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    DucPeter reacted to Valhalla_Guy in Best wallet to keep xrp safe   
    Ledger Nano S has my vote. If fact, I bought  mine a few weeks ago, and the price has doubled, so it has been a better investment than the coins I hold in it.
    A couple of points:  ALL XRP wallets require a NON REFUNDABLE 20XRP to activate. So pick a wallet you trust, and stick with it.
    Second NO WALLET actually holds your coins. This is a good thing. A wallet is more like an account number(s), along with a 20XRP ticket, to join the public ledger. Once you move your coins to the wallet address, everyone on the network will agree that your wallet has XRP in it. As long as you have your secret key (Wallet address that starts with an 's') you can rejoin the network using any wallet service, and your money will still be there. (Ledger Nano or no Ledger Nano)
    The Ledger is like a firewall, protecting your secret key, rather than a device that holds $$. 
    FInally- I originally used the 'cold' wallet HIGHLY recommended by this chat site (Github/Ihomp) only to find out a couple of weeks later that the source code is likely compromised, and the wallets were being emptied out. ( I originally created my keys offline and did not have any funds stolen, but it was enough of a scare to convince me to activate a second wallet (Ledger) and stop listening to anonymous sources on chat sites)
    Stick with a reputable company, and remember that ALL online wallet sites, and generators are subject to hacking. Regardless of the method you use, create your secret key offline, and never store it on a computer that is connected to the internet.
    Paper and pen is the best backup, if you are not a millennial then you already know how to use these old fashioned tools. -- I refused to even print my key, because my printer is 'wireless' and there are no safe routers.
    Final point about the Ledger Nano S--- It will create secure wallets for many types of crypto, not just XRP.
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    DucPeter got a reaction from Xilobyte in Best wallet to keep xrp safe   
    With a platform like Gatehub, you don't need hackers anymore. The whole thing feels very unstable. I wouldn't be surprised to see the whole thing imploding when the market for cryptos gets a little more hectic. Just check out all Gatehub related problems, complaints and frustrations on this forum.
    Just moved all my credits to the Ledger Nano S. Works great and gives me peace of mind.
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    DucPeter reacted to Coin_Hound in XRP transfer transaction speed   
    Last week it took less than two mins to transfer my zerps from Kraken onto my ledger. 
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    DucPeter reacted to xh3b4sd in XRP transfer transaction speed   
    Mine took 10 seconds when moving from Gatehub to Ledger a few days back. Depends on their Ripple nodes. 
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    DucPeter reacted to Internethobo in XRP transfer transaction speed   
    You should receive it within a minute, if Gatehub is not delaying withdrawals.
    If you don't see your ledger balance reflecting your transfer, make sure you click the refresh button on the ledger wallet.
    If you still haven't received the transfer after a few minutes, check your Gatehub wallet to see if they processed the withdrawal.
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    DucPeter got a reaction from Ripple-Stiltskin in Enig idee   
    En uit te keren bonussen die in XRP worden geïnvesteerd!
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