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  1. DucPeter

    Mark Phillips Believes XRP Was Designed To Be $10,000/XRP

    I'm an optimistic guy by nature, but $ 10,000...??? Come on, please let some logic and common sense kick in here!
  2. If XRP manages to reach $ 50, then why wouldn't $ 100 be possible from there? So I'll probably stay in.
  3. So far I've been disappointed on a number of occasions when developments were expected to push XRP's price..., and they didn't. This will be just another one. I think we're in here for the (very) long run.
  4. DucPeter

    The international value of horse poo

    You must be living in the space age, over there in Australia. Here in the Netherlands we're still stuck in the Dark Ages as we can scrape our horse poo from the streets for free.
  5. DucPeter

    Ripple’s Lie About Its Santander Partnership

    Mods, can we get rid of this FUDster please?
  6. @BigFish Maybe this will cheer you up:
  7. If this was true, there would be quite a bit more going on around here. People ordering Lambos and that kind of stuff...
  8. DucPeter

    Ledger Live Virgin lost in space

    But who charged you the GBP 41.21 and how did you have to pay this?
  9. DucPeter

    Ledger Live Virgin lost in space

    Looks like you unintentionally created a new wallet. I encountered the same situation a few months ago, having used the Chrome based app previously and noticing that there was new software to control the Nano S called Ledger Live. However, stepping over to Ledger Live was simple and smooth.
  10. $ 4.82 Best wishes to all of you!
  11. DucPeter


    While I don't have a direct solution to the OP's problem, there's one thing that grasps me: Why trying to save a few bucks on a second hand Nano S from ebay, while the security of your investment (over $ 10,000 k) could be at risk...???
  12. Come on..., you can't go wrong with these prices. Just buy.
  13. Depends on how you look at it. The whole crypto market is bearish, but over the last few weeks XRP has been performing significantly better than its two closest competitors (BTC and ETH).
  14. DucPeter

    Chicken or Egg?

    First of all, great way to view your 'new' investment like this. Personally I don't think that strong fluctuations in XRP's value will matter much. With every transaction in xrapid, XRPs are bought and sold in the background within a matter of seconds. So due to this transaction speed, there is not much of a delay and hence not much of a risk for banks as well.
  15. Buy some more now, so you can bring down your DCA. See, it's not that difficult.