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  1. mcast6

    Its a bit quiet....

    Forgive my ignorance (still new to the game) but what is a whale?
  2. Hello all. I'm still getting used to everything and finally had my account verified by gatehub. Now I'm trying to deposit funds, but I'm not sure if I can do the wire transfer on their site, or if I need to go to my bank and do it. Does anyone know how to do this? The ripple website used to have detailed instructions on how to deposit through gatehub, but now it's gone.
  3. mcast6


    Hello world. While I'm still waiting for verification on bitstamp and gatehub, I started looking around at other exchanges. While I was looking at ripple stock prices, I noticed a "buy instantly with credit card" icon. After clicking the link, I it brought me to an exchange called Exmo, their page looks a lot like the ripple home page. Has anyone heard of this, or have any experience? Are they faster to verify than bitstamp or gatehub?
  4. mcast6

    Bank vs Credit Union

    Hello everyone, New to XRP, Gatehub, and trading in general. I was wondering if I had to have a major bank account in order to link to gatehub, or if my credit union account is sufficient. Has anyone setup through a credit union?