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  1. @jag216I think this is great. I think there could be exposure in the initial rollout phase of 5G where there is a first mover advantage (which I guess is now) just from what I've read. And applicable in a for-profit and non-profit setting. This is an interesting article in timing: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/future-mobile-payments-5g-speed-up-expansion-pedro-sousa-cardoso Do you foresee the streaming payment bridge asset options as agnostic basis Linux/Hyperledger initiative? I wouldn't know how this would proceed in America as an example, @BobWay? Would it be akin to an OTT internet television (but in a crypto context) rollout where the plugin/module and app are getting 'distribution streaming payment rights' from each local network/channel? Would this operate as a complimentary infrastructure and have a faster rollout?
  2. Basis fractal behavior in markets, the market has a 'memory.' Benoit Mandelbrot wrote about this in 'The Misbehavior of Markets.' There's a lot of ways to evaluate his tools, one way would be that ATH's gradually increase in subsequent bull runs, but so do the total fiat losses during bear runs. I doubt you'll see a 95% decrease in the market again but the losses would be higher in turbulence as the investment capital grows across demographics.
  3. One of the things I was curious about is how significant 5G's rollout could be (in certain areas where there will be earlier adoption of 5G) for a phone as wallet app. For instance if someone has a weaker data plan vs. another; how that affects transaction speed and data cost (cutting into cross border savings). And if someone has access to an abundance of data could they offload some of that speed to someone without it, monetizing different cost structures. Broadband loans and grants for rural areas in the coming digital divide: https://www.everycrsreport.com/reports/RL33816.html
  4. On the first, I wouldn't want to speak for @Julian_Williams but it was bookkeeping? He didn't like tracking on XRPL? 'Variant ways' of recording, can the accountants explain it? NV/VN would seem to me to be stagnation. Opportunity cost. From the media, it seems like the cross border problem is being solved multiple ways (bitcoin, stablecoin, new coin, another stablecoin, etc.) via multiple assets as opposed to one network. That one way is the only way and rightfully so, the bookkeeping, the ledger analysis would be simple, clear, and true. A phone is a right of a human being. It's a 'liquid right' (which was once locked) in that regard, now unlocked and split in cost however many ways the person chooses (data plans type of thing).
  5. I posted this previously and it was incoherently merged into another topic and buried. https://cointelegraph.com/news/secs-senior-advisor-for-digital-assets-valerie-szczepanik-stablecoins-may-be-securities I believe his assumption is correct basis the stablecoin being backed by an issued asset, cough....
  6. 'gutter derision' is a great phrase @Hodor
  7. I believe you and I have the same questions. My perspective is very primitive on this basis B2B FX. Piles will be lent, always, I would think. I never traded fiat to make a profit. I moved money - to minimize risk - for my clients. I agree with your post, I have all those questions and more. I think where you and I may get boxed in is in the current system of buying and selling, rich or poor. I think there is a perception browser we aren't clicking. I would hope more experienced people can shed some advanced light on how this can be advanced not just in FX, but beyond. Basically I think much smarter people than us have figured out the NV/VN problem (fiat doesn't move cross border but crypto does) so how does all that free liquidity make more sense in the way a phone made more sense before the phone.
  8. @Julian_Williams In an effort not to quote the full thread, including mine, which needs a minimization plugin (always) - IOUs shouldn't be the central issue. Also, what is 'bidirectional communication' in FX? The first thing a 3 second money transfer system should solve is #1 a very efficient KYC/AML, and #2 low cost transactions.
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