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  1. At the moment no XRP or the majority of any other crypto is available on Bitit. I have been emailed saying the whole issue is due to one of their crypto partners, and my order has been refunded. Waiting to see the funds credited into my account before I'll sing - many thanks for your help guys
  2. I honestly now cannot quite remember. It was a simple process like I have done successfully 5 times prior, no recollection of having entered a destination tag before. Could you give me an example of what one would look like?
  3. Hello all, I purchased a large amount of XRP from Bitit.io - I can assure you I used the correct address as I have done 5 times prior to said attempt, and activated the Ledger with 20 XRP. Normally it would take minutes but it has now been about 4 hours since the purchase and I am told on the exchange 'Preparing Delivery'. At the moment I have raised the issue with the exchange and they have said there is a technical issue being looked into. What steps can i take to try and track the transaction?. Fairly new to this technical terminology so please be patient with me
  4. Hello all, joined this forum in the hope of getting some feedback on a question i have. I have invested in XRP through etoro, but have purchased the Nano Ledger S as a long term solution. I understand that i would need to buy XRP again on another platform then store it on the hardware. What i’d like to know is once i have the XRP stored, what is the procedure to claim any profits i make? In laymans terms; would i need to re-upload the XRP onto a marketing platform i.e kraken? Apologies if ive made any mistakes, ive tried to put it as simply as i can Thanks in advance
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