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  1. If ripple hits 100$ i will get a tattoo that says "******* love ripple" with the little fidget spinner
  2. I'd show my boss the goat (if you don't know the goat look up "waiting" on youtube and look for the goat scene)
  3. I'd for sure take the criminal penalty if it hit 1300 dollars.... Just so i could be that guy who became a millionaire overnight and was so amped he ran out of work naked
  4. https://www.change.org/p/bittrex-use-xrp-as-the-base-currency-for-cryptocurrency-exchanges
  5. https://www.fool.com/investing/2018/01/12/heres-why-bitcoin-should-be-terrified-of-ripple.aspx
  6. Sir i think we just became best friends... I would enjoy sharing my baileys with you
  7. This is as close as you can get to baileys without gettin wet
  8. I'm drunk and gonna pull all my cache and put it all on red at the casino
  9. Can you build your own ripple server with the ripple software on it? if so when it takes place in consensus is there any reward?
  10. How bout you just come down greggs place i'll show you some water colors over a nice glass of creamy beige baileys?
  11. ALRIGHT EVERYONE check this **** out was just introduced to a new website. pretty fricken awesome https://coinmarketcal.com/?form[month]=&form[year]=&form[sort_by]=hot_events&form[submit]=
  12. 4.2billion in volume is healthy though we are looking pretty solid
  13. Boys, I know morale is low. I hung on to the shares today. Even bought some more, better days ahead and remember why we bought, because we believe in the product. Take a step back, maybe a couple days off and we’ll rally soon
  14. Well is it trending up or down i can't tell?!?!?! lmk im trying to buy on the dip
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