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  1. People have no idea what they’re talking about. The old timers who used to pump these ridiculous ideas are gone - I can only imagine tails tucked between their legs - only to be replaced by a new generation of hopium addicts.
  2. That video is absurd. Even if it were realistic to think of that XRP price (and it isn’t) do people not realize how utterly devastating it would be to the world economy for that to happen? The complete devaluation of world currency? Devastating inflation? The ensuing poverty and social crises? We wouldn’t recognize a world with XRP at that price.
  3. Yeah, and how many if it got $1000? Or, or maybe like $5000?!?! 🙌😳
  4. What?! More profitable than Coil?! 😂😂😂
  5. Not sure what you mean. I didn’t claim any theory, let alone one in which he is working behind the scenes. I just thought he was a jerk.
  6. I found him to be insufferable, Especially if you challenged him on anything, even the slightest detail, he went off in the most condescending manner. Good riddance IMO.
  7. Of course I know about the escrow. But it is a massive leap to the rest of what you are asserting, for which there is no evidence.
  8. Exactly what evidence do you have for such an assertion?
  9. Yes, I know how the iou works. I’m asking when the next release of it is.
  10. Right. I’m asking when the next IOU is released. Sorry that wasn’t obvious.
  11. We got the first 15% but anyone know when the next one is?
  12. I chuckle, because two years ago when I was saying this people were laughed at me and claimed that 100 billion coins was not going to be enough. People acted like putting all those coins in escrow with some kind of miracle solution. All it did was delay the inevitable. A supply of 100 billion coins was never going to allow XRP to reach the Heights the coins with a fraction of that supply would reach. But I can’t tell you how many times people on here told me that supply doesn’t matter to price. 😳
  13. All I know is that I got HAMMERED on here in 2018 over and over again by people who claimed the dumping and the ever growing supply from escrow wouldn’t have one bit of effect on the price. And this yesterday from DS.
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