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  1. ringer2


    Perhaps it’s not as simple and clear cut as everyone is making it out to be. It is still highly risky.
  2. Huh? Where are you getting this idea? What authority was to be decentralized? Be very careful about your exegesis here. Too many prophecy teachers have way overstepped into “this is that” errors.
  3. The book is Revelation, not Revelations. And it mentions nothing of “wirelessly.”
  4. ringer2

    Geopolitics of XRP

    There are other alternatives, you know that, right? False dichotomies don’t advance the discussion.
  5. Yeah, man. He hasn’t done, like, anything!
  6. Why do people continue to wish for FOMO? It’s an artificial stimulant and never lasts. Wait, did I actually just say that? 😂
  7. ringer2

    The "HODL to $1.00 Club"

    First of all, these are not record lows.
  8. I read the article and many others of his. I stand by my statements. Here is another. I am a protestant but This is nonsense with next to no evidence. https://philosophyofmetrics.com/the-identity-of-the-crown-beast/
  9. Have you read his Crown Beast series? It’s nothing but an anti-catholic screed. He actually claims racism doesn’t exist and is just an excuse to attack Protestant countries. Doing “research” and “sharing it with the community” does nothing to give one credibility. I mean, this article is so preposterous, just try to defend it. https://philosophyofmetrics.com/racism-doesnt-exist-and-its-not-about-white-culture/
  10. It isn’t going to happen. 1) JCollins has zero credibility. Zero. His articles are full of incorrect info, info he conveniently leaves out and absurd and unwarranted conclusions that just happen to fit his narrative. 2) Do you have any idea of the upheaval that would occur with a shift to a crypto as the global reserve? Don’t count on it. And where would that leaves private owners? 3) There is absolutely no evidence for this anyway. People who claim it is true are not “connecting the dots”. They are imagining things out of thin air.
  11. ringer2

    Counterfeit XRP

    Straw man. Of course I didn’t say they weren’t going to adopt any new technology. But you can’t make the leap from new technology to replacing the dollar with a crypto currency.