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  1. Not anymore - Woke up today really hoping we would hold the way strong - I was imagining Pheonix's and all sort - tram into work - bombed 10%!
  2. I do feel Sam is a little lost.... the laputa film reference did it for me.... i mean it was a good analogy for fun. But he seemed to believe the laputa ledger comment was regerencing an entire childhood film plot line
  3. Do people believe Samiam ripple riddler video.... Friday....?
  4. Foolaman

    Ryan Zagone - IMF

    So ripple riddler/ Sam.i.am called it slightly wrong ?
  5. interested in this one:- Will DLT be the next "internet" revolution in the financial industry?
  6. I literally use the cars/ road explanation with every person I speak to.... im just worried correspondent banking wont change
  7. the guy who invented the xcurrent is the road - xrp is the cars analogy basically
  8. I hope - but I don't think they will - correspondent banks have their whole business model based on being a correspondent bank - why would they rip up their revenue streams?
  9. Foolaman


    100% we don't sadly - correspondent banking will remain as it is....... I think there is 0% change of a SWIPPLE double act
  10. sorry JA8 - I meant "best result if big deflation happens"
  11. best result is the big deflation happens - govs pump more money in (QE) - quantitative easing - its all tide in
  12. Foolaman

    Is it me or.....

    .. is the Swell staging background a little shoddy?
  13. Foolaman

    How many individuals own XRP globally?

    HAHAH!! I gotta say - he did influence my XRP target - sad I know - but true.. just recently stopped acquiring - slammed it all on a nano and locked away until 2020................ go baby go...