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  1. Assuming we're separating price appreciation and adoption, let's just see what the end January Ripple Swift stage brings. Talks of 2020-2022 basis forecasting clients per week is very hard to deem valid. There's one variable that makes the client/s per week average almost impossible to forecast - it'll be way higher than 2-3 clients per week once there is regulation in place. Garlinghouse said this, this month: “This is the year the wheat will be separated from the chaff." per Forbes
  2. I've hesitated to post this for a bit, but feel the need to ask others opinion. Been following crypto for years. I don't want to post on message boards or check the price everyday yet I do multiple times a day. It's like being held hostage. For those who were part of .com in the 90s was this similar behavior? Our brains are here early and drawn to it for some reason, is it 'money' or a 'conviction'?
  3. I think he created the new PayPal. In an ILP context this is the new PayPal. Here's why: it's a payment processor, if everyone needs an address to survive in the future it has to be used, and terms of credit with XRP backing it is inevitable. What I am trying to figure out is as TipBot expands does that crossover with Coil in future use cases?
  4. 7Bs

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I think your post was great, look at the discussion. I don't though understand why there is a market perception that 2017 into 2018 was out of control - in our context. $3 is not why most are here and that occurred for a week or two at most and for most. It's a crazy thing how little value coins smeared an undeniably undervalued real world bridge asset of the future that basically created FX bridging at the most vital time.
  5. 7Bs

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I had a hard time following this to be honest. I hope @Hodor is over 35.
  6. 7Bs

    Own Your XRP

    @Hodor if fractional reserve is being entertained by any exchange that is concerning, the race to cover would be necessary from any given exchange therefore moving forward, that is an interesting point you ponder.
  7. 7Bs

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I posted this viewpoint prior but one interesting possibility for crypto and not necessarily XRP specifically is IMF coming up on their 2020 SDR review. They gave one year notice last time they changed the SDR basket - notification in 2015 that in 2016 they were adding CNY. It is up for review every 5 years per historical precedent. As we enter the world of possible central bank digital currencies (CBDC charts, forums, news, etc.) I think a cool idea is having a basket within the basket for 2020, so the current fiat basket and a combined bridge asset basket in some equation that equals the SDR valuation. So 2019 isn't 3-5 years away but it comes down to the XRP valuation perspective I guess. 'What is the moon' sort of thing.
  8. 7Bs

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    I don't think it's about regulating securities v non-securities, the regulation would hopefully provide custody clarification. Protections, etc.
  9. 7Bs

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    It's all about either two things: 1) Formal regulation that allows banks custody solutions resulting in a global liquidity confirmation that this bridge asset is here to stay or 2) "push da button garlichouse" It's got to be one of those two things.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_drawing_rights Third paragraph in: "In the review conducted in November 2015, the IMF decided that the Renminbi (Chinese yuan) would be added to the basket effective October 1, 2016." If that timeline and process is still accurate than the IMF would announce any new SDR basket addition or alteration for 2020 (when the next review is due) in 2019. Also keep in mind, this has nothing to do with banks using XRP which is purely a regulatory issue at this point I think? Since being part of the SDR basket has nothing to do with whether banks process a specific kind of currency or moveable asset in our case. I refuse to believe that banks overlook savings and freeing up liquidity (closing nostro, etc.) especially in recession-vulnerable equity and loan markets.
  11. That depends on regulation specifics. But I heard there were once 'gateways' first to buy XRP which most no longer exist. Ideally, we could just go to a bank offering an XRP denominated account. I'm sure it will evolve pretty significantly over these next couple years.
  12. I think financial service companies will stick to their core competencies. Places like Fidelity or TD that already offer online brokerage accounts. I can't see Alphabet doing a foray into that environment. Still need the retail avenues whether it's a crypto exchange or an online brokerage offering crypto.
  13. Thanks I didn't know that. If so, don't understand how $589+ was portrayed in latest photo.
  14. The $ was suppose to be an S. The + was suppose to be a T. So it was S589T. How WIF = 589 was basis his equations above that no one really has figured out.