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  1. Remember when the majority in here were claiming $500+ along with statements that “supply doesn’t matter!” Yeah, me too.
  2. This board was full of such people back in 2017-18. It was crazy.
  3. Haven’t been in here in a while. But i received a drop of sgb on bitrue this weekend. What is it and what do i do with it?
  4. Any idea when the second distribution is going to take place?
  5. Thanks. They dont make it simple, do they? 😂
  6. So I’ve got 20 xrp in a toast wallet. Is there anyway to close that and transfer those 20 xrp out?
  7. So a friend of mine had 3000 XRP on binance that he has forgotten about for several years. Now he realizes that US users can’t access it. Is there anything other than getting a VPN but he will need to do in order to withdraw to a different exchange?
  8. People have no idea what they’re talking about. The old timers who used to pump these ridiculous ideas are gone - I can only imagine tails tucked between their legs - only to be replaced by a new generation of hopium addicts.
  9. That video is absurd. Even if it were realistic to think of that XRP price (and it isn’t) do people not realize how utterly devastating it would be to the world economy for that to happen? The complete devaluation of world currency? Devastating inflation? The ensuing poverty and social crises? We wouldn’t recognize a world with XRP at that price.
  10. Yeah, and how many if it got $1000? Or, or maybe like $5000?!?! 🙌😳
  11. What?! More profitable than Coil?! 😂😂😂
  12. Not sure what you mean. I didn’t claim any theory, let alone one in which he is working behind the scenes. I just thought he was a jerk.
  13. I found him to be insufferable, Especially if you challenged him on anything, even the slightest detail, he went off in the most condescending manner. Good riddance IMO.
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