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  1. Broken pivot. We are heading down, hard and fast. Sell now and buy back much cheaper in a bit.
  2. Don’t tell @Caracappa that. He thinks we’ve been sideways for all that time.
  3. You’re flat out wrong. Since you are an expert on my posting history, link to a single post in which I claim Ripple is evil, XRP is a fraud or that I dislike it. Pro tip: you won’t find one. But because I recognize this investment is fraught with risk, you think I’m a troll. I hold a lot of XRP and expect to make some money off it. But I’m realistic and don’t expect What mostly others on here are. Doesn’t make me a troll. And if you think I don’t give rational explanations for my positions, you haven’t been paying very close attention. There are plenty of people on here who can vouch for the defense of my positions, even if they disagree with it. And the undeniable fact remains: who has been more accurate over the last 22 months? Me or permabulls like you? I think we know the answer.
  4. Seriously, will people ever get over the fact that simply because people hold contrarian ideas they are not trolls and paid fudsters.
  5. Whatevs, brother. I have been a regular poster on here since January 2018. If that means I only post when XRP is going down, draw your conclusions about what that means about XRP going down.
  6. Oh, you mean I only pop up every day for the last 22 months? 😂
  7. Stop hoping for FOMO! You are fooling yourself.Amazon, Google, Apple did not get to the price they are at today because of FOMO. And the theory that whales are having massive sell off’s now so that they can keep the price down to reap a larger pay back later makes zero market sense.
  8. Several good TA guys are calling for sub .10 within two weeks.
  9. And as utility usage increases, the price continues to drop. 💩
  10. The uncertainty I have doesn’t come from doubting whether IoV will disrupt and even take over the market. My uncertainty comes from not knowing what that means for XRP’s price. That is less certain.
  11. Were you so concerned about scurrilous accusations against me? Because there was not one, but dozens and dozens of them merely because I presented a counter argument to this forum’s dominant narrative.
  12. He was all over cscchat complaining about Ripple and saying he’s moved on to CSC. If he didn’t sell he certainly implied it. And I haven’t seen him here in forever. The bugger point I was making is that he was upset over the very thing I said would hurt XRP price in the short term. In early 2018 everyone was complaining about me because I was saying the ripple’s escrow sales would suppress the price. Well . . .
  13. Give me a break, man. You can disagree with me but don’t dare question my honesty and integrity.
  14. I find it hilarious that regalchicken ended up leaving and selling his XRP because he got mad Ripple was doing THE VERY THING that I said would happen and the very thing he argued with me over for months. 😂
  15. It drives me nuts when athletes complain about their “free speech” being violated when they get fined for criticizing refs. 😖
  16. Chinese censorship is done by the government. In the US free speech does not protect one from the consequences of your speech if the consequence is applied by a private entity. The 1A protects against the government doing that not private individuals or even corporations. Learn your constitution, people.
  17. What the heck happened on Bitrue last hour? There was a wick all the way down to .228.
  18. Exactly! Because they are way too volatile to function as a retail currency for exchange.
  19. In before .30. And good grief, my Browns are just embarrassing.
  20. YouTube jumped the shark a year ago when we starting hearing about “world turtles” and such. Eri is the only one worth watching.
  21. Uhh, where does gold act like a currency? And I think you meant it was designed as a bridge currency, not an exchange currency.
  22. There absolutely are reasons. An appreciating asset used as an exchange currency would dramatically reduce consumer spending. An inflationary currency is a much better consumer incentive than a deflationary one because people will be incentivized to put off purchases While we wait for the currency to appreciate. It’s Bob and the pizza all over again. Currencies need to be stable and predictable. What investors are hoping for from XRP is anything but that.
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