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  1. Your time frames are that of a gambler, not an investor. Best of luck.
  2. Lawsuit

    FUD or FED?

    Wots up in dis fred?
  3. You are quantifiably wrong sorry champ. Tracking your value against BTC, whilst relevant at times, is flawed. Ultimately we want coins moving independently of market and independently of BTC and we also believe that BTC won't be the dominant crypto forever, so the important values in the long run should be 1. How many of your particular coin do you have and 2. How much are they worth in the currency you intend on cashing out to. Your view is meaningful now, but not in the long term.
  5. Y'all need to stop thinking Brad and XRP and your expectations are the center of the universe. It's not manipulation, it's a financial broadcast that had to live cross to discuss important breaking financial news. It's literally the whole point of live news. I'm heavily invested in XRP and was looking forward to listening to what Brad had to say (particularly regarding the Coinbase manipulation comment which, though it wasn't directed at XRP, the implication was there) BUT, other news was more important and that's that. Big players aren't trying to stiff you out of your money and if they are, they're far more subtle that what you're all making them out to be.
  6. I'm fairly sure most banks are beholden to legislation that prevents them from investing in assets deemed as too speculative/volatile? (though the definition of speculative and volatile isn't clear) as banks are essentially investing their customer's funds which customers have put into a bank and not an institute of investment. Other FIs (investment firms etc) aren't prohibited from such endeavours as their customers are knowingly committing their funds to the endeavor of investment and have a choice in distribution of funds across risk categories. I'm guessing though, but in my head, it sounds right?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but banks won't ever buy XRP will they? - aren't they essentially not allowed to?. They can use it (eg. to perform a xborder transaction) but they're not able to buy to hold with intent to make profit? It's the market makers and those that facilitate hedging services for banks against volatility that will purchase XRP?
  8. Full disclosure Zenk - a lot of what you say is smart and makes sense, but you take a tone with everyone that is incredibly condescending. Unfortunately, the validity of what you say is often lost because all people can see is the tone in which it is delivered.
  9. PS. Just realised my post reads like FUD and that xrp can't reach x amount. Definitely not what I'm saying. My belief is that a good share of the x border transaction market as it stands today could take XRP to 20-50. Then you factor in the increase in transactions because it's so quick (see letters to email) and that takes it further. Then you factor in potential retail pivots later in the game to capture another market, then that takes it further. But that doesn't mean it's not important to have real calculations based off where xborder transactions are sitting at today.
  10. Haven't caught up, so someone may have already mentioned it during this latest burst of price predictions - but don't forget xrp travel velocity (which is the biggest unknown when we're talking potential values) 1 XRP can be traded multiple times a day over multiple trades (theoretically 24000 or so times per day but realistically trade volume would probably be 10/15/20 times per day) The counterargument to travel velocity lowering the price is the math on the increase in usage to factor of x 10000 when we went from letters to emails. Will cross border transactions undergo the same sort of increase Edit. For example, if cross border transactions were 1 5 trillion transaction per day, the value of xrp would need to meet that. But if that 5 trillion dollar amount is actually 10000 transactions (which it is) then you can divide that xrp value by 10000 and still be able to successfully make those transactions (obviously this is all speculation and doesn't account for burns and also retail holders and FI hedgers)
  11. Been off sick from work the last two days and this is pretty much my first time leaving the house. This is my back yard. To be honest, whether xrp is 10c or $100 - my number of complaints remains next to zero. (Though I could do with XRP allowing me to buy a house to put a dog in it) *disclaimer: post entirely unrelated to XRP.
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