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  1. How long did it take to activate your gatehub wallet? And why did you use Dash? I can't verify my telephone on Gatehub. It gives me an error when confirming my sms verification code... They are aware of this issue since 15th december.. LOL, i tried like 5 ways to buy just some simple Ripple and all don't work at the moment XD............................................
  2. Do i need my own wallet at bitrush? I see i need one (edit). I just started today with this crypto thing. What do you advice to do if i want a wallet? Ik denk dat ik maar bitrush ga doen. Al die andere gaan misschien dagen duren.., en ook goed natuurlijk voor nl..
  3. Hmm, so what would you advice if i am going to use bitrush if i want ripple?
  4. Do you know if there is a dutch website, that offers a wallet etc. and haves the option to buy Ripple?
  5. Ima going to try GateHub, they seem to have the option to buy Ripple directly.
  6. That's what i also need to do i guess. First btc then xrp. U change btc to xrp at Gatehub? If so, when did you register at Gatehub?
  7. Thanks, i will try that one. Do you know where i can transfer btc into xrp?
  8. Thanks for sharing info. Well i can understand that it's important to have checks.
  9. What can i do in Gatehub? Is it something like Kraken where i can buy Ripples directly, but it actually works or is Gatehub also not working for beginners?
  10. Guys, i will try buying bitcoin on CoinBase. Next step, transfer my bitcoins from CoinBase to Binance, then change them to ripples. Does anyone have any experience with Binance? Question: Lets say i want to sell ripples, where can i sell them?
  11. Lol, 15 days.. Kraken doesn't even show me the option to get into TIER1-2. So it's down. I haven't tried Gatehub. Let me see..
  12. Ima programmer, so it wont be that hard. I just have to get introduced in this mess by someone. Those exchanges wtf, is going on there, why can't they even do their work properly.. Well, at least bitcoin doesn't take weeks? It takes 1-2 days? What do you mean with bitstamp do have a credit/debit card option? I actually don't want to use that, i want to use iDeal or something like that, since im from Holland/EU.
  13. Hmm, if that's my only option.. Why should it be hard to buy like 0.001 bitcoin and transfer those into ripple?
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