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  1. Foolaman

    R3 - ING - Corda

    Ever since Mr Kitao of SBI told R3 and Ripple to kiss and make up - happy times - that's 1 home run he has hit
  2. https://www.r3.com/news/ing-signs-deal-for-large-scale-corda-enterprise-adoption/
  3. hope your right mate! - maybe just im a bit narky today
  4. correspondant banking is such an established entity that I fear a few case studies would do anything... we live in hope though
  5. Not anymore - Woke up today really hoping we would hold the way strong - I was imagining Pheonix's and all sort - tram into work - bombed 10%!
  6. I do feel Sam is a little lost.... the laputa film reference did it for me.... i mean it was a good analogy for fun. But he seemed to believe the laputa ledger comment was regerencing an entire childhood film plot line
  7. Do people believe Samiam ripple riddler video.... Friday....?
  8. Foolaman

    Ryan Zagone - IMF

    So ripple riddler/ Sam.i.am called it slightly wrong ?
  9. interested in this one:- Will DLT be the next "internet" revolution in the financial industry?
  10. I literally use the cars/ road explanation with every person I speak to.... im just worried correspondent banking wont change