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  1. not giving an exact number - but Vincent Wilson a ball park
  2. got it!! sorry my bad - interesting to see what their cut of the 600 billion is also - youd hope that cut would increase with a faster/ cheaper service
  3. thanks - ive done some horrendously primitive math and got $27 per xrp 600bill - divided by 365 days per year then that divided by supply? but im prob way off (over egging numbers)
  4. can someone do the math of $ per xrp based on the 600bill volume Is it 600 billion divided by 365 (days per yeear) divided by 60million (rough guess on circulation supply)
  5. tricky Q - but what estimate worth per Zerp if all global transfers/ traffic of MG went via XRP? they do 600 billion a year right?
  6. Dearest Community did anyone sit through the entire webinar on Thursday? I got to 30 mins in and had to leave it.... the chap (Thomas?) was doing a demo and the first 30 mins seemed like an overview.... did the Qand A delve into r3 being able to use this xrp e.t.c? thanks foolaman
  7. Indeed RippleGambler .. maybe this forum could be the platfirm to re-launch me
  8. No... shes on the job hunt with corey johnson me thinks... Prob a big "we aint a security drive"... which seemd to have worked hopefully
  9. Ever since Mr Kitao of SBI told R3 and Ripple to kiss and make up - happy times - that's 1 home run he has hit
  10. https://www.r3.com/news/ing-signs-deal-for-large-scale-corda-enterprise-adoption/
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