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  1. @enej has fixed the issue and refunded me in full. I'm very thankful!
  2. In response to uswad, I e-mailed back to Support about 3 days ago after they asked me some question. I'll post again when I have more information.
  3. Hey I'm in the same boat, as I'm the one who created this thread. He said he's going to solve it immediately, I think we'll probably at least get an update in a day or so. Just my guess though. Who knows, this may be affecting more people who don't even realize because they never tried to send out the coins. They could be dealing with a crisis right now, we have no idea. Anyways lets keep in touch.
  4. Hey tmac, There is a few of us here as you can see with the same issue. Enej, who is the CEO I think said he is working on the issue and contacted support personally. He asked us to message him our emails, so I think doing that would be a good start. Also maybe posting your tx history if you have it might help? Like the tx that is being held in the watch only wallet.
  5. Hey, Did support tell you the same thing about the gateway? I recently sent them the transaction number and the address it was sent to, hopefully that will help. I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one. I'll post any updates here, please do the same
  6. Sorry to hear that. Mine was about 40 dollars. Did you contact Support? Do you still have access? Support contacted me and told me to make a Gateway and I'm waiting on it to be approved I guess.
  7. Also when I tried to Exchange Ripple for USD it says "Invalid Secret"
  8. Hey OK, ya I was als referring to the "Secret Key" which is in the Advanced settings and hit the button "Show Secret Key" I checked again. The wallet with funds which I can't send is a Ripple Wallet, and it has the same Secret Key as another one of my wallets which is also a Ripple Wallet. The other wallets have different Secret Keys. The two wallets that share the Secret Keys. One is named "My wallet" (Not sure if I picked that name or not), and the other's name is my email address. They are both seperate wallets though with same Secret key.
  9. Ya I got the "Secret key", I created a few wallets on there to see if I could send the money to them and free it up but no luck. So I checked the Secret key on all wallets and they are all the same. But now that I have the secret key I don't know how to use it to be able to send them etc. Is there another interace type wallet out there that you know of? Thank you!
  10. Hi I do have the Secret key in that. However its the same key for all wallets. I have tried exchanging I also can't do any of that. I have tried the github list of wallets and I cannot figure them out. I spent a lot of time downloading and trying to get them to work but it's just a bunch of files with text code on them. Maybe I have to wait for a simpler Ripple wallet to come out or something? The rippletrade one seemed to be the easiest before from what I found on youtube but it seems to not be active anymore and is only there to give people who used to have accts their secret keys. Thanks
  11. Oh I thought you were saying to make sure to check that thread so our communication can stay in that thread. I misunderstood you. Sorry. Thanks
  12. So, long story short as I have posted in previous threads, I made a wallet on GateHub, it said put 50 coins to activate. I put 1200 Ripple coins into my GateHub wallet and when I tried to send them out it said it's a "Watch-only wallet" I have a "GateHub Recovery Key" which I am unsure if that is my Private key or not. So I am trying to use other wallets to put that key in there and see if my funds are retreivable. So I tried Ripplerm and Ripplex wallets which I found here https://www.xrpchat.com/links/ Downloaded them, opened up the file from local drive onto the browser, and nothing works on either of them. I read the instructions, it said Download/Clone/Fork and you can use it. I don't know how to Fork the thing, I don't even know what that means... Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.
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