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  1. Captain Obvious here. Buy a new ledger enter recovery mode with your 24 words.
  2. You can download the bitcoin wallet, it contains all the info(tb of blockchain data). So no problem to get to know the amount in the wallet. Question would be more, is the data correct/up to date.
  3. Just curious how much people are trusting on specific wallet types. Let me know if I miss something
  4. Just see it as, XRP is the fuel (aka ETH, NEO -> Gas) for Ripple
  5. Save your secret, it starts with s***************************
  6. Dont know, "feels" something will happen in 3 or so month.
  7. I took the data from cmc... Put it in excel. Multiple with what i have on wallets and exchange.
  8. When will it drop to 0.001? Interested to buy more
  9. You are providing not enough information. If you our your brother don't remember than indeed, you lost your xrp.
  10. Let me know how it works out for you, the two client thing. Pro vs cons
  11. ? I believe it is possible How much XRP do you have on the wallet? What I am trying to say is, you should have something like a saving wallet and a daily wallet. Just my 2 cent.
  12. Where to get this wallet? Url?
  13. Which wallet did you use?
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