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  1. The whole market was pumping, not just XRP. If anything, it was the approval for bank custodianship.
  2. If you are not an experienced trader, forget it. You have been warned.
  3. That’s good and I’m not recommending you don’t do what you planned. My point is that any future purchase of an investment must be made based solely on the predicted return on THAT purchase, not because it brings down the cost basis of past investments.
  4. Future investments have absolutely zero impact on the return of past investments. It completely ignores sunk and marginal costs.
  5. There isn’t going to be a “reset”. The idea is a preposterous urban legend.
  6. You may be right, but then how do you make similar judgments on the group of people you label as privileged or wealthy?
  7. How many times can we be fooled by “exciting new partnership” before we start to feel the boy is crying wolf?
  8. What a weird thing for her to say. What could possibly be gained by “an element of surprise”?
  9. Nope, sorry. Never once used the word “can’t”. I said “won’t”. There’s your second straw man so it’s best if you just stop now. Cracks me up that hyperbulls think they have some kind of edge on price predictions. They’ve been nothing but wrong for over two years.
  10. And yet your XRP price predictions have been consistently wrong for over two years. So . . .
  11. Your first point is just a straw man fallacy. My argument isn’t that it can’t reach those prices because I said so. And you know that isn’t my argument so why reduce it to that? Just so you can tear down the straw man you created? The derivatives argument is one hyperbulls like to go to. The argument is that XRP value can be equal to the total value of all the money in the world because derivatives value is even higher than that. But if the total current value of fiat is capable of “handling” derivatives, why would XRP need to reach that value also? Unless the argument is that XRP is going to replace all world fiat money including the dollar in some weird global reset theory, it has no plausibility.
  12. Sigh. No one who’s isn’t sucking on the hopium pipe believes that XRP holds enough value to rise to the level where its total value is on par with all the money in the world. It is nonsensical to believe that. It won’t happen. Call it a cap, a limit, whatever you want. It isn’t going to happen. And no irrationality in the market is going to overcome that. You’re dreaming.
  13. Hah, ok. So your hope for XRP hitting a huge number like $20, $100 or $589 is that “hey, we don’t know what this market will do. It could do anything because it’s totally irrational!” Yeah, good luck that as we sit at .19.
  14. Uhh, no it doesn’t. That is the opposite of how a market works. 🙄
  15. That is not the argument. The argument is that there is no need for XRP to reach a value that creates that much wealth. It is absurd to think that it would reach a value such that the total value of all XRP would be greater than the value of all the world’s money combined. It ain’t happening.
  16. I’ve made this argument over and over again. There are natural limits to how high XRP can go given the massive supply. A $100 or higher XRP is absurdly unrealistic. At one point I thought $20 was possible. Not sure I even see that anymore. Shoot, if we can get back to $1 I’d be thrilled.
  17. Umm, no. If you are going to think like that, then your new .40 is only worth the old .20.
  18. So you think foreign governments would never allow a private company to have that much power over their economy, but you think they’ll be cool with the SEC having that same power? 🙄
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