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  1. If you want XRP to be a good investment, you will need to stop wishing it to also serve as a retail currency. Because appreciating assets, which would make it a good investment, also make it a terrible retail currency. So no, it is not a good use case unless you don’t want to make any money off of XRP.
  2. Not sure why you interpreted it so negatively. I said your plan works great as long as the price appreciates.
  3. Well of course, your plan works as long as your coin appreciates in value and you don’t lose them on an exchange.
  4. Many internet folks are claiming an announcement that Ripple has purchased r3 in immanent. Any thoughts?
  5. Umm, sorry but that is how place value works on the right side of the decimal point. One millionth is most definitely larger than 100 millionths.
  6. I agree but, unfortunately, that is not how I’ve found the forum to be. There is most certainly a catechism or a canon of XRP belief that is non-negotiable on here. Anyone who challenges those core beliefs are labeled trolls and fudsters. And the discord channel was even worse.
  7. My issue is with your implication that faith has some blind aspect to it. There is nothing in a catechism that requires blind faith. Faith is never blind. But this isn’t really a topic for this forum
  8. Brother, I was making this exact same claim 18 months ago. I practically got ran off this board for it. It can be an investment or it can be a currency. A coin is going to have a very difficult time serving us both
  9. The best argument in favor of it being Ripple is that Dilip excitedly retweeted it.
  10. Exactly right. Further, it assumed static order books, which don’t exist. As soon as the price starts to move up (or down), the order book becomes dynamic and changes. Big movements equal big changes in the order book.
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