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  1. That is a legitimate argument. But the government can overturn and release conflicting rulings all the time.
  2. I wasn’t arguing it is a security. I don’t know and don’t really care. But the absolute presumption that many in here have that there is no possible way it is doesn’t hold water.
  3. Oh boy. New evidence suggests that XRP could be deemed a security | CryptoSlate https://cryptoslate.com/new-evidence-suggests-that-xrp-could-be-deemed-a-security/
  4. Exactly. Liquidity is the key to whether XRP is a success or not as a bridge asset, not its price. Slippage is occurring because right now there are often large spreads on the order book. That needs to significantly diminish for Banks to want to take the risk
  5. Zero chance fiat goes away in the next 100 years.
  6. A gradual and managed increase in the monetary supply, especially in a growing population, is healthy and good for the economy. A predictable and managed rate of inflation is not a problem and actually a good thing. Frankly, I don’t want to live in an economy with a static monetary supply. Welcome to the 9th c. You know just enough economics to be dangerous.
  7. So let me just guess all the other things you believe in: Bildeberg Rothschild Q Anon BG123 One world government run by Jews Flouride in drinking water as a government plot Did I miss any?
  8. @Xill you gotta lay off the YouTube videos, brother. That is no way to build an understanding of the world. You sound like Bitcoin Ben, for gods sake. Question Do you also believe in QAnon?
  9. I’m sorry, but claiming the the president is intentionally trying to crush the Fed and banks so he can usher in a world gold currency is kookey and nothing but tin foil. Sounds like something from a q anon video.
  10. That’s exactly what I did for a year and a half and got nowhere. I provided reasons and rational arguments - and I wasn’t even bearish, just a cautious bull that realized there was a lot of crazy talk on here. And all I got in response was being told to get my FUD outta here. So I’ve given up trying to give reasoned arguments. I present an idea and let people do with it what they want. I strongly believe this is going down to at least .13. And remember when I cautioned that competition was going to arise and present challenges? I was basically told, in no uncertain terms, that would not happen. Well, https://u.today/ripples-xrp-may-get-serious-rival-utility-settlement-coin-by-ubs-mati-greenspan We need to recognize that there is a very real chance the whole ripple/XRP project fails.
  11. You’d still come out ahead. And it would be a taxable event for everyone but a tax benefit for those who purchased over .10.
  12. It’s going lower, folks. At least .13 and possibly sub .10. If you are smart, you will sell and buy back later.
  13. @jasil was more right than most gave him credit for.
  14. For the last time, I’m in the top 1% of XRP holders. (Well, not right now because I sold with the intent to buy back in much more cheaply.) I wouldn’t be if I didn’t think there was a good risk worth taking here. But despite what many of you think, it is a risk. I might lose nearly all of my investment. I’m willing to take the risk. And the price is going down, whether you like it or not. I’ve been right about far more on here than the vast majority.
  15. I’ve been in XRP for over two years. I was never one of the BGs or permabears in here and caught a ton of flack for it. Now, I thought we’d be at least in the couple dollar range by now. But now I see this quite possibly going sub .10. I’m not getting out but I’m certainly not putting any new money in it. I’ve sold to rebuy as it drops because I still think there is a chance it turns bullish again but i‘m not holding my breath.
  16. Exactly. I mean, who has been more accurate over the last two years? Them or me? 💪
  17. Well, that’s not entirely true. ETH and a few others are currently used. Even CSC will be used shortly. But 1) there is no guarantee that use will continue and 2) there is no guarantee usage does much to price.
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