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  1. I watched my sister spend months in the ICU when i was a kid and i know the toll it takes on a family. Happy to donate and hope the great community here can help out your friend!
  2. So what i got is Coinbase is loyal to 4 currencies (Bcash they added for their own insider trading reasons) and that they only want the rich to become richer (Accredited investing only). Lets give them a head start and let them settle in some cash before we let the average folks come in and buy the accredited investors sells. This is so messed up.
  3. I Definitely agree. But the current priceline along with a lower volume tells me right now that the hodlers of XRP are the majority. I think that people are starting to move in for the long term is what i'm saying and we will see low volumes in the future once it matures
  4. FINALLY the first paragraph is the most honest thing i've read about XRP not posted by a proponent of ripple. " Its blockchain-based services try to make money transfers cheaper, offer cross-market liquidity, and transition banks and other service providers to the XRP asset. " Thats great. Once we can get people to understand the value of XRP in the network then we will start to see success
  5. haha man let me tell you they were fantastic.. and i came out even from the casino so it was a winning weekend Downside... I did go to an awesome Diplo concert but didn't even get to see him because i had to carry my wasted friend to the hotel hahaha.. Long story short he ended the weekend in a wheelchair with a broken foot
  6. On a serious note what do you guys make of the steady price but low volume? do we think that people are hanging in? its interesting to see
  7. Waiting for my flight out of vegas.... Can't wait for the 10$ party here its gonna be great fellas. Lets rent out a club since we will be loaded
  8. Has anyone heard about this?https://www.google.com/amp/metro.co.uk/2018/02/23/cryptocurrency-forks-beat-price-rise-bitcoin-ethereum-litecoin-ripple-7337462/amp/
  9. What do you guys think about the 24hr trading volume being so low the last couple days even with all this good news? LTC is doubling our volume currently.
  10. http://www.businessinsider.com/emirates-boss-tim-clark-warn-airline-industry-technology-blockchain-2018-2 Go ahead and read the last paragraph....
  11. On the real though i like the Crypto market cap right now it looks healthy, low 24hr volume for XRP people are confident and hodling... let the people pump ltc we will wait for our time
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