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  1. I think the 6th currency will be steller. But it is good to know XRP in the list. In India, Ripple is the most popular crytpcurrency right now and once the market recovers itself, XRP will have the highest momentum.
  2. Hey Guys, We at dcryptonation sell physical crypto coins but the problem is with paypal which is putting a huge charge on payment processing. Alternatively we tried XRP as payment but most of it is manual. I was willing to know if there is any app available for shopify store owners to use for payment processing. Any helpful guide or tutorial on how to process crypto payments on shopify. TIA.
  3. Paypal is one of the worst service for sellers. They donot care about the sellers, no matter what. We sell Physical ripple coins at https://shop.dcryptonation.com and there we were selling ripple, bitcoin and other coins at 99 cent per coin with a clear policy. As soon as we realize the immense charge paypal was putting upon us, we shifted to XRP as payment. We are building XRP payment gateway for our shopify store and i am pretty positive that it will solve many problems altogether.
  4. Yes, these beautiful coins exist. You can buy them at a very affordable rates from https://shop.dcryptonation.com/collections/sale Quality is much better and most of these are metal with artificial goal coating.
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