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  1. You just keep believing that narrative while you suck the hopium pipe.
  2. I’ve answered this question many times over the last 18 months it’s the escrow sales that constantly expand the supply. Not complicated.
  3. Five days later the entire crypto space exploded. Had little to do with the escrow announcement.
  4. I remember claiming a year ago that it was naive to think serious competition wouldn’t enter this space. I was ridiculed and labeled a FUDsternas it couldn’t possibly happen to “the chosen one”. Well, I’ve been proved right over and over on here.
  5. I have a friend who is pretty established at a major US bank. He says no one there ever talks about XRP. He doesn’t see it getting used.
  6. Hmm. Not only does Ellis’s theory not work, it doesn’t even address my question. There is no reasonable cause to think that a cryptocurrency, even mass adopted, would need to be - I.e. priced by the market - at a total value multiple times higher than the currency/currencies it displaces.
  7. Can you explain why you think adoption, even at the scale you describe, would require or create a total value of XRP much greater than the total value of the currency/currencies that currently do all that already?
  8. The bots will eat day traders like the OP for lunch, spit him out and eat him again for dinner. Until he finally gives up, like most day traders.
  9. I realize that. I actually said the same thing earlier. I was being cheeky.
  10. Which is a hopium addict’s way of saying “take small losses.” Seriously, man. This is a not nearly as easy as you might think it is. Way more traders lose than win. Trust me, I know.
  11. Best advice: Don’t buy crypto on a credit card. Ever.
  12. Suppose this is accurate. And suppose I purchased money gram stock based on this. Would that be an insider trading violation?
  13. I don’t understand the strategy. Are banks, FIs, etc. now your customers or your competitors?
  14. For your own benefit, there are not many sane people touting a $1 million bid coin.
  15. “have also issued reports suggesting exaggerated numbers and overall inaccuracy in the way data is reported—by up to 95 percent, according to Bitwise.” Good grief.
  16. Look, the threat of competition is real. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t living in reality. EVERY space has competition. Not saying Ripple won’t succeed but it is far from a sure thing. I’ve been saying this for over a year and all I hear back is FUD echos.
  17. Yes, that is what I mean. And I agree it would have to follow. But I believe the volatility caused by the upswing in price as it is adopted for cross border will prevent it from being attractive for retail usage. There is just no real advantage for a retail user, especially as the buyer.
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