I will definitely add as a way to average down my overall exposure. I am in profit at the moment at above  28 cents, if I can average that down to below 20 then I will. Luckily my other crypto has kept me in profit so far. 

    You should never gamble more than you can lose and yet still sleep at night. 
    I read plenty of advice that you should have an exit strategy, part of mine is Dec 2021. 

    Future investments have absolutely zero impact on the return of past investments. It completely ignores sunk and marginal costs. 

  5. On 4/25/2020 at 8:27 AM, Dogowner5 said:

    Life is never easy unless you are privileged or wealthy (nearly the same thing). 

    Seriously...  any time you make an assessment about a whole generation like that,  you are almost certainly going to be wrong.

    You may be right, but then how do you make similar judgments on the group of people you label as privileged or wealthy?

  6. 7 hours ago, Dogowner5 said:

    Oh.   Perhaps I made a mistake putting that ‘because you say so’ bit in.  It was merely a dig,  not intended as a straw man.

    Please reread the post but this time assuming that one line wasn’t there.  Because the argument was NOT attacking the straw man. So the rest of the post wasn’t directed at that.

    Btw...   you don’t seem to understand the point I am trying to make:  You claim a price CANT be reached.  I’m saying that’s not correct.  I don’t believe that you can knock down the argument,  so it’s unfortunate that you went off on the straw man tangent and didn’t address anything but the derivatives..

    Nope, sorry. Never once used the word “can’t”. I said “won’t”. There’s your second straw man so it’s best if you just stop now.

    Cracks me up that hyperbulls think they have some kind of edge on price predictions. They’ve been nothing but wrong for over two years.  

  7. 21 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

    @ringer2Your post above is pathetic:  Having lost all the arguments you put forward in the thread above, and having seen your points trashed as the rubbish they are, you come back with some vague pessimist assessment based in nothing more than your basic vindictive hatred of anyone who invests in something you personally disapprove of and hope will not succeed. 

    And yet your XRP price predictions have been consistently wrong for over two years. So . . . 

  8. 15 hours ago, Dogowner5 said:

    Let’s consider the lowest of your  “It isn’t going to happen” numbers:  $20.  It can’t happen because you say so.

    In theory I can throw a ball from here to the moon.  Unless reality gets in the way like the fact that my puny arms can’t accelerate the ball fast enough, or the ball would burn up from air resistance etc.

    So yeah,  in theory if XRP hit $20 then Cris Larsen is worth 100 billion and Ripple are the wealthiest entity on the planet...   but are they really?  How much of the wealth is realisable?  Reality would get in their way...  they could only ever realise a tiny fraction of that wealth at the cost of totally destroying the price of their core asset.

    Now if it gets higher the paper value of the asset eventually exceeds the paper value of all money.  Again is that real?  No,  it can’t be realised into dollars (if that is what you think real value is measured in).

    “But, but, it CANT exceed the total value of money!”     Seen derivatives?  Somehow the world has built a pyramid of derivative value worth many many times the value of the underlying assets.  These paper absurdities do NOT stop something gaining in value.  

    So XRP.  It’s already been three dollars.  What stops it going to 3.2 dollars?  Or then climbing to 4 and then to 8 and on to 15?

    I understand why your sensibilities are offended by the concept of these seemingly unreasonable prices,  but those sensibilities will not get in the way of the next bidder adding ten cents onto the price so he can get the XRP that he needs now rather than wait for a dip.  And that can happen at any price.

    So...  I am saying yes,  those prices are possible.  I’m not saying it’s likely.  But I do hopium so.    :) 

    Your first point is just a straw man fallacy. My argument isn’t that it can’t reach those prices because I said so. And you know that isn’t my argument so why reduce it to that? Just so you can tear down the straw man you created?

    The derivatives argument is one hyperbulls like to go to. The argument is that XRP value can be equal to the total value of all the money in the world because derivatives value is even higher than that. But if the total current value of fiat is capable of “handling” derivatives, why would XRP need to reach that value also? Unless the argument is that XRP is going to replace all world fiat money including the dollar in some weird global reset theory, it has no plausibility. 

  9. 5 hours ago, Dogowner5 said:

    True.  And I didn’t help.  I was just so flabbergasted by the naïveté of anyone thinking any market, let alone the crypto market,  would only behave the way the price ‘needed’.

    Tulips to pet rocks...  the market does anything imaginable.  Panics set in and the markets collapse irrespective of underlying realities.  FOMO sets in and people pay anything to get the coveted asset.

    Previous history of charts plays into the markets ‘mind’ regardless of whether that is appropriate in the new circumstances.  Even rumours of rumours move the price.  The market is a skittish cat in the middle of a thunderstorm.  Other times it’s a sloth lazing around one value.

    In the face of all those incontrovertible facts,  @ringer2 is trying to support his view that the price will be capped because it doesn’t need to be above some arbitrary value (that he continues to adjust downward).


    I don’t know what it will do.  But I do know that if it does go up on a run,  it won’t be limited by what seems reasonable to ringer.

    Sigh. No one who’s isn’t sucking on the hopium pipe believes that XRP holds enough value to rise to the level where its total value is on par with all the money in the world. It is nonsensical to believe that. It won’t happen. Call it a cap, a limit, whatever you want. It isn’t going to happen. And no irrationality in the market is going to overcome that. You’re dreaming. 

  10. 10 hours ago, Dogowner5 said:

    Oh really?  You think this crypto market is a rational beast taking true valuations and factors into its accounting?  That it doesn’t rise and fall on whales and whims, and pumps and dumps?

    So no...  it doesn’t take all factors into account and determine what is needed and act accordingly.  It does whatever the hell it pleases and there are many counter-rational tales in here of inexplicable market moves against what any sanity would suppose.

    But sure...  you were told at school the market is always right...  so keep believing that.

    Hah, ok. So your hope for XRP hitting a huge number like $20, $100 or $589 is that “hey, we don’t know what this market will do. It could do anything because it’s totally irrational!” 

    Yeah, good luck that as we sit at .19. 

  11. 18 minutes ago, Dogowner5 said:

    While I understand your view, and agree there is ‘no need’ for it to go that high,  I don’t think you can support an argument saying ‘there is no need for it so it won’t happen’.

    The fact is that the market moves in its mysterious ways without taking account of what is actually needed.

    Uhh, no it doesn’t. That is the opposite of how a market works. 🙄

  12. 21 minutes ago, xrp_sea said:

    If XRP went to $20, those founders would be worth around $100 billion individually. I'm not saying that $20 is likely. But I don't understand the logic of saying XRP can't go to $20 because the founders can't get that rich. Do you think there's a glass ceiling on wealth in this country? Bezos is already worth $120 billion and many analysts are saying he could become the word's first trillionaire is his lifetime.

    That is not the argument. The argument is that there is no need for XRP to reach a value that creates that much wealth. It is absurd to think that it would reach a value such that the total value of all XRP would be greater than the value of all the world’s money combined. It ain’t happening. 

  13. 7 hours ago, Flintstone said:

    If Ripple is successful and captures a large chunk of cross border volume, there may not be much of the Escrow left.

    Imagine our local pessimists here are correct and this bear market continues on its downward trajectory for the next few years. XRP sitting at $0.01 all the while new corridors are opening, new customers adopting ODL and volume growing. $10 million dollar would buy you 1 billion XRP.

    That Escrow would soon diminish under those circumstances.

    And as it diminishes, it’ll push the price even lower. 

  14. On 3/28/2020 at 2:11 PM, Malloy said:

    With the current pandemic pretty much every country is "printing" fiat like there's no tomorrow (that might be true)...

    So bear with me and please comment because my head is spinning

    Basic economics

    If I sell apples and oranges for 1$ a piece and suddenly for whatever reason I decide to "dump" my apples 2 for 1$ my oranges are now worth twice as much as I can "trade" 1 orange for 2 apples

    Now apply this to crypto

    If XRP is worth 0.20 USD and the US gov. prints Trillions more USD (let say they double what is currently in circulation) is my XRP worth now 0.40 USD in theory?




    Umm, no. If you are going to think like that, then your new .40 is only worth the old .20. 

  15. 3 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

    I have always thought that there must come a time when the Ripple and Ripple Exec XRP ownership issue comes into play.  Addressing the issue has been pushed aside and delayed by the XRP price going down and down, but when it begins to rise again this will be an issue again.  I feel sure the Ripple are aware of the impossibility of XRP being adopted as the standard cross border DA at the same time as their being allowed to hold over 50% of the stock.  No democracy, or dictatorship, can allow a private company to have that power over their economy.

    I expect there are plans in the background about how to hand over the XRP to a neutral third party governance (destroying them would be absolute folly).  I expect it may be part of a deal between SEC and Ripple for regulation clarity? 

    Crypto Eri has posted a really interesting video today about how the covid-19 is causing a rapid breakdown of the old paradigms (correspondence banking with vostro nostro accounts), and how essential XRP will be for trading CBDCs across borders.  I agree with her and agree with her calling it  a perfect storm that XRP can solve.


    So you think foreign governments would never allow a private company to have that much power over their economy, but you think they’ll be cool with the SEC having that same power? 🙄

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