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  1. not giving an exact number - but Vincent Wilson a ball park
  2. got it!! sorry my bad - interesting to see what their cut of the 600 billion is also - youd hope that cut would increase with a faster/ cheaper service
  3. thanks - ive done some horrendously primitive math and got $27 per xrp 600bill - divided by 365 days per year then that divided by supply? but im prob way off (over egging numbers)
  4. can someone do the math of $ per xrp based on the 600bill volume Is it 600 billion divided by 365 (days per yeear) divided by 60million (rough guess on circulation supply)
  5. tricky Q - but what estimate worth per Zerp if all global transfers/ traffic of MG went via XRP? they do 600 billion a year right?
  6. Dearest Community did anyone sit through the entire webinar on Thursday? I got to 30 mins in and had to leave it.... the chap (Thomas?) was doing a demo and the first 30 mins seemed like an overview.... did the Qand A delve into r3 being able to use this xrp e.t.c? thanks foolaman
  7. Indeed RippleGambler .. maybe this forum could be the platfirm to re-launch me
  8. No... shes on the job hunt with corey johnson me thinks... Prob a big "we aint a security drive"... which seemd to have worked hopefully
  9. Ever since Mr Kitao of SBI told R3 and Ripple to kiss and make up - happy times - that's 1 home run he has hit
  10. https://www.r3.com/news/ing-signs-deal-for-large-scale-corda-enterprise-adoption/
  11. correspondant banking is such an established entity that I fear a few case studies would do anything... we live in hope though
  12. Not anymore - Woke up today really hoping we would hold the way strong - I was imagining Pheonix's and all sort - tram into work - bombed 10%!
  13. I do feel Sam is a little lost.... the laputa film reference did it for me.... i mean it was a good analogy for fun. But he seemed to believe the laputa ledger comment was regerencing an entire childhood film plot line
  14. Do people believe Samiam ripple riddler video.... Friday....?
  15. So ripple riddler/ Sam.i.am called it slightly wrong ?
  16. interested in this one:- Will DLT be the next "internet" revolution in the financial industry?
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