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  1. I think 80% will go for the usual suspects but at the end of the day everything will benefit of the massive amount of money invested in the space in general.
  2. I totally agree 100%. I made an investment and I'll wait some (if any) results, no obligations to spread the word or convince people or combat the fud, if the tech is solid (as i believe) it will find it's way in into the world, xrpcommunity effort or not.
  3. she gets 400k on average per post on instagram, so 1 bitcoin is just a tip
  4. keep holding man, 3$ is nothing but you need a lot of patience...
  5. 37 here, want to retire before 45, half way for now.
  7. 60% XRP 40% 12 other cryptos, you never know some small fish can explode as well along the way...
  8. This is great news but for long term, right now this will have no impact to price because nobody knows these companies, casual investors and "normal" people want big well known names like Amazon or Uber... Keep holding, 2018 will be great!
  9. https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2017-xrp-markets-report/ here we are...
  10. here we are https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2017-xrp-markets-report/
  11. You can't seriously put a price without a full detailed specs, can be 20k or 100k...an exchange is a very complex application that requires a serious project management behind, it's not a one man job and you have to add maintenance costs and everything, it's putting together a company, saying all the code has been programmed is half of the job...
  12. I have an indian friend told me yesterday that he heard in news about ban crypto there...hope he is wrong
  13. yes...I tried multiple times closing and reopening the app
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