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  1. ringer2

    What I have learnt as a 12 month hodler

    This is nonsense. Cutting a pizza into 8 slices doesn’t give you 8 pizzas.
  2. Looks like it took Asia going to dinner to get this thing rolling again.
  3. Depends on the account type. My savings accounts are set up to do that but my checking are not.
  4. I can’t believe no one else has realized this at 10:00 pm ET during a bull run!😂
  5. It makes sense to dollar cost average in, so we should probably dollar cost average out. But come on, $589 this year? 🤔
  6. Perhaps. But it doesn’t mean that an opposing viewpoint should be dismissed as FUD.
  7. I think it would be more like Rift.
  8. Aside from the fact that this is a **** site, the largest issue with any crypto currency being used for payment is that the payment itself is a taxable event.
  9. It is too broad of a statement, but wealth without work was one of Ghandi’s Seven Social Sins.
  10. ringer2

    When to buy more

    What is described here is true Dollar Cost Averaging.
  11. ringer2

    When to buy more

    I will continue to make the same argument - that your current DCA has absolutely nothing to do with whether the current price is a steal or not. Your decision on whether to purchase or not is independent of whether your average purchase price is .15 or 2.10.
  12. ringer2

    When to buy more

    Again, this is not the proper way to think about it as it is not marginal thought. It is still taken sunk costs into account which should NEVER be used for pricing decisions.