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  1. Again, the very point I was making a year ago when I was the lone wolf saying this.
  2. I remember making this very argument a year ago on here and getting blasted for it that I didn’t know what I was talking about.
  3. How th heck does this work? The nano might be the least intuitive thing I’ve ever used. When I try to transfer it tells me the ledger address is invalid or something like that? And suggestions? Web tutorials don’t really help.
  4. We are still down .05 from last night. I guess one’s definition of sexy can be widely variable. Some people think Betty White is sexy.
  5. TW’s servers were down. They are back up now and I’m good. Phew!
  6. I just logged on to my toast wallet and it says “not activated”. I’ve used this wallet for almost a year with no problems. what does this mean?
  7. Is anyone here holding this? It came up in a recent Ripple riddler video and I’d never heard of it. Is there a connection with XRP? General thoughts?
  8. Of course not. The jump in Ethereum is almost certainly because people are buying Eth to use as a base currency to purchase XRP.
  9. We all better hope that it is the warming of liquidity pools.
  10. Who’s ignoring demand? Have I ever once said “demand does’t matter” like so many who have said “supply doesn’t matter”? Nope. Of course demand matters.
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