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  1. Just popping in here to say thanks @Nicolas for taking the time out of your day / days to respond to all these questions. Fascinating to see a view on XRP/ODL/Ripple that is firmly grounded in reality and hands on experience.. Out of interest, as an early adopter - what is ODL (and Ripple.net) missing or what could it do better? (I suspect your answer would be "more customers, more flows" but I figured I'd ask anyway!) PS. I'm based in Barangaroo, if I turn my head to the right I'm looking straight at the CBA head offices. You guys and gals are based on Pitt St right?
  2. You are to him what XRP is to you, he's hedging his bets in case the value of your posts skyrocket. You do seem to find joy in spreading joylessness though. It's a fascinatingly depressing way to go about things.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with you here, but you also have to step back and acknowledge that you are the exact same, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. I suspect the truth of all of this lies somewhere in the middle. Ripple fans could do with being a little less optimistic, just as the Anti-Ripple crew (such as yourself) could do with being a little less pessimistic You can't really sit there and call everyone out for universal and unquestionable positivity, from a place of universal and unquestionable negativity. It's hypocrisy mate.
  4. I agree with this. Critical thinking and not taking things at face value are important. Both sides of the fence in this discussion (and 99.99% of threads on this forum, or even on the internet in general) are guilty of not doing either of these things enough. Forming (and listening to) coherent arguments rather than hurling vitriol from whatever unshakable position of 'truth' or 'correctness' or 'faith' one might believe themselves to be in is also important. The anti-Ripple / anti-XRP crowd is as guilty of it as the pro-XRP / pro-Ripple crowd. My favourite people to read and listen to are those that are pro-XRP but anti-Ripple. For me, that's the echo chamber I most like listening to as it displays an ability to believe the long term plan has merit but question the motives and current approach of those driving the plan.
  5. Interestingly enough, after spending my life making all my decisions in that time-frame, crypto is doing it's best to teach me the value of the opposite
  6. I believe people's time-frames are perhaps a little misguided is all. It's too early to call it a failure and too early to call it a success. I'll start assessing the success of their endeavour come 2021/2022.
  7. I'm way too dumb for this but I thoroughly enjoyed the tiny nuggets of realisation I managed to glean from reading this. Thanks for posting!
  8. Hmm. I guess that's one way of looking at it. My view is that when building an ecosystem, you can't really wait for one pillar to be complete before moving on to the next. Software development is iterative, as is scaling a business / product / ecosystem. If you wait for a product to be complete / 100% adopted before moving on to the next pillar, you'll never get on to the next pillar. It's like waiting for your product to be 100% complete before hiring a sales team to sell it - you'll never get your product off the ground if you wait for that.
  9. I'm interested to know your time frames on your investment. Because if you're looking to be rich by 2020, you're on the wrong asset. That doesn't mean you're not on the right asset long term.
  10. You are all much smarter than I. Please continue.
  11. I am having so much fun reading all this. Reading about social credit and IOUs kind of sends me off on a bit of a tangent. When you look at technology and the changes it brings in the short term, it can appear so revolutionary. When you step back and look at the changes tech brings over some serious timeframes, then we can appear to be so very iterative, simply solving the same problem over and over and over again but faster and faster and faster. Thousands of years ago when someone who made / had a particular good and wanted a good or service off someone else, it was complicated, you either got very lucky and found someone that had what you wanted and needed what you had, or one side saw future re-trade value in what the other side had and made the trade off the assumption they could get what they wanted in the future with what they took from this trade. This was hard and complicated and expensive, so boom, cowrie shells are now a thing and then we're off iterating towards money/currency etc. 3200 years later, we have XRP, connecting value agnostically, because all those subsequent iterations of currency/money/value have essentially re-introduced the same challenge we solved with cowrie shells - it's complicated / hard / expensive to transfer value between parties. It's like the iPad Pro, it's FINALLY the tablet that does what (for me, anyway) seems to be the thing tablets were born for - you can now viably use a tablet instead of your notepad. 20 years of tech and we've replaced a pen and paper. Now that I write out that analogy, it doesn't QUITE make the sense it does in my head and is a massive oversimplification, but all the parts are there and I've got to alt-tab and get back to work, ha
  12. Lawsuit

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Kiwi living in Sydney for 10 years. It's taken me 98% of that to adjust to how close everyone follows here. My Dad's a retired taxi driver back in NZ, hurts my heart seeing how bad that industry is over here because he was just the nicest person in the world as a driver. Now, Sydney BUS drivers on the other hand
  13. Lawsuit

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Yep, absolutely agree. Plenty of research points out the diminishing returns money brings in relation to happiness once you reach a certain point. A point that is actually surprisingly attainable (in Sydney, that point is actually less than the average wage - but 'happiness' is certainly not the average frame of mind) My view is that financial freedom buys you the freedom to pursue your passions / purpose and gives you the luxury of behaving in a way that is most true to yourself / amplifies your traits. If you lack a passion / purpose that drives you when financially restricted - removing that restriction isn't going to fix that, just as the amplification of who you are due to financial freedom, might not be something that those around you would enjoy. *EDIT* Getting off track. Back to Bob, sorry!
  14. Lawsuit

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Whilst 99% of this goes over my head (at least from a financial perspective) I've gotta say it's both a fascinating and rewarding read. Chunky answers to chunky questions, but I think what intrigues me most is the motivations of the Bobways and the Joelkatz of this world. Whilst one of the major biproducts of any of this pioneering work coming off in the long run is significant (silly) wealth, it seems not to be the driver for those at the heart of it. Let's face it, it is for most of us here, and I don't mean that disrespectfully, just that we are part of the 99.9% of the human race that are driven by greed because, well, we're human. Reading this lot answering questions and chatting with each other, it feels like those that stand to gain the most from it's success ACTUALLY care the least about the financial benefits. That they're in fact just interested in impactful change and leaving the world a little different to how they found it. Passionate and pioneering nerds. Utterly in contrast to how the maximalist crypto world views those associated with XRP / Ripple. Carry on gentlemen.
  15. Lawsuit

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Quoting this to A. Say thanks to @BobWay because this has been a fantastic read thus far and B. Say hello and thanks to @Hodor who is actually the person responsible for my investing in XRP. Your informative posts (back before your blog / when you used to post here primarily) are actually the reason I initially invested in XRP back in the middle of 2017. Much love to you both.
  16. Your time frames are that of a gambler, not an investor. Best of luck.
  17. Lawsuit

    FUD or FED?

    Wots up in dis fred?
  18. You are quantifiably wrong sorry champ. Tracking your value against BTC, whilst relevant at times, is flawed. Ultimately we want coins moving independently of market and independently of BTC and we also believe that BTC won't be the dominant crypto forever, so the important values in the long run should be 1. How many of your particular coin do you have and 2. How much are they worth in the currency you intend on cashing out to. Your view is meaningful now, but not in the long term.
  20. Y'all need to stop thinking Brad and XRP and your expectations are the center of the universe. It's not manipulation, it's a financial broadcast that had to live cross to discuss important breaking financial news. It's literally the whole point of live news. I'm heavily invested in XRP and was looking forward to listening to what Brad had to say (particularly regarding the Coinbase manipulation comment which, though it wasn't directed at XRP, the implication was there) BUT, other news was more important and that's that. Big players aren't trying to stiff you out of your money and if they are, they're far more subtle that what you're all making them out to be.
  21. I'm fairly sure most banks are beholden to legislation that prevents them from investing in assets deemed as too speculative/volatile? (though the definition of speculative and volatile isn't clear) as banks are essentially investing their customer's funds which customers have put into a bank and not an institute of investment. Other FIs (investment firms etc) aren't prohibited from such endeavours as their customers are knowingly committing their funds to the endeavor of investment and have a choice in distribution of funds across risk categories. I'm guessing though, but in my head, it sounds right?
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong, but banks won't ever buy XRP will they? - aren't they essentially not allowed to?. They can use it (eg. to perform a xborder transaction) but they're not able to buy to hold with intent to make profit? It's the market makers and those that facilitate hedging services for banks against volatility that will purchase XRP?
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