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  1. So you think foreign governments would never allow a private company to have that much power over their economy, but you think they’ll be cool with the SEC having that same power? 🙄
  2. This question is so 2018. Do people even believe in this standard nonsense any more? What did it even mean in the first place?
  3. Oh, ok. You apparently had not followed me from the beginning. Because those who did know that I presented quite detailed arguments. Not charts, because I don’t chart. But sound market-based reasons. I finally gave up because people here ignored them while they sucked on hopium pipes.
  4. Yes, I did sell my entire stack at that point. I’ve bought and resold several times since then. I’m completely in usdt right now knowing this is going much lower. You can argue with me all you want. But over the last 2+ years I’ve been the most right person on here.
  5. I called .13 on here a few months ago and got vilified as a FUDster. Turns out, I was right (again). Now, I’m calling .06. Don’t buy now. Just wait.
  6. And corridors keep opening, ODL usage ostensibly keeps increasing and . . . the price of XRP keeps dropping. We ded.
  7. Anyone who thinks crypto is a safe haven has lost their mind. Is this even serious?
  8. Exactly. @Honest_Bob is terribly misinformed. There were 250 deaths just yesterday. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/policy/healthcare/487523-italy-reports-record-250-coronavirus-deaths-in-one-day%3famp lAnd there are plenty of young healthy people that have passed or been very close to it. It’s not a death sentence but neither is it a common cold or flu even if you are healthy. Taking significant actions to stem this is not panic. Panic is what you see in the videos from China and Italy where people are laying the hallways of hospitals because there aren’t enough ventilators to go around for this dying.
  9. I was promised that XRP would be the magic elixir to stave off financial hard time in situations just like this.
  10. This OP was actually a slightly snarky response that hasn’t aged very well to just such a thread.
  11. I don’t take take investment advice from strangers on the internet. And I’m here to chat about XRP at a place called xrpchat. 💪
  12. Prices will never be lower! Get your FUD outta here! You’re probably getting paid to say all this!
  13. Still not liquid enough to do large payments. Everyone knows that. Will it ever be? Maybe. That’s the risk. It’s not wrong.
  14. What I said shouldn’t even be controversial. There is a liquidity problem. They haven’t solved it yet. And XRP still has risks to investing in it.
  15. They don’t seem to have a solution to this right now, which is why investing in XRP is still a risky endeavor.
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