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  1. You begin by saying supply doesn’t matter and then go on to explain precisely why it DOES matter.
  2. But that is a preposterous and completely unrealistic assumption.
  3. How do you propose that a high price tames volatility?
  4. Oh, I’ve met plenty of people in here and elsewhere who hold such doubts and can’t be convinced otherwise.
  5. Ok, My point is that even with exponentially greater demand for XRP than for bitcoin or other coins, the price may still be lower than those coins because of the massively larger circulating supply XRP has.
  6. Actually, utility demand wouldn’t overcome the problem either. You are confusing movement along the demand curve with shifts in the demand curve. They behave very differently and have very different effects. The fact that there will be 100 billion XRP versus 21 million of bitcoin and similar amounts of other coins has a massive price difference affect on XRP.
  7. Yes, but the market has shown there is no way demand for XRP is elastic enough to overcome the massive difference in supply.
  8. Do you understand the effect that circulating supply has on price?
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that is an odd commercial?
  10. There is a massive difference between a true bull run (everybody's favorite magical phrase) and a speculative bubble like Dec. 17.
  11. That escrow can last a long time. Maybe 10 years or more at the current pace. But it will and does affect price, despite all those who have denied that on here for over a year.
  12. Your two statements are contradictory. As long is crypto is so volatile, it can’t be perceived as a safe haven.
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