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  1. Tulsi Gabbard 2020. The world needs her. Let's go.
  2. Señorita, por favor, Ripple is Thumping.
  3. Dumping kept the price below 1c for years and it wasn't Ripple. The escrow solution clearly was put in to be not quick. I do have interest in how creative the escrow structure is or could be.
  4. This whole notion of flat price is sickening. Let's go people. Once the new oil pumps, no one can get their hands on it. At that point, you look around, who are my friends? Did they go through it with me? Crypto woman and brotherhood is unbreakable. That sort of thing.
  5. Yeh, I guess one can place an X in front of everything.
  6. "But IMHO price rises are more likely when XRP-II sales are low." Does anyone know if the 1B XRP 'released' every month, prior to whatever amount is then left for escrow, has to be literally 'sold.' Why not 'loan' the XRP out and then escrow upon its return, setting a return schedule? Basically tiers of escrow. Meta-escrow if you will, so that some months you might have more being locked up beyond the '1B minus XRP sold that month' formula. Basis the credit terms, this incentivizes a quicker escrow process - in the beginning - because users will buy more outright at first if they know they are competing with those simply seeking credit and allows for ways to monetize interest. Or is this premature?
  7. It's a walled garden coin, but it's a big walled garden, that's what I've been concerned about in the past. Being a custodian vs. running a type of monetary 'like' system remains to be seen. They seem to be preserving their network expanse.
  8. 6 years? Where's that number come from? I think I know...
  9. I think it's only flat if XRP is not actually used. Otherwise the model didn't work, the escrow structure was poorly scheduled out, etc. There a few catalysts, not just regulation, on the horizon that paint a clearer picture.
  10. Ashton, I know you're listen-ang. If you are reading these words, do you still drink liquids? Also, how much XRP do you have?
  11. Ashton Kutcher has more XRP than all of us, that's all I know.
  12. Of course no one caught it. I'm guessing here but as an asset class matures, in this case the digital and bridge asset class, it's the same type of protocol on a quarterly sector research report from a major financial institution, after the fact. Maybe it's a few days or a few months.
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