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  1. buckylallen

    Why the haters hate XRP (Galgitron's Blog)

    spread the news! repost where you can.. It's about time the XRPArmy go on the offensive.
  2. buckylallen

    XRP Community Corner

    Army Up! Join the XRPArmy I feel a groundswell of positivity! Fact 1:There will always be detractors. Fact 2: There will always be people with intentional bad intentions. Fact 3: To combat and ultimately win at the challenge... Pull together as a community to correct/dispell the negative --> research/spread the positive!
  3. buckylallen

    The Anatomy of a Whale (Galgitron blog)

    great writing. investing for over 20 years, it's all true. Whales shake out the weak. Have your goals clearly defined. Take action and then stick to your goals. "Bring it on"
  4. buckylallen

    XRP age survey

    Trolling these boards almost too much and tired of the FUD I wanted to bring up a side subject. Age of members that are engaged in conversations about XRP. This is just for curiosity sake wondering how many of the members are <30, 30-40, 40+ . As I'm in my mid-forties and a HODLer, I'm hoping that in 10 years the price and number of zerps I am holding will coincide with paying off mortgage and riding off into the sunset.
  5. SWIFT payment system has been in use for 40+ years. TIME FOR A CHANGE, and the Ripple network and XRP is the answer. "Within three years of introduction, SWIFT membership had increased to 230 banks across five countries" <-- 1974. Imagine how life changing it will be for Banks and the Trillions of money on the line when they can move it faster and cheaper. article about the archaic system that XRP/XRapid will replace. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/050515/how-swift-system-works.asp