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  1. Naaahh. This is whales playing this thing like a fiddle. How many times do you folks have to be clobbered with the plank before you get what is happening here??
  2. Ignore this Regal Chicken character - he tried to fob off the most idiotic 'theory' about Chinese New Year that had the dimmer bulbs around here jumping up and down for weeks. Also, he presides over a 'club' called the Zerpening that features women on bikes with titties bouncing, adolescent videos and cartoons - hardly anyone you would want to listen to.
  3. Well done - your feet seem to be on the ground compared to the pie-in-the-sky types that infest this forum. 50% Bitcoin would make me very nervous as there is plenty of air to be let out of that pig. Also, what is your tax exposure?
  4. All gather round - a small sail is seen this fine day on the horizon bringing promises of lost treasure to the faithful. We will be rewarded for our faith. It is written.
  5. Trash being defined as anything that doesn't toe the party line. So brave.
  6. Ah, your usual 'articulate' self. How are things at the frat house?
  7. So, this is your attempt at communicating without cartoons and videos? I'm guessing you aren't bringing the noodle salad to the Mensa picnic.
  8. Naturally no mention of the #1 factor - Bitcoin. Same old head-in-the-sand nonsense.
  9. Yes, far better to find some place where your idiotic nonsense is seen as wisdom
  10. Yet one more example of 'toe the party line or leave' - not terribly healthy or interesting (unless you enjoy echo chambers)
  11. This is one of the favorite fantasies of the cargo cultists - that there is huge institutional money waiting on the sidelines for the Go! signal that will save us all. Based on nothing whatsoever, of course - a pet pastime here.
  12. Hello @Spekul8 - if you have the stomach for it check out the 'Zerpening' thread - XRPChat's very own cargo cult exhibiting all the features of delusional hysteria and Groupthink. Add to that an adolescent theme where the posting of cartoons substitutes for thought. Sad and curious stuff. I believe there is a kind of black-box manipulation going on - we can see the results, an insane lockstep with a single coin but the inner workings remain a mystery. News has no effect on this 'market' anymore and you can throw all the idiotic TA you want at it to no avail. I'm HODL'ing still because I am bullish 100% on Ripple the company and believe they are smart enough to engineer a breakout from this miasma.
  13. If BTC fails as the now comical 'store of value' - it has nothing whatsoever to fall back on. Ripple has serious utility, and that will win out in the end. However, if this crypto market falls apart, look for Ripple to re-emerge as an IPO and that might be the best scenario of all (assuming XRP at that point is not rendered valueless)
  14. It will take many years of hindsight, however eventually capitalism will be seen to be the biggest disaster ever to happen to our hapless species.
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